Friday, August 26, 2011

This, that and something that makes me laugh.

Hello! Remember me? Maybe not...I'm Mrs. Ski and this little spot is where I sporadically blog about life, specifically the life of my husband and I. But lately I've been silent and as my sweet and wonderful mommy recently and gently pointed out to me the other day..."you haven't blogged since August 2nd!" She's right and so tonight is the night that I've returned from blogging silence to pound out these thoughts that have been banging around in here. But first an update:
We did start and complete the popcorn removal process except we didn't do it at quite the pace that I had mentioned in my previous post. We did, thankfully, complete it within the 72 hour time period and I couldn't have done it without Mr. Ski. I mean, I thought this was going to be easy peasy and I was so wrong. The garb we were wearing left me hot, sweaty, and claustrophobic. Plus, my goggles kept fogging up from my heavy (I'm surely inhaling teeny particles of popcorn ceiling!) breathing. It was tedious, dirty and just irritating all around. And yet, we're considering doing it all over again in the kitchen which is four times the size of the bathroom. Bluh. Oh the joys of home ownership.
Can you see how thrilled I am in my protective gear? How I was feeling in one word: miserable (and out of breath). Like I could keep my feelings to one word! Ha!

I guess part of the reason I've been absent is because we have been busier than usual around here. There was a visit from one of Mr. Ski's Army buddies/heroes/brother/friend and his girlfriend which was so many things but awesome being the most frequent describer. They are both sheriff's deputies in Los Angeles and after hearing their stories I now have this odd desire to be a deputy! :) Their visit led to an amazing gathering of heroes, some of which had only been home from Afghanistan for a mere week.
What a great weekend we had catching up. Mr. Ski has a bond with these guys that is indescribable. But I suppose that's natural considering they all faced war on the front lines together. Just thinking about what they have done (and continue to do) for our country makes me teary eyed. Thank you to each and every one of these guys and every soldier (and soldier's family) for your service, you all are amazing.

There was also a stellar (haha) full moon that weekend and I managed to capture a shot or two.
Since I've been on such a rampage lately about photography I will say that there has been no editing done to the photo above aside from the addition of the logo. It was shot on a low profile DSLR on the manual setting and I must admit I'm pretty darn proud of it! Oh and I also must say, BLUUUUUUUUUEEEE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON! :)

I almost forgot!! I have to tell you the something that makes me laugh! There's a commercial for a gas-reducing product that focuses around an interviewer and interviewee with a particular line that always leaves me laughing for days!

"Excuse me sir, your son Rip is on line toot." Hahahahahaha!

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