Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Epiphany #786

Candy Bribes: Not just for children. Hmmm.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I wonder if anyone has ever gone on a Disney cruise without a child? Is that even allowed?!

Have you seen that water slide?! It looks pretty amazing, just saying!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mission Accomplished.


You did your job so well that I thought there was a small woodland creature on his head. Bra-Vo!

(And they even had to crop some out!)

*Please note(dad): this picture was not taken while in motion, we pulled over like responsible adults.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dinner Guest

We had a friend come through town who had dinner and stayed at the Ski Inn (haha) for the night. I had made meatloaf (with ground turkey), mashed potatoes (store bought-heat in the microwave-but tasty) and green beans (canned BUT cooked on the stove).

Um yeah, he had finished his first plate in the time it took me to think about cutting into my meat loaf, his second plate was gone before I had tasted the green beans. Holy moley, could he eat (I should note: he's 6'6"(ish) and his bicep is the size of my head, maybe bigger). Because I come from a family of "eat more" I offered him some cereal if he was still hungry, he accepted so I got him a mixing bowl instead of the regular cereal bowl (you know, to keep him from making 14 trips to get more!), got the cereal down and the milk out of the refrigerator and then returned to the living room. Mr. Ski and I officially lost it laughing (silently as not to embarrass him) when we heard the cereal being poured into the bowl, let me demonstrate (chhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
I wondered after hearing him pour the cereal if we would have any left. Our laughter (and tears) could not be held any longer when he walked into the living room carrying a very full-arching over the top- bowl with approximately 4 cups of milk (and that's on the low side) I haven't laughed that hard or that loud in a really long time. He was a great sport and I made sure to assure him that we didn't care how much he ate, it was just fascinating to watch. A few minutes later he returned to the kitchen and popped his head back out to ask if we ate leftovers because there was one piece of meatloaf and a dab of veggies left. Haha. Mr. Ski loves his meatloaf sandwiches so he said yes. After realizing he was still hungry I offered him some chips and dip. He gobbled that bowl up too.

So to break it down...he basically had a breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack for ONE meal.

If that wasn't a peek into our future if we have boys, I don't know what would be. And no, that wasn't my way of announcing that we are pregnant.

Friday Fragments Folks!

Mommy's Idea

Wowsa! Is it already time for Friday Fragments?! This week has flown by (or at least the last couple days have). Friday Fragments is a collection of bits and pieces from the week that don't have the legs to stand alone. Mrs. 4444's is the mother of this project and she is awesome! Head over to her page, Half Past Kissin' Time, for all the rules and regulations (and the button!!). You can even post a link to your own Fragments!

*I got to catch up with one of my dearest friends last night. She and I have a very unique bond and even though there are some years between us and our situations are very different; we are as close as sisters. I love her dearly and if anyone in this world deserves the world it is her. She has been through so much and has been dealt a crappy hand more than once (even more than twice), but she always plays those cards to the best of her ability and is a hero in my book.

*Mr. Ski and I had to mortgage our home to pay for two pieces of art work to be framed recently. Ok, so we didn't really have to mortgage our home but when framing costs $500 WITH 60% already taken off that's a little ridiculous in my book. AND considering one of the pieces is in my backseat right now so I can take it BACK to the framer due to part of it coming off, I will NOT be a happy camper if they don't fix it for free.

*Today marks the 3rd day of the 40 Day Fitness Challenge. I woke early again, somewhat begrudgingly, and did my yoga. I was glad I did after it was over but I seriously considered snoozing for those 30 minutes instead. I even hit the snooze button once which usually means anything I had planned on doing won't get done; but not today! (I should admit that the main reason I got out of bed to do my 30 minutes this morning was because I didn't want to have to do 30 minutes after work! You know, since we're being honest and all!)

*Just found out that I will officially be attending the New Kids on the Block and Back Street Boys concert in June. SO EXCITED! Probably shouldn't be SO excited but I did rock an oversized NKOTB shirt (complete with neon pink "shirt holder") in 5th grade and Donnie was my "boyfriend" so I feel my excitement is warranted! I have a feeling the three of us (myself and two of my best girls) will be singing along the whole time. "Step by step/Oh Baby/Gonna get to you girl.............."

