Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Overreaction 101

On the way to visit a friend our plans fell through so I made a u-turn (a legal one) and headed back home. I had seen headlights coming from the direction I was turning but I had plenty of time to complete my turn and be on my merry way. The lights stood out to me for some odd reason...they were square, dimly lit and pretty eerie.

I'd forgotten about those lights until I turned down the main street that our neighborhood is off of and noticed that those same, square dimly lit headlights were still behind me. Panic set in.

Are those the same lights? Have they been following me? If I turned here (the way to my house) would they turn to? What would I do then? OMG, it's a creeper van (you know the ones..from the 80's with no windows on the sides, used mostly for making out with girls or as a main form of transportation for serial killers).

Well, I'm certainly not turning there...maybe they'll turn down one of these streets. And no, they're still behind me.

Am I overreacting? Should I turn into this neighborhood? Should I wait and turn onto the road that loops around? What do I do if they turn then too? Should I get on the interstate and go up one exit and take another route home?

Ok, well if he hasn't turned before the loop around I'll turn there.

Should I put on my signal? No? Yes? No?

Eeek...putting on the signal, turning, waiting....staring in the rear lights. SHEW!

So, basically I drove in the opposite direction of my house because I was afraid of a creeper van. How pathetic is that?! And that is why this girl lady should not watch scary movies.

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