Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mrs. Ski's Tuesday thoughts on...

Airplane arm rests: Either put them down before your seat mate arrives or not at all. Because if you do forget to put down the arm rest before your seat mate gets there and then you'd like to put your arm rest down, you will (if you're anything like me) be hesitant to do so in fear of said seat mate thinking there's something wrong with them that requires a divider between them and you.

Vibrating phones: Most annoying when you hear the vibration but then upon checking the phone to see why there was vibration there is nothing. Leaving you to wonder if it vibrated at all or if you now just hear random vibrating sounds.

Applying makeup while driving: STOP! For the love of all that is holy, please. just. stop.

Vacations: Why can't they hurry up?!

(I have this overwhelming desire to make my next thought start with an "A." Do you see the pattern, too? Must resist.)

The truth: I have been writing this post since last Thursday and I have kept pushing back the posting date in hopes of coming up with another "A" thought to complete the pattern. Sad. Neurotic. Pathetic.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Observations during basketball

1. When they chant..."Let's Go Mavs!" or "Let's Go Heat!" at the Finals games all I can ever hear is "Let's Go Pack!" Then I'm like....wait, why are they cheering for the Packers? This isn't even football.

2. One of the players, Dirk, is clearly sick...wheezing, flushed, snorting back the mucus that is sure to coat his lungs. After watching him cough and hack all over the opposing team I realized that this guy is using biological warfare to win the game, he's assuring that The Heat will have the sniffles come games 5 and 6. Someone should get him VapoRub and some chicken noodle, he needs a sick day.

3. I'm for The Heat. Actually, I could care less about either team but cheering for the team everyone else hates makes it more fun to watch.

4. That is all. There's only 30 seconds left in the game and I am looking forward to observing something other than a sport. :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Fragments!

Mommy's Idea
It's about time that I get back to participating in one of my most favorite activities...FRIDAY FRAGMENTS! Mrs. 4444's is the leader of Friday Fragments and she won't make you drink any kool-aid...I promise! Head on over to Half Past Kissin' Time to check out the rules and regs as well as take a peek into other fine blogger's Friday Fragments AND you can even link up your own provided that you are a rule follower. :)

*Mr. Ski and I got bikes for our anniversary gift to each other. Lucky for me, riding a bike after not riding a bike for eight years is as easy as... "riding a bike, you never forget." However, my bum did forget and has been reminding me to get a gel seat ever since!

*I find it totally strange when my drinks from restaurants come with a straw in them already. Ugh, how do I know if the person who dropped in my unwrapped straw had clean hands? Oh yeah, I don't.

*I am convinced that anytime someone writes "DO NOT BEND!" on an envelope that the postal workers see that as..."THIS IS DIFFICULT TO BEND, PLEASE TRY."

*Ok, I need to rant for a minute. I see lots of information about preventing teens from texting and driving. Well, while on my way to work recently I saw a very wreckless driver swerving repeatedly to stay in the lane. I hate being behind people like that so I sped up to pass...as I passed I looked into the car (What? I'm a very curious girl) and saw that it was in fact a texting driver except he was oh...no less than 65! For some reason it infuriated me. Anti-texting and driving campaigns should not just be directed to teens...it's about time that adults step up and quit texting while behind the wheel too and set a good example for pete's sake!

*I wish everyone looked as cute as bunnies do when eating.

*13 year cicadas have taken over Middle Tennessee. Not so much where I live but since I commute to the bigger city every day that they have taken over I have numerous cicada suicide markings on my car. It's like driving through a hail storm except the hail isn't hail, it's creepy, noisy cicadas. And let me tell you it is not easy to get those death remnants off...but I guess something that's been "alive" for 13 years wouldn't be able to clean off easily.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crisp Toast

On Sundays after church my family would head to Pawpaw and Grammy's house for a delicious Sunday lunch. Grammy typically had lots of little "warm ups" available: chips,sometimes cashews, and crisp toast. My favorite, obviously, was the crisp toast. I do recall though that the crisp toast was what all of us went for as our Sunday lunch "warm up" staple.

Crisp toast was the buttered toast from that morning's breakfast, re-toasted in the oven or toaster. Oh my good gracious...it is so good. I had forgotten about crisp toast until last night when Mr. Ski and I were eating dinner.

We had leftover thin crust pizza and since I despise pizza heated in the microwave (hello, soggy) I had put the remaining slices in the oven to re-heat. As I finished my slice I began to crunch away at the crust, extra crispy from the re-baking, when a memory from those Sunday lunch "warm ups" slammed into me.

This crust tastes almost like crisp toast, my eyes began to water as I recalled coming in the side door (with it's inevitable creak) at Pawpaw and Grammy's, giving Grammy a hug and a kiss, leaning over Pawpaw's chair to give him a hug and a kiss and then retreating to a back bedroom to change out of my church clothes. Almost as soon as I was done changing I'd race to the counter beside the stove to see if there were any pieces of crisp toast on the little breakfast plate, rarely disappointed by no crisp toast I would take my piece into the living room (because you could eat in the living room at their house :) and sit on the little couch closest to Pawpaw's chair. He and I would read books or try and figure out that week's Magic Eye picture or sometimes we'd watch a Shirley Temple movie; regardless of what we did I never felt like he was just 'entertaining' me, I always felt like he enjoyed that time with me as much as I did.

After reliving that scene I was am in tears. How crazy is it that all of this was brought about by a leftover pizza crust?!

Pawpaw passed away in December of 2004 and it's still hard for me to sit in 'his' chair. I still always end up choosing the spot on the little couch closest to his chair. And every time I'm in town I always look for crisp toast on the counter before Sunday lunch.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The internet saved me...again.

My right headlight went out.

It only took me a couple of weeks to stop by the auto parts store to pick up a replacement.

My headlights are such a pain to replace but the right one is much easier than the left due to the battery placement on the left side of the car making it nearly impossible unless you remove the battery (also a pain).

Mr. Ski wasn't home. I was going to have to drive that night and since it was the right lamp I felt confident that I could do this, so I set out to change the headlight. I am woman, hear me roar.

I fiddled and pulled...wriggled and yanked...and may have even argued with the thing for a good 15 minutes to no avail.

I was BURNING UP (which means I was getting angrier with each degree my body temperature increased) so I took off my flip flops.

People...I left little wet foot marks on the pavement, that's how much my feet were sweating.

I gave up. Slammed the hood and chucked the headlight still in it's packaging (which didn't include instructions) back in the car. It was after the slamming and the chucking that I decided I would just find someone else to do it for me some other time.

Inside I go...after a few minutes, my body temperature started to decrease and I began to think more rationally.

So I googled my car's year and model with the question "how do you change the headlight on a...."

No lie...within 3 minutes I had found step by step instructions of how to replace the headlight.

I walked back out to the car and replaced that headlight like it was something I do every single day....I hadn't even broken a sweat when I closed the hood and tested out my new light.


Seeing it shine back at me made me feel like a million bucks! And to think I was going to let someone else have that satisfaction!

Yet we all know who the real hero was of this story.