Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Near, far, wherever you are..."

If you've seen this movie obsessively like I have (it released smack dab in the middle of my high school years) you will know it by the title of this post. Because the title of this post is a lyric from one of it's more famous songs.

I'm talking about the movie Titanic.

It was on TV last weekend and I caught the last hour and 45 minutes. Man, that movie makes my neck hurt! Probably because I keep my head tilted up the majority of the movie trying to get air. It totally cracked me up when I realized that's why my neck was getting sore.

A few other facts about when I watch Titanic:

I always hold my breath when they go under water on the stern of the ship. After almost being smoke free for a year I did pretty well and lasted long after Kate came up for air! Score! (Oh, the things that bring me joy...)

I need a blanket when watching no matter the weather outside because no matter what, I envision myself with icy chunks of hair and my breath showing in white puffs.

I whisper scream "Come back! Come back! Come back!" as Kate's trying to flag down one of the boats that has come back to look for survivors.

And finally, I cry every. single. time. If only that headboard been able to hold them both...

*In light of recent activities (Hurricane Irene) I must tell you that my bff Jill (not really her name, but she is my bff) and her family live 30 minutes North of Norfolk, VA and have not evacuated. You have to drive across a large bridge in order to get to their house and due to the high wind speeds it has been closed, so now even if they needed to leave...they can't. My only communication with her so far (due to signal issues) has been through text message and I last heard from her earlier this evening when she told me that so far they were fine and even still have power. I haven't heard from her since the bulk of the storm hit that area. I'm hoping that they are safe and warm in their beds (gah, I can't stop quoting Titanic!) but unfortunately I know nothing for sure. So your thoughts and prayers for them and all the other millions of people who are effected are appreciated.

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