*And now for some numbers:
165 - Days since my last cigarette
$412.61 - Money saved since quit date.
6 days 21 hours - That, my friends, is the amount of time I have added to my life! Woohoo!
(Figures provided by the "Quit Now" app on my phone)

Hope your weekend is just what you needed this week.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 2

Day 2 of the 40 Day Fitness Challenge is almost done and I am happy to report that I woke early this morning and did some yoga. You might roll your eyes when you read this next part but oh well...I really felt more centered after this morning. Heck I will take any and all benefits from this new routine even if it means I start saying things like; centered and start using the phrase 'spreading my seat bones.' Lol! I surely hope this motivation lasts the next 37 days but fortunately I am not alone on this journey! :)

Also, this entire post was done on my phone! So I apologize for any errors or random punctuation marks.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday-ish

I say "ish" because I was actually wordless on Tuesday when this walked through my door! Plus, we all know that I am very rarely worldless on my blog!

I haven't seen that clean shaven face since November 2009 when Mr. Ski went on terminal leave prior to his ETS (Expiration Term of Service) date. I gasped loudly when he walked in the front door because he didn't tell me that he had plans of getting a shave during his hair cut yesterday afternoon...and I'm quite sure I was shaking (hence, the unfocused picture). And now...I can't stop kissing him. :)

*I do love my husband with a beard too...there aren't many men who can pull off a beard and Mr. Ski can definitely pull it off. I think he's handsome no matter what's on his face, I suppose I had just gotten used to the facial hair but now I'm stocking up on his favorite razors in hopes that he'll wait more than a day before growing it back. ;)

***OH! And today began the first day of the 40 Day Fitness Challenge! Mr. Ski and I woke earlier than usual and did 30 minutes of yoga! Day One of the 40 Day Fitness Challenge = Conquered! It's not too late to jump on the 40 Day Fitness wagon, head over to April's blog Pictured Moments and read all about it!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

40 Day Fitness Challenge

I'm participating in a 40-day fitness challenge for Lent. I have committed to exercising 30 minutes a day for the next forty days (excluding Sundays). Go visit my sweet friend's blog Pictured Moments, if you would like to read more about this 40-day fitness challenge! Getting healthy is more fun in a group anyways! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011


It is my pleasure to announce the very first recipient of the SKI-WARD!

Which one of these is not like the others???

It is you Mr. GMC, I on behalf of The Ski Story, deem you the first SKI-WARD winner of 2011. May you cherish this honor and strive to not be in such a hurry to rush through life. Take a moment for a breather, I find that I center myself best while taking the time to park my vehicle correctly. It doesn't have to be perfect but remember what we tell the children..."stay inside the lines."

*Upon second glance at this photo I realize that it doesn't look that bad, but let me assure you if I had been able to get the picture head on...you would be mortified. The darn angle makes this crappy parker look like it should only be a minor offense. I assure you, it is much much worse than it looks.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Fragments!

Mommy's Idea

Welcome to Friday Fragments! One of my most favoritest bloggers (and people) from Wisconsin came up with this bloggy gem! Head on over to Mrs. 4444's to get the low down on how Friday Fragments work and to link up your own fragments! :)

- I have a bit of an addiction to my new phone. It's one of the smart ones which means....I now play Angry Birds every chance I get!

- You probably heard me shouting with glee from my closet this week when a single digit sized pair of jeans fit (comfortably) for the first time in 3 years! With some room to spare...the last time I tried to wear them there was a significant amount of 'muffin top.' My weight loss has stalled a bit in the last month so you can imagine how happy I was when those jeans fit anyways!

- Pot holes on bridges make me really nervous! I'm sure the pot hole doesn't go all the way through the bridge, but I'm not getting out to look either!

- My great uncle died this week. How do you say, it was a blessing, without it sounding horrible?? There probably isn't a way...but I will tell you why it's a blessing. He was 93 years old, he lost the love of his life 12 years ago and has missed her terribly ever since, he didn't know who he was or who anyone else was and he has been in such angst for the last few months that I know that his time coming was also a blessing for him. On a brighter note, I'd bet money that his bride (known for soaking in a tub while putting on make-up and getting all dolled up for her groom) has been waiting a long time to see him. And typing out that sentence made me cry for the first time over his death. Gosh, she's going to be so happy to see him.

- I learned a new story from Mr. Ski's childhood that has kept me laughing all week, he was in the shower and I had come in to grab something hair related when he started singing "Oh we oh oh we ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh" when I laughed he asked if I knew what that was from...of course, I did! "It's what the Wicked Witch of the West's guards were singing in the Wizard of Oz," I replied (and quite possibly threw in a "Duh!" after wards)...as I'm sure you would have too...that little tune is hard to forget. It was then he told me that his step-dad tried for the better part of a day to convince them (Mr. Ski and his brother) that those guards weren't saying "Oreo Oreoooooooooooooooo!" Still laughing.

- I hope your weekend is happy and full of fun.