Thursday, July 28, 2011

My blood pressure will thank me.

I have made an EFBD (executive Facebook decision). I will no longer participate, engage or begin any conversations regarding politics for the following reasons:

1. Unless you're friends with politicians and are certain that they read and take heed to your Facebook statuses then all you are doing by declaring your distaste or writing fictitious notes (for example: Dear Congress...) is exciting others who do read your Facebook statuses either to agree or disagree with you. In whole, it is totally worthless to declare these things. Instead, pick up the phone and call your state's representative, congressman or senator this will ensure that what you are thinking will actually make it to the person who can illicit change (or at least try).

2. Clone statuses* about such items are unoriginal and unimaginative. They only show that you are not as passionate as you think you are because you were unable put your own thoughts and feelings into your own words. Plus, as soon as I read 're-post if you agree' you've lost me because how do I know that is really how you feel and not just something you saw others posting and felt obligated to follow suit.

3. Arguing on the internet is stupid. If you want to argue with me please call so we can really have a discussion. Otherwise, don't argue with me.

4. My cardiologist recommended that I not expose myself to unnecessary stress and discussing politics on Facebook is just that, unnecessary stress.

So here's the bottom line: You can't change my mind. I can't change yours. Your opinion is just that...yours. And applying that logic my opinions are solely mine. Therefore, I choose to refrain from these discussions from this point forward. I feel better already!

*Clone statuses-not really the name, I don't guess these particular statuses have a name at all, but this is a name that I have given statuses that tend to be very well written about various items (most recently the debt ceiling crisis) by one person and then copied by thousands with the phrase "Repost if you agree" at the bottom. Grr. (that Grr. was just for you Dad! :)

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