Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I love popcorn...

just not on the bathroom ceiling.

We have popcorn ceilings throughout the house and I don't mind them in the majority of the house. But it's beginning to come down in the guest bathroom and since some drywall is exposed it is time to remove it.

I began reading about this topic close to 2 years ago when we bought the house. I have literally read the Be Jane article no less than 28 times. And yet, I'm still nervous. We have a schedule that we're trying to stick to since it is imperative that once we start the process that it's finished within 72 hours.

Part One-Monday : Go to the hardware store to get supplies. We need gloves, masks, goggles, plastic sheets, primer, paint, paint rollers, paint edgers, paint pans (can you tell we've never done any painting in this house?), paint can openers, 4" scraper, pressurized garden sprayer, etc. I didn't think it was that much stuff really but holy moly it cost us $118!! I tend to underestimate the cost of things so I honestly only thought it would be $50, $60 max. Paint is expensive!

Part Two-Tuesday: Clear bathroom of stuff. Move all of my shower items to the master bathroom. Tape off bathroom ceiling and hang plastic sheets.

Part One is marked off the list and I'm procrastinating on Part Two. I probably won't get my 3rd wind until eight or nine tonight but that's ok because no one cares if I'm banging around at night. When I had my apartment in the city I would always get the 3rd wind cleaning urge but could do nothing about it because I had neighbors whom I'm sure would not have appreciated my late night vacuuming. But since there's no neighbors close by I can vacuum anytime I want! As well as do minor home repairs! Score!

Updates to come!

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