Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You know how they say....

your tastes change every 7 years?

I believe them (whoever they are).

I turned 28 in the fall and suddenly things I repulsed I now love, like:

almonds - My former self would have gagged while typing those 7 little letters. I used to find the super smooth insides of almonds particularly disturbing. Now...I LOVE them.

pecans - I used to despise every aspect of pecans from the taste and texture all the way down to the the odd way my fingers rubbed together after cracking them. Now...I LOVE them (and save them for last when eating my snack).

guacamole - This popular dip was my 0-27 year old's nemesis. I hated it with a royal passion and could not understand why everyone always tried to force it upon me. Now...I LOVE it (and can't get enough when it's around)!

hummus -Um, no, you could never find me dipping my carrots in anything but ranch dressing. Now...I LOVE it (and prefer it to ranch dressing AND mayo (sometimes)).

beets - Yeah right. Now...I still ABHOR them. I don't think my tastes have changed enough to even consider trying them again. I was in Kindergarten and the my very first school assignment was to try all types foods(mostly vegetables) on a list from the teacher. I was rocking that homework assignment and munching down on all kinds of veggies (Grammy always said I was a good eater! :) and then I had to try beets. I gagged violently (which I still vividly remember) and I have never again even tried a beet. Maybe in another 7 years I'll be ready.

Would you say your tastes have changed every 7 years or at all?


  1. I guess I haven't paid enough attention to tell, however, I do believe that my 3 year old's taste buds change about every 7 minutes. Just sayin'

  2. I vividly remember sitting across from you at the table while you tried those beets and having great fear you were going to puke everywhere!!! By the way, I eat a veggie bagle every day with either hummus or avocado!!

  3. I've never heard that 7 year thing, but I am the same way about aspargus--I suddenly started loving it a year or two ago. Who knew that grilled aspargus was 27 times better than Mom's boiled-to-death variety?

  4. April...haha, I can see how you'd like her tastes to calm down for at least 7 hours! haha! :)

    Em - I'm sure you were TERRIFIED of me puking...who cares how I felt we all know how you feel about vomit. haha! I'm sorry it was as traumatic for you as it was for me! :)

    Mrs. Fours - I'm the SAME way about asparagus (I've always liked it, mom used to steam it) but we love, love, love it on the grill. It's so delicious...I remember my dad's parents making us eat canned asparagus, now that's disgusting!!!