Monday, March 7, 2011


It is my pleasure to announce the very first recipient of the SKI-WARD!

Which one of these is not like the others???

It is you Mr. GMC, I on behalf of The Ski Story, deem you the first SKI-WARD winner of 2011. May you cherish this honor and strive to not be in such a hurry to rush through life. Take a moment for a breather, I find that I center myself best while taking the time to park my vehicle correctly. It doesn't have to be perfect but remember what we tell the children..."stay inside the lines."

*Upon second glance at this photo I realize that it doesn't look that bad, but let me assure you if I had been able to get the picture head would be mortified. The darn angle makes this crappy parker look like it should only be a minor offense. I assure you, it is much much worse than it looks.

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