Sunday, August 5, 2012

Current Irritations

Grr. I don't feel like I can post these on any other social outlet besides this blog solely because I don't want any one "offender" to think it's specifically referring to them.  I've tried waiting around until one of the many "offenders" didn't post anything but guess what...that never happened! Oh, Facebook, and the problems you carry. First world problems, I know.  Sidebar: I am seriously considering canning FB until after the election. Drives. Me. Nuts. Anyways, moving along.

  • Pyramid Schemes a.k.a. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) products and their pushers. HOLY CRAP! Please shut up!  I am so tired of hearing about all of your ENERGY! and MONEY MAKING! and WEIGHT LOSS! and PRODUCTS!! Gag. Me.  It wasn't so bad before but now it seems like EVERYBODY is selling something on Facebook!  (In this scenerio, I'm only referring to those companies that are typically in business for just a few years with TONS OF MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES! and then something happens, they fall of the map (market) and reinvent themselves by tweaking their product and RELEASING! it all over again but under a new cool name! AHHHHHHHH!  Can you tell how irritated I am??  If not, let me assure you, I am irritated.  I know...why don't I delete those people? Because I still like them when they aren't selling something, I feel bad that they got sucked in and unfortunately, the likelihood of this really being a sustainable opportunity is slim to none especially when you consider "99% of sales representatives in these companies suffer significant financial losses." 

Moving on.

  • Are there any photographers these days who don't over do the eye brightening/enhancing?  Yes, but not very many!  Don't get me wrong, some is ok.  Some is appropriate, but when it looks like the poor subject has alien, crystal clear eyes it's not pretty or natural.   Just my opinion though and a current irritation.  Honestly, I feel bad for the subject...their eyes will never be that way without hardcore editing.  Which is why I think if I ever do go back to taking pictures for more than a hobby (not likely), I would prefer to use natural light and little to no harsh edits.  I can see my business card now...."Because you're perfect without alien eyes and whiter than bright, blinding teeth."  Eh, just an idea with a smidgen of sarcasm plus it's probably too many characters.  The 'no harsh edits' piece is pretty convenient for me too...I loathe editing. 
 That's enough of negativity, though. I just needed to get that out.  I need to write more, I've been bottled up about a lot of things lately and I really don't want to step on any toes. (Because really is it my business to tell someone what opportunities to take or not (or how to edit their photos?)  if they are only trying to provide for their family? No, it's not.) Shew, I feel better already.  There are a certainly a few other letters I need to write to get things off my chest but for now "that'll do pig". (Can you name that movie? Answer: "Babe")

And just so you have something to laugh off all this negativity with check out: www.