Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just my 2 cents.

There's a blog I read that I shouldn't. I've named it Delilah, for purposes related only to this post. It's like a car accident on the side of the road; as much as I complain about "rubber neckers" I just can't help but grab a quick glance.

I know I shouldn't read because every time I do it makes me angry and leaves me wanting to shake the blogger while screaming "Don't you see?!?!"

Usually if I find a blog I love I will go back and read at least a few (if not all) of the entries leading up to the present. Not the case with Delilah. I only read the current posts, actually I only return to this blog to see if the name of the blog has changed.

You see, I'm a believer in the power of positive affirmation. This blog, Delilah, does not. In fact, the title of this blog only affirms the negative not only to just that specific blog/blogger but also to anyone who ever visits. When they read the header as the blog loads...negative affirmation. When they accept a button to advertise that blog on their blog...negative affirmation. When they speak to other's about a clever post on this blog...negative affirmation. No wonder Delilah's header has never changed...negativity is all it projects.

I've thought about sending the owner an email. But they don't know me, they're already pretty volatile about the subject and really, they most likely won't be receptive anyways. I just wonder what would happen if the header was changed (tweaked even) for a year? This blogger could have all they've ever (said) they wanted...could it be that easy?

Maybe it's not that easy and wouldn't do any good or change the scenario at all, but if it were me...I'd at least want to try.

And that's my 2 cents.

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