Monday, February 28, 2011

Harboring resentment

When I was growing up there were a certain group of girls that made fun of me. One group was from school and the other group were girls from my church. I'm not sure why they were mean to me but I can only assume now that it was just "girls being mean girls" or at least, I hope that's what it was. One of these "mean girls" had friended me on Facebook a year or more ago. I accepted, begrudgingly, probably just so I could look at her pictures but I accepted her nonetheless. About six months ago I did major editing of my friend's list...she got the boot. About three months ago she sent me a friend request, I clicked "not now" and forgot about her. Today, she sent another friend request. Why? Why, in heaven's name, would she want to be friends with me now? We don't live in the same town, aren't in the same circles and frankly she was EVIL to me when we did live in the same town and were in the same circle (sort of). This baffles me. But it's not uncommon. There are several people on my "friend's" list whom I wouldn't trust as far as I could throw them as my friend but I keep them around for some reason I'm not quite sure of yet. Maybe it's because I think they may have changed but really I think I keep them around because part of me (ok, more of me than I'd like to admit) is still that insecure adolescent girl who wants people to want to be friends with her.

But I'm not that the mean girl's friend request I clicked "not now" again.
I guess you could say that I'm getting stronger (read: more ok with me) everyday.
I'm a work in progress...welcome to the job site. :)


  1. I have a couple people like that on my list... One of the girls actually wrote me a little message a while back to tell me how much she regrets treating me so bad when we were in school and that she loves reading my blog and stuff, but the others I think are just there to be nosy.
    Girl, you are an amazing person, one that anyone would be lucky to be friends with. YOU get to decide who you want in your life and if you don't want them, delete them!! And if they keep asking why you don't want to be their friend on Facebook, I'd send them a message and just tell them "My friends list is reserved for people who bring positivity to my life."

  2. How anyone could be mean to you is beyond me, but kudos to you for realizing that "not now" it perfectly acceptable. Sometimes we keep facebook "friends" around for guilt, curiosity, or just plain spite. Because, let's face it, once they see how amazing you're doing how could they not be green with envy? hehe