Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Observations during basketball

1. When they chant..."Let's Go Mavs!" or "Let's Go Heat!" at the Finals games all I can ever hear is "Let's Go Pack!" Then I'm like....wait, why are they cheering for the Packers? This isn't even football.

2. One of the players, Dirk, is clearly sick...wheezing, flushed, snorting back the mucus that is sure to coat his lungs. After watching him cough and hack all over the opposing team I realized that this guy is using biological warfare to win the game, he's assuring that The Heat will have the sniffles come games 5 and 6. Someone should get him VapoRub and some chicken noodle, he needs a sick day.

3. I'm for The Heat. Actually, I could care less about either team but cheering for the team everyone else hates makes it more fun to watch.

4. That is all. There's only 30 seconds left in the game and I am looking forward to observing something other than a sport. :)

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