Thursday, December 29, 2011

A late in the year favorite thing...

an awesome silver sharpie!!!! You wouldn't even want to know how many things I've labeled since buying it to write on the back of a photo frame (which it was a pro at too)! Now I'm starting to sound like an advertisement, but really, it's pretty much the most fantastic writing tool ever!

*Photo taken by me.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I may have missed my calling.

Perhaps I should have been a private investigator. I can scour the web for information like I was born with research tips embedded in my brain. Although, I am not so consumed with myself to think that I got this way all by myself, I realize that I inherited most of these traits from my father. Because he, too, should have been a private investigator. Maybe then we would have a family business centered around finding out all the little, grubby details that one pays people to learn. But in reality we are just nosey inquisitive.

There's a certain thrill I get from searching for information and going from one step to the next in learning the full story. Therefore, anytime someone has an inquiry I take it upon myself to learn as much as I possibly can about that inquiry whether they ask me to or not. Often times, these inquiries don't even want to be answered by the person inquiring...they're just momentarily curious. But not to me they came into my office, sat down at my private investigator desk and filled out a request form listing pertinent details that are required for me to begin my search.

Unfortunately, I am not the best spy. I stink at being inconspicuous, it's just a fact and I've learned to accept it. For instance, when Mr. Ski and I lived in our first home the neighbors across the street had a very explosive relationship. One night, Mr. Ski and I were out on the front porch and heard them yelling and even saw some belongings come flying out the front door. I decided that if I got a little closer I could possibly hear what they were yelling about (there's the nosey inquisitive aspect) so I crept to a tree in our tiny yard and stood behind it while slowly peeking around it every once in awhile trying to see and hear more of what was going on. Mr. Ski loves to make fun of me for this one, because as he tells it the tree I was 'hiding' behind was way thinner than me and definitely did not conceal me as I thought it did. Case and point....I am not good at being stealthy, but put me behind a computer with some of my favorite resources and I will search the web until I produce as much information as your my little heart desires.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Tree Tragedy

As you may know, I commute to work. It's a hour drive (one way) and it's one I've been making for almost 5 years, so I'm pretty familiar with the scenery. Once a year or so the highway department sends their tree crew out to sheer back the median and shoulder woods. It's a two step process:
Step one: Cut down the trees. They use a machine that just lays the trees down in a single, perfect very long row.
Step two: Chop up said down trees. They then bring in a wood chopping machine and shred all the downed trees into tiny bits of mulch which they leave on site.

So how can I turn that into something imagining those trees as things with emotions and feelings, of course! So with that in mind something like this occurs to me: Those poor survivor trees. Not only do they have to witness their friends and family being mowed down and then chopped up, now they are also forced to stare at their remains. It's a tree tragedy, I tell you!

You know, if trees had feelings and all.

(I blame part of this piece of my imagination on the movie "Fern Gully" for it was that little fairy, Crysta, who made me realize that trees hurt too! It was also that little fairy that kept 5 of my cousins from ever viewing that movie. Poor things. I bet when they hit 18 they rushed out to see all the movies they weren't allowed to watch growing up...starting with the cartoons!)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Something worth noting...

Just because you own a Minny* Cooper it does not mean you are required to drive like you're in the Italian Job.

*Misspelled intentionally.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


There's a lot of thanks going around these days, which is great but wouldn't it be cool if people did the thankful statuses every day of the year?! Because really as long as we're breathing we should be thankful.

As you will see, I have a lot to be thankful for:

-My husband. Wow. He's my best friend. He is an incredible man who loves me with no boundaries. (As he vowed to me on our wedding day. Which is another thing I'm thankful for; a husband that keeps his promises.) I am so thankful for the marriage we have and because of our beginning we have always had pretty stellar communication skills. I love that we can talk about anything and everything. We always make elaborate play lists for road trips yet we never listen to them because we often go several hours just talking with no music necessary. So on this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for my rock, my hero, my best friend, my protector, my confidant, my soul mate, my everything, my Matt. I love you more than words can describe.

