Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Rest of the Story

Do you remember that show?  I think it was only on the radio. "And now you know...(dramatic pause)...the rest of the story."  After a quick google search I learned that it was indeed and radio program done by Paul Harvey.  I vividly remember hearing that show in my family's light blue volkswagon van. Oh, memories.

A few months ago I was driving to work and I must admit I was having a pretty decent day; the sun was shining and music was definitely playing (which is rare since I'm usually plugged into NPR).  I passed an 18 wheeler on the left and didn't give it a second thought.  I glanced in my rear view mirror to see him holding up a neon sign.  The sign said:

I just started laughing!  I, actually, couldn't stop laughing, mostly because I've often complained that I wished truckers would have signs to alert you to the motive behind their honks be it "You have a flat tire." or "I'm just bored and you're cute." And there it sign! Haha! It still makes me laugh.  That dude made my day.  So thank you Mr. Trucker Man, not for thinking I'm 'hot' but for using a sign.

Of course, I told Mr. Ski as soon as I could and we both laughed at the fact that I finally got my sign.  A few weeks, maybe a month, later we were in separate cars going somewhere and he passed me.  When I looked over at him he was holding up a sign, it said:

Made. My. Day. And I know I laughed harder and smiled bigger after that sign versus the first!  I am truly blessed to have Mr. Ski; he's my perfect match.

Some time later... 
Mr. Ski was giving one of his final presentations for a class and noticed that the class was giggling while he was talking.  After he finished, he asked them what they were laughing about and they told him to look at the back of his notebook. There was my sign.  He quickly told them that the notebook was not one he had taken into the elementary classroom but that he had made it to show me as he passed my car.  There were plenty of "Awws." to go around. Yes, ladies (it's an education program so Mr. Ski is typically the only male in most of his classes), I know he's an amazing catch.

And now you know..........the rest of the story.

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  1. Um that is hysterical!!! I think the same thing though about truckers. It freaks me out when they honk because I want to know what it means!