Friday, January 7, 2011

Fragments for Friday!

Mommy's Idea

Welcome to Friday Fragments, the fantastic brain child of Mrs. 4444's over at Half Past Kissin' Time! Purge yourself of all those little tidbits that aren't quite deserving of their own post or do like I do and collect these little morsels of blogginess all week to spill them all right here. Head over to Mrs. 4444's blog to check out the rules, link up your own fragments AND check out the fragments of other awesome bloggers!

I would like to send a kick in the face big thank you to Jillian for reminding me that even though I've lost some poundage I am still out of shape. I was sending death rays into the tv last night during 30 Day Shred. I didn't quit though, even though it crossed my mind about 108 times! Apparently, I forgot how much I hated her and let her bust my butt again tonight! I did notice that during the squats w/punches it puts me at the perfect level where my punches look like they're connecting with her face. That brought some satisfaction.

Cannot WAIT for Mr. Ski to get home from his mini trip! :) I've missed him lots! He's home!!!! :) He had such a great time catching up with some of his brothers (in arms) and apparently there were many war stories told, much catching up and the solidifying of a bond that will never be broken. These guys make my heart smile, they have sacrificed much for this country (and continue to do so) and I'm so proud to know them.

I'm super proud that I have blogged 6 days (counting today) in a row...that must be a record for me! I will probably be back to once every 2 weeks by next week but I'm certainly going to try to be more diligent.

I really hate to drag on about this Jillian thing but ya'll you all it's like she knows precisely when I can't do anymore and then she says..."in 5, 4, 3, 2..." and I know I can do five more of anything.

So..they're calling for snow. I seriously doubt it will be that big of a deal in our area but if it does snow it best be gone by Monday...our busy season is fast approaching and I need to get ahead of schedule before I can get behind!

I don't know about you guys...but I am ready for this weekend. So I'm off to snuggle in comfy clothes with my love and stay away from all the fools rushing to the grocery for milk and bread! Stay safe ya'll you all! (Yes, I realize that technically I am still saying the mashed version of you all but striking it out does make me realize how often I say it!)


  1. That Jillian is one mean girl.

    They are saying we'll get snow here in ATL...four to six inches or more...on Sunday night/Monday morning. This should be very interesting. People are crazy here when it precipitates.

  2. Here's like they forget how to drive and be intelligent the second those little white flakes start to fall!