-My family. We're fairly large (There's Mom and Dad, my 3 sisters, 3 brother-in-laws, 3 Nephews, 2 Nieces, 2 Dogphews, our Grammy, Ma and Pa, and several aunts, uncles, and cousins) so family gatherings are always a little packed, a little warm (one of my brother-in-laws wears shorts to every holiday family gathering) and a lot of fun. There is an amazing amount of love and support amongst us and I must admit that it's pretty comforting to know that no matter what there are at least 19 people in my corner. So on this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for my family who has never done anything but love, accept and support me. You all are precious to me.

-My friends. They are pretty awesome. I've never been the girl who has scores of friends but instead a few very close friends. This pattern has rang true through adulthood and while I have several acquaintances there are only a few friends that I have a close bond with. These friends are the type that no matter how long it has been since we have talked we are able to pick right back up where we left off. So on this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for my friends, I truly cherish them and I'm not quite sure where I'd be without their friendship.

-My home. It has a roof, heat and food in the fridge and keeps me safe from harsh weather. I realize how fortunate we are to have these things as there are so many in this world who go without all three. So on this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for my little, gray house.

-My job. When unemployment is higher than it has been in decades, I am grateful to be employed. My employer is fair, flexible and easy going and my job is not nearly as stressful as some of my previous occupations. So on this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for my job.

-Joan, my car. She may have over 263,000 miles and need a new coat of paint on the hood but she gets me from A to B with little to no issues. She's trusty and reliable even if she squeals and moans from time to time. So on this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for a vehicle to take me to work and to the grocery and wherever else I may want to venture.

-My Health. On this date I am a mere twenty days away from the 12 year anniversary of my open heart surgery and I am so ridiculously thankful to be alive with a strong, healthy heart. Because without my health I wouldn't be able to enjoy all the other things that cause me to be so thankful for my life. So on this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for life, breath and health.

-The Armed Forces both past and present. I am so grateful for their sacrifice for our country. Without them our country would be a different place and I will never be able to say thank you enough to the men and women who protect us. So on this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for our Veterans.

-Freedom. I have the freedom to say and write whatever I feel like saying or writing. When I think about the millions of people in this world who are persecuted and prevented from saying or writing how they feel it makes me sick to my stomach. So on this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for the freedom to choose my words.

I'm pretty sure I could continue adding to this list for the next 10 days. But I'm going to have to stop here because I must try and get a few hours of sleep before another day of cooking tomorrow today.

One more thing: considering I started writing this post around 2:45am I do have to say that at this moment in time I am pretty grateful that my mom and grandmother always did the Thanksgiving cooking because I had NO IDEA how much went into preparing the feast. This is my second Thanksgiving cooking dinner for the two of us, the first year went over pretty well and I am hoping that this year will be no different.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

One word: CUTE!

When I saw this:
I immediately thought of this:

The puppy is not mine but when I saw its innocent,little face and precious pigtails it immediately reminded me of this picture of my sister from a ski trip she went on earlier this year. I have received confirmation from my beautiful, beloved, big (older, definitely not bigger) sister to post her picture on my blog and she is also aware of the content but has yet to see the comparison picture. Can't wait to hear what she thinks!! :)

*Photo credit for the adorable shih tzu goes to myfunnypics(dot)org

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Oh, Friday Fragments, how I have longed to get to this day for your fragments. If you've never heard of Friday Fragments you can head over to Mrs. 4444's bloggy space Half Past Kissin' Time to read all about it and learn how to post up your own fragments! Trust me, it's fun stuff.

~I am very pleased to announce that Mr. Ski and I have been smoke-free for ONE YEAR AND TEN DAYS!!! It has been quite the journey, a lot faster and slower than I expected it to be but all in all I am so glad we decided to give up smoking. Do I miss it? Yep. But I also miss my childhood and you couldn't pay me to go through middle school again. I guess you could say I never want to have to quit smoking again so that will keep me motivated to keep quit! We are very proud of ourselves and looking forward to doing something fun with the money we saved.

~I had to 're-home' a pretty scary spider yesterday. I usually don't kill them since they eat bugs but it was right under our power box outside and I didn't want that little bugger laying eggs in my power box! No worries, I didn't kill it just moved it with a stick.

~Fred, the cow, who had a starring role in this post must have been busy over the last few months. I noticed today that there were a ridiculous amount of darling, little calves laying in the shade. Hopefully, they weren't all conceived in front of the school bus. :/

~Finally, I want to give a shout out to the Packers. I am so proud of you guys!! 4-0!!! That is incredible!!! Big thanks to Mr. Ski for helping me see the cheesehead light, because in the last four years I have learned their history and fallen in love with their teamwork, heart and dedication; I now will forever be a Packer fan!! GO PACK GO!

