Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Oh, Friday Fragments, how I have longed to get to this day for your fragments. If you've never heard of Friday Fragments you can head over to Mrs. 4444's bloggy space Half Past Kissin' Time to read all about it and learn how to post up your own fragments! Trust me, it's fun stuff.

~I am very pleased to announce that Mr. Ski and I have been smoke-free for ONE YEAR AND TEN DAYS!!! It has been quite the journey, a lot faster and slower than I expected it to be but all in all I am so glad we decided to give up smoking. Do I miss it? Yep. But I also miss my childhood and you couldn't pay me to go through middle school again. I guess you could say I never want to have to quit smoking again so that will keep me motivated to keep quit! We are very proud of ourselves and looking forward to doing something fun with the money we saved.

~I had to 're-home' a pretty scary spider yesterday. I usually don't kill them since they eat bugs but it was right under our power box outside and I didn't want that little bugger laying eggs in my power box! No worries, I didn't kill it just moved it with a stick.

~Fred, the cow, who had a starring role in this post must have been busy over the last few months. I noticed today that there were a ridiculous amount of darling, little calves laying in the shade. Hopefully, they weren't all conceived in front of the school bus. :/

~Finally, I want to give a shout out to the Packers. I am so proud of you guys!! 4-0!!! That is incredible!!! Big thanks to Mr. Ski for helping me see the cheesehead light, because in the last four years I have learned their history and fallen in love with their teamwork, heart and dedication; I now will forever be a Packer fan!! GO PACK GO!

Hope your weekend is happy!


  1. aw, you sound like my sister. she was not even a football fan till she married my BIL. now they are dedicated cheese heads together.

    spiders totally eek me out, but hubby won't ever let us kill them because they kill other nasty bugs. but honestly, ew!!!

    congrats on being smoke free!! i quit too and it was so hard!! i still 'want' one now and again, but i just can't. my kids watch me now and i just can't give them any more bad habits to learn. they get enough ;-)

  2. Congrats....that is a huge accomplishment and not easy!
    Have a great weekend! Go Packs!

  3. Congrats on quitting...I did it about 12-13 years ago. Every now and I then I'm tempted, but don't light up.

    Visiting from Friday Fragments...a bit late!

    Have a grand evening!