Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Fragments!

Mommy's Idea
It's about time that I get back to participating in one of my most favorite activities...FRIDAY FRAGMENTS! Mrs. 4444's is the leader of Friday Fragments and she won't make you drink any kool-aid...I promise! Head on over to Half Past Kissin' Time to check out the rules and regs as well as take a peek into other fine blogger's Friday Fragments AND you can even link up your own provided that you are a rule follower. :)

*Mr. Ski and I got bikes for our anniversary gift to each other. Lucky for me, riding a bike after not riding a bike for eight years is as easy as... "riding a bike, you never forget." However, my bum did forget and has been reminding me to get a gel seat ever since!

*I find it totally strange when my drinks from restaurants come with a straw in them already. Ugh, how do I know if the person who dropped in my unwrapped straw had clean hands? Oh yeah, I don't.

*I am convinced that anytime someone writes "DO NOT BEND!" on an envelope that the postal workers see that as..."THIS IS DIFFICULT TO BEND, PLEASE TRY."

*Ok, I need to rant for a minute. I see lots of information about preventing teens from texting and driving. Well, while on my way to work recently I saw a very wreckless driver swerving repeatedly to stay in the lane. I hate being behind people like that so I sped up to I passed I looked into the car (What? I'm a very curious girl) and saw that it was in fact a texting driver except he was less than 65! For some reason it infuriated me. Anti-texting and driving campaigns should not just be directed to's about time that adults step up and quit texting while behind the wheel too and set a good example for pete's sake!

*I wish everyone looked as cute as bunnies do when eating.

*13 year cicadas have taken over Middle Tennessee. Not so much where I live but since I commute to the bigger city every day that they have taken over I have numerous cicada suicide markings on my car. It's like driving through a hail storm except the hail isn't hail, it's creepy, noisy cicadas. And let me tell you it is not easy to get those death remnants off...but I guess something that's been "alive" for 13 years wouldn't be able to clean off easily.


  1. cicada suicide - more like kamikaze cicada. There numbers can be amazing.
    I had to read the bunnies sentence twice. I thought you were telling us to eat bunnies.
    Adult texting - as much as we wish some adults are no better than little spoiled kids when it comes to some things.

  2. Have fun bike riding! That sounds like a pretty good gift for each other. Love that you came up with something you could both do together.

    I hate when teens are singled out for things like texting and driving too--it's definitely a no-no for everyone!

    Stopping by from FF.

  3. I teach, one once a week I have driveway duty. I'm amazed at how many people: talk on the phone, text, or the worst in light of bad driving--don't have themselves of their kids buckled in.

    As for the straw thing, I never thought about it--but so much of that stuff is simply out of our control, unless we stay home!

  4. I agree with you on the texting thing; no message is important enough to make an accident okay.

    Hooray for bike riding! (Your butt will get used to it :) I picked mine up from the bike shop (tune-up) today and rode 11 miles home. Finally, it feels like summer :)

  5. I am on my 5th seat since getting a new bike 2 months ago. Seems my butt doesn't like any of them.

    I read where there is an app that prevents a phone from texting when it's in motion. Mostly for parents to use on their kids phones.