Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Strange Commute Occurrence #2,563

I was poorly saluted*today.

On the interstate.

By a thirty-five year old momma's boy, who has most likely turned his mom's basement into his video-gaming lair.**

He had long curly (read: frizzy) hair that was pulled back in a ponytail.

It. Was. So. Weird.

Why do these things happen to me?!

I should really write a book about all the craziness I see on my commute.

It's wild, people.

*It was not an official military salute (trust me, I do know what those look like). He touched his forehead (in similar salute form) but when he drew his hand down he did it with his palm up, kind of resembling figure skater hands....gracefully.

**Generalization...ehhhh...maybe....make that definitely. So sorry if that caused offense. (I could be the only blogger to apologize to her potential 35 year old video-gaming momma boy readers. Ha.)

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