Hope your weekend is happy!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Double Standards 101

I am scared of germs. There. I said it.
I wash my hands entirely too much, especially when cooking.
I feel like if I touch anything that carries bacteria, i.e. salmonella or E.Coli. I must wash my hands else I spread it all over everything I touch next; the refrigerator door, the pull on the cabinet and the one the drawer, the jug of milk, the salt shaker, the faucet, the oven knobs and the list could go on forever.
By the time I'm finished I've gone through a ridiculous amount of paper towels, a half of a bottle (or more) of soap and I've used surface wipes on anything that I may have touched while contaminated. All that after touching one piece of raw chicken. Three pieces to go! :)

When we go out to eat I use hand sanitizer directly after reviewing the menu and selecting my food. Then I strategically put it where I don't have to hand the menu to the server, therefore, they can just pick it up and I don't have to re-sanitize. Because the thought of every person who has touched the menu before me is nauseating. I then make a silent vow not to touch anything until I eat. I have been seen using napkins to hold the salt and pepper shakers; just think about all the people who have sat there before you who touched the shakers, now that is scary stuff. I don't know about you but I immediately thought about wee Timmy who didn't wash his hands after going to the bathroom, Aunt Myrtle who just had a coughing attack and don't forget Uncle Rube who was just in his truck petting the farm dog, Louise. <-- That last sentence got pretty imaginative, eh? I did have almost as many imaginary friends than real friends in elementary school so to say that I have an active imagination is the understatement of the year.

There is just something about germs, maybe it's because they're so conditional and I like things that are concrete. Like if you touch the boiling water it will burn you or if you put your finger in the electrical outlet it will shock you. Germs, however, are totally unpredictable; they can sometimes harm you but most likely your immune system will take care of it without you even knowing there was something wrong. But then there is that small chance that you get exposed to the germ that is the next big, terrible disease. And you die. Haha, probably not but that was getting pretty intense, I had to lighten it up by making it sound more dire than it probably would be.

As I'm sitting here reading over the paragraph I just wrote I started to wonder why the title of this post was Double Standards 101, oh yeah...I remember now.

I am a habitual nail biter.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I have a funny husband.

I'm going to start keeping track of all of the hilarious things Mr. Ski says...because seriously, he cracks me up!

One night Mr. Ski and I were entering a restaurant that has those gumball, bouncy ball and sticker machines in the front. Being the gentleman that he is, he had opened the door for me and was holding it open for two ladies and a little boy to come out as well. Except they weren't coming out, instead they were watching the little boy try to make a choice at the sticker machine. It was apparent that they were frustrated by his indecision. One of the ladies thanked Mr. Ski and then apologized for their delay. His response: "No worries, it's a big decision. I plan on picking out a sticker after dinner too." You should have heard those two ladies laugh and seen that little boy's face light up! Priceless and even though it happened months ago, I still laugh about it. He's just not afraid to make people smile and that's a pretty great quality, or at least I think it is!

The next scene was at a different eating establishment that has a country store as well as a restaurant, bet you can't guess which one! :) Having already ordered we were making small talk while waiting for our breakfast to arrive and Mr. Ski says to me: "Would you like to play 'touch a peg, get the flu?'" I totally lost it, I'm pretty sure I was crying from laughing so hard.

Lucky for me, laughing is one of my favorite things to do so having a funny husband makes my life that much more sweet(and funny).

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An inadvertent educational experience.

I was behind a school bus the other morning on the way to work; I live fairly close to a few schools so I know that the bus was almost full.

As I slow down to a stop to honor the little flashing stop sign that swings out when the bus stops to pick up/drop off children my attention is drawn to the cow field to my left.

Right there in front of all those little children on the bus was Bessie the cow getting mounted by Fred (also a cow). My jaw dropped open in a mixture of shock and embarrassment. I don't know why I was embarrassed, they are neither my cows nor my children but I was horrified! Oh, the lessons you learn on the way to school.

It somewhat reminded me of this scene from Napoleon Dynamite.

