Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Have you experienced any changes in your appetite?

I had an appointment with my cardiologist this morning where I received a good report. (yay!)

My least favorite part of going to the doctor is the obligatory weigh in. I knew that I had gained a few pounds prior to our vacation but had lost them during the vacation because I had weighed in at our uncle's house in Green Bay. We weren't following a strict diet while traveling so I assumed I'd maybe gained back a pound or two, maybe.

Um, yeah, now I just wish it had been a pound or two. I gained SIX pounds in seven days. How is that even possible?! I'm really hoping one of the scales is wrong OR that the clothes I'm wearing today weigh in around five and a half pounds. (I can hope...)

In reality though, it's probably the delicious pancakes with copious amounts of syrup I consumed for breakfast two days in a row OR the fried ice cream I shared with Mr. Ski after eating ridiculously good Mexican food OR the ice cream followed by the iced cookie eaten on the drive home OR the....I'm stopping now, as continuing to list all the 'bad for me' foods I've eaten recently is depressing.

I've had trouble feeling full lately. So I continue to eat until I abruptly throw down my fork and then I feel way too full, much like a puppy who gobbles up his dinner and then falls on his side with a swollen belly for a nap.

I now see that I cannot just fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to eating...I will, most always, over eat. I was hoping that after a while I wouldn't need to count calories and would just know how to eat to maintain a healthy weight but after this little big weight gain, I'm thinking I'll always have to keep count.

So in response to the question "Have you experienced any changes in your appetite?" Apparently so.


  1. Oh my gosh, you poor thing! I HATE that feeling, too, the one of being too full (I like the visual, by the way-I can totally see you falling over in a food coma, ha ha), yet-I do it too.

    And hey, I am totally envious of you meeting Barb; TOTALLY!

  2. just to make you feel better, i asked my doctor once and she said any two scales can be off by around 6 lbs.