Friday, March 11, 2011

Dinner Guest

We had a friend come through town who had dinner and stayed at the Ski Inn (haha) for the night. I had made meatloaf (with ground turkey), mashed potatoes (store bought-heat in the microwave-but tasty) and green beans (canned BUT cooked on the stove).

Um yeah, he had finished his first plate in the time it took me to think about cutting into my meat loaf, his second plate was gone before I had tasted the green beans. Holy moley, could he eat (I should note: he's 6'6"(ish) and his bicep is the size of my head, maybe bigger). Because I come from a family of "eat more" I offered him some cereal if he was still hungry, he accepted so I got him a mixing bowl instead of the regular cereal bowl (you know, to keep him from making 14 trips to get more!), got the cereal down and the milk out of the refrigerator and then returned to the living room. Mr. Ski and I officially lost it laughing (silently as not to embarrass him) when we heard the cereal being poured into the bowl, let me demonstrate (chhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
I wondered after hearing him pour the cereal if we would have any left. Our laughter (and tears) could not be held any longer when he walked into the living room carrying a very full-arching over the top- bowl with approximately 4 cups of milk (and that's on the low side) I haven't laughed that hard or that loud in a really long time. He was a great sport and I made sure to assure him that we didn't care how much he ate, it was just fascinating to watch. A few minutes later he returned to the kitchen and popped his head back out to ask if we ate leftovers because there was one piece of meatloaf and a dab of veggies left. Haha. Mr. Ski loves his meatloaf sandwiches so he said yes. After realizing he was still hungry I offered him some chips and dip. He gobbled that bowl up too.

So to break it down...he basically had a breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack for ONE meal.

If that wasn't a peek into our future if we have boys, I don't know what would be. And no, that wasn't my way of announcing that we are pregnant.


  1. He sounds like my husband!!! Too funny lol

  2. Wow! In case you ever need it, my chicken spaghetti recipe makes a TON.