*I do not know what these cow's names really are...but Bessie and Fred sounded like such suitable names for cattle, I just couldn't resist.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh, the things that bring me joy.

This morning I was sitting at a stop light on the way to work. I glanced over to see a man and his dog in a truck next to me. The man did not notice me, the dog did. So I decided it was the perfect opportunity to see just how good this dog's hearing was. My windows were up, the man's were down half way. I turned my head (so the man wouldn't see) and began whistling in a 'come here, dog!' way. Oh my gosh, that dog started going nuts! The dog would look over at my car, stand up, spin around and wag his tail. Then repeat. So...I kept whistling and the dog kept going crazy. At one point the man had to literally hold onto the dog's collar to try and calm him down. SO. FUNNY. I managed to hold my laughter in until the light turned green and the truck pulled away so the man wouldn't know it was me that was responsible for his dog's crazy behavior. Just as soon as I stopped laughing, I started whistling again...only to see the dog through the back window of the truck go crazy again. Which only made me laugh more and has kept me laughing all day.

This proved two things:
1. Dogs really do have good hearing.
2. It's the little things in life that bring me the most joy. I don't need ipads or expensive handbags. All I need is to watch a dog go crazy and the owner be clueless as to why! :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Near, far, wherever you are..."

If you've seen this movie obsessively like I have (it released smack dab in the middle of my high school years) you will know it by the title of this post. Because the title of this post is a lyric from one of it's more famous songs.

I'm talking about the movie Titanic.

It was on TV last weekend and I caught the last hour and 45 minutes. Man, that movie makes my neck hurt! Probably because I keep my head tilted up the majority of the movie trying to get air. It totally cracked me up when I realized that's why my neck was getting sore.

A few other facts about when I watch Titanic:

I always hold my breath when they go under water on the stern of the ship. After almost being smoke free for a year I did pretty well and lasted long after Kate came up for air! Score! (Oh, the things that bring me joy...)

I need a blanket when watching no matter the weather outside because no matter what, I envision myself with icy chunks of hair and my breath showing in white puffs.

I whisper scream "Come back! Come back! Come back!" as Kate's trying to flag down one of the boats that has come back to look for survivors.

And finally, I cry every. single. time. If only that headboard been able to hold them both...

*In light of recent activities (Hurricane Irene) I must tell you that my bff Jill (not really her name, but she is my bff) and her family live 30 minutes North of Norfolk, VA and have not evacuated. You have to drive across a large bridge in order to get to their house and due to the high wind speeds it has been closed, so now even if they needed to leave...they can't. My only communication with her so far (due to signal issues) has been through text message and I last heard from her earlier this evening when she told me that so far they were fine and even still have power. I haven't heard from her since the bulk of the storm hit that area. I'm hoping that they are safe and warm in their beds (gah, I can't stop quoting Titanic!) but unfortunately I know nothing for sure. So your thoughts and prayers for them and all the other millions of people who are effected are appreciated.

Friday, August 26, 2011

This, that and something that makes me laugh.

Hello! Remember me? Maybe not...I'm Mrs. Ski and this little spot is where I sporadically blog about life, specifically the life of my husband and I. But lately I've been silent and as my sweet and wonderful mommy recently and gently pointed out to me the other day..."you haven't blogged since August 2nd!" She's right and so tonight is the night that I've returned from blogging silence to pound out these thoughts that have been banging around in here. But first an update:
We did start and complete the popcorn removal process except we didn't do it at quite the pace that I had mentioned in my previous post. We did, thankfully, complete it within the 72 hour time period and I couldn't have done it without Mr. Ski. I mean, I thought this was going to be easy peasy and I was so wrong. The garb we were wearing left me hot, sweaty, and claustrophobic. Plus, my goggles kept fogging up from my heavy (I'm surely inhaling teeny particles of popcorn ceiling!) breathing. It was tedious, dirty and just irritating all around. And yet, we're considering doing it all over again in the kitchen which is four times the size of the bathroom. Bluh. Oh the joys of home ownership.
Can you see how thrilled I am in my protective gear? How I was feeling in one word: miserable (and out of breath). Like I could keep my feelings to one word! Ha!

