Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fair Warning Below...

I'm in one of those moods and I'm feeling like a bit of a negative Nelly tonight so if you're having a Pollyanna kind of day then you might want to skip on over this one.* It isn't by coincidence that all these little tidbits begin with "Hates when..."

-Hates when I watch commercials on something that's been recorded on the dvr. What a waste of 3 minutes.

-Hates when I forget to scrape my frost-covered side mirrors...and don't notice until I'm hurling down the interstate at 73 70mph. What's worse is knowing that they are covered in frost and still trying to use them.

-Hates that the neighbors across the way feel the need to slam their car doors so loud I have a panic attack because I think someone is closing their door in my driveway. Guess they think I need the know, because I have to run to the bedroom and peek out the window to ensure they are just being rough with their doors instead of the horrific possibility that someone would be here unannounced. (Oh and my fear of people knocking on my door is unexplainable...I would like to blame that on the robbery but I've always been nervous about people showing up with no notice so who knows where that comes from.)

-Hates cliff-hanger facebook statuses, either spill the beans or don't. Period. And on that note...I also hate it when people go from "married" to "single" and eventually (after cooling down) back to "married" might as well post a status that says "I'm pissed off at my spouse and I'm overreacting by changing my relationship status." Since I'm not just ranting I will offer a suggestion to those who do that...wait at least 12 hours, preferably 24 hours, after an argument before changing your relationship status.
Sidebar: How sad is it that most kids will never not know what Facebook's like an epidemic.

-Hates when I can't see past the things that are bothering me.

*That statement was made like I actually have more readers than my husband, mother and father. Heaven forbid my imaginary readers be down about my negative outlook today. that idea did make me laugh so there's a bonus.

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  1. I think Facebook is kind of dangerous, really, because it is SO instant, you know? In real life, one might think for a few seconds before making such a drastic declaration. I simply don't put anything on my relationship status.

    and god, it MUST be January itself that is such a downer. I had to laugh after reading your comment on my blog talking about this post, because I have been reading a LOT of "I am so grumpy!" posts lately!

    Here's to a better day for both of us.