Wednesday, July 17, 2013


(Today, I remembered I had a blog.  There is no excuse for my absence; I have plenty to say (shocker) but procrastination rears its ugly head and I put it off a day...and then another....and yet another until six months and some change have gone by. Heed my warning...procrastinate procrastinating.)

As you may know, I'm an avid listener of NPR.  It keeps me awake and helps pass the time. Music days are necessary sometimes to help raise my spirits but for the most part I stick to NPR. "On Point with Tom Ashbrook" is one of my favorite programs, they cover a variety of topics and also allow for people to call in (as I did here ) Over the last several years I've become fond of specific caller who mainly calls in for political topics.  Every time I hear them say "Let's go to the phone lines, Carl in Nashville, what's on your mind." I yell out..."CARL!!" Carl is an older gentleman and we tend to share the same opinions on a lot of things so whenever I hear that he's about to come on, I get excited.  It's like we're friends, sort of, except we have never met nor spoken and he doesn't even know I exist. But I always get excited to hear his perspective.  Carl called in today...and it basically made my morning!  Good hearing from you, as usual, Carl!

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