I guess part of the reason I've been absent is because we have been busier than usual around here. There was a visit from one of Mr. Ski's Army buddies/heroes/brother/friend and his girlfriend which was so many things but awesome being the most frequent describer. They are both sheriff's deputies in Los Angeles and after hearing their stories I now have this odd desire to be a deputy! :) Their visit led to an amazing gathering of heroes, some of which had only been home from Afghanistan for a mere week.
What a great weekend we had catching up. Mr. Ski has a bond with these guys that is indescribable. But I suppose that's natural considering they all faced war on the front lines together. Just thinking about what they have done (and continue to do) for our country makes me teary eyed. Thank you to each and every one of these guys and every soldier (and soldier's family) for your service, you all are amazing.

There was also a stellar (haha) full moon that weekend and I managed to capture a shot or two.
Since I've been on such a rampage lately about photography I will say that there has been no editing done to the photo above aside from the addition of the logo. It was shot on a low profile DSLR on the manual setting and I must admit I'm pretty darn proud of it! Oh and I also must say, BLUUUUUUUUUEEEE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON! :)

I almost forgot!! I have to tell you the something that makes me laugh! There's a commercial for a gas-reducing product that focuses around an interviewer and interviewee with a particular line that always leaves me laughing for days!

"Excuse me sir, your son Rip is on line toot." Hahahahahaha!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I love popcorn...

just not on the bathroom ceiling.

We have popcorn ceilings throughout the house and I don't mind them in the majority of the house. But it's beginning to come down in the guest bathroom and since some drywall is exposed it is time to remove it.

I began reading about this topic close to 2 years ago when we bought the house. I have literally read the Be Jane article no less than 28 times. And yet, I'm still nervous. We have a schedule that we're trying to stick to since it is imperative that once we start the process that it's finished within 72 hours.

Part One-Monday : Go to the hardware store to get supplies. We need gloves, masks, goggles, plastic sheets, primer, paint, paint rollers, paint edgers, paint pans (can you tell we've never done any painting in this house?), paint can openers, 4" scraper, pressurized garden sprayer, etc. I didn't think it was that much stuff really but holy moly it cost us $118!! I tend to underestimate the cost of things so I honestly only thought it would be $50, $60 max. Paint is expensive!

Part Two-Tuesday: Clear bathroom of stuff. Move all of my shower items to the master bathroom. Tape off bathroom ceiling and hang plastic sheets.

Part One is marked off the list and I'm procrastinating on Part Two. I probably won't get my 3rd wind until eight or nine tonight but that's ok because no one cares if I'm banging around at night. When I had my apartment in the city I would always get the 3rd wind cleaning urge but could do nothing about it because I had neighbors whom I'm sure would not have appreciated my late night vacuuming. But since there's no neighbors close by I can vacuum anytime I want! As well as do minor home repairs! Score!

Updates to come!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

The post that is one of my favorites occurs every Friday. I get to sit down and pull together all those random scraps of paper, voice-recordings (I love smart phones) and virtual post-it notes together for Friday Fragments! Head over to Mrs. 4444's blog Half Past Kissin' Time to get all the fun facts about this Friday blogging fun! :) She will love to have you (assuming you're willing to abide by very simple guidelines :) and I can say with full confidence that Mrs. 4444's is a remarkable woman. She's awesome. Period.

  • I tend to 'call out' specific cars by their given name when they do something especially dangerous or irritating. For instance today it was: "Watch it Corrrolla." and "The gas is on the right Keea." (Clarification: The misspelling of the car names is intentional.) I feel that by calling them by their given name my anger is directed at someone versus the something they were doing badly.

  • I am having severe sciatic nerve issues. It's really been bothering me for the last two weeks and even a trip to the creepy chiropractor didn't help! It runs from my butt all the way to my right me when I say, it's uncomfortable and painful.

  • Have I ever mentioned why I think the chiropractor I see is creepy? If not, it deserves a whole post. There are way too many reasons he falls into the creepy category to list in a Friday Fragments post.

  • It's hard for me to even type this next sentence. I've struggled since "the incident" on whether or not to blog about it at all or keep it as my own (and Mr. Ski's) secret. But here goes...I plucked my very first chin hair while we were vacationing in Green Bay. Oh my gosh it was terrible. I discovered it while scratching my jaw and was a little confused. Like, what is this? It's not attached! IT'S ATTACHED. I promptly tweezed it but considering it's length I am afraid to know how long it had been there. I was traumatized that a daze. I told Mr. Ski thinking he'd laugh but hoping he'd be comforting and he said..."So." Oh yeah, having chin hair is not a problem for YOU, he even encourages chin hair growth! And the female takes the short straw once again. Grr. Now I can't stop obsessing over it's regrowth. I feel my chin daily...waiting for it's return and it's removal. I will say that this is one of those times I'm grateful to have some natural blonde hair.

Wow...see that's why I stressed over blogging about it, I obviously am having serious issues with this whole getting older business. I have acne like a 13 year old and now chin hair. Great.

On a positive note....I'm super glad I get to spend the weekend with my love. :) He never fails to make me smile and frankly, that's nice to look forward to. I hope your weekend is splendid as well.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My blood pressure will thank me.

I have made an EFBD (executive Facebook decision). I will no longer participate, engage or begin any conversations regarding politics for the following reasons:

1. Unless you're friends with politicians and are certain that they read and take heed to your Facebook statuses then all you are doing by declaring your distaste or writing fictitious notes (for example: Dear Congress...) is exciting others who do read your Facebook statuses either to agree or disagree with you. In whole, it is totally worthless to declare these things. Instead, pick up the phone and call your state's representative, congressman or senator this will ensure that what you are thinking will actually make it to the person who can illicit change (or at least try).

2. Clone statuses* about such items are unoriginal and unimaginative. They only show that you are not as passionate as you think you are because you were unable put your own thoughts and feelings into your own words. Plus, as soon as I read 're-post if you agree' you've lost me because how do I know that is really how you feel and not just something you saw others posting and felt obligated to follow suit.

3. Arguing on the internet is stupid. If you want to argue with me please call so we can really have a discussion. Otherwise, don't argue with me.

4. My cardiologist recommended that I not expose myself to unnecessary stress and discussing politics on Facebook is just that, unnecessary stress.

So here's the bottom line: You can't change my mind. I can't change yours. Your opinion is just that...yours. And applying that logic my opinions are solely mine. Therefore, I choose to refrain from these discussions from this point forward. I feel better already!

*Clone statuses-not really the name, I don't guess these particular statuses have a name at all, but this is a name that I have given statuses that tend to be very well written about various items (most recently the debt ceiling crisis) by one person and then copied by thousands with the phrase "Repost if you agree" at the bottom. Grr. (that Grr. was just for you Dad! :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Facts and Figures

10 - The number of months it has been since I quit smoking.
303 - The number of days without smoking.
$757.50 - The amount of money I have saved since quitting.
12 - The number of days I have gotten back.
3,030 - The number of cigarettes I haven't smoked since quitting.

Overall, it hasn't been easy but it's definitely been worth the struggle. I know that some are able to casually smoke after they quit but I don't think I'd ever be able to be a 'casual' smoker. I loved smoking, I didn't want to quit but knew it was in my best interest to quit, so I know that if I tried 'just one' it would quickly turn into me smoking full time again. I miss it but know this is for the best. It's funny because once you quit smoking your sense of smell improves...great, better to smell cigarettes with, because I'm not kidding when I say I can smell someone smoking as they pass me on the interstate! That's one benefit I could do without! Thank you for all of the encouragement and support you've given me over the last 10 months, it helped me greatly!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Have you experienced any changes in your appetite?

I had an appointment with my cardiologist this morning where I received a good report. (yay!)

My least favorite part of going to the doctor is the obligatory weigh in. I knew that I had gained a few pounds prior to our vacation but had lost them during the vacation because I had weighed in at our uncle's house in Green Bay. We weren't following a strict diet while traveling so I assumed I'd maybe gained back a pound or two, maybe.

Um, yeah, now I just wish it had been a pound or two. I gained SIX pounds in seven days. How is that even possible?! I'm really hoping one of the scales is wrong OR that the clothes I'm wearing today weigh in around five and a half pounds. (I can hope...)

In reality though, it's probably the delicious pancakes with copious amounts of syrup I consumed for breakfast two days in a row OR the fried ice cream I shared with Mr. Ski after eating ridiculously good Mexican food OR the ice cream followed by the iced cookie eaten on the drive home OR the....I'm stopping now, as continuing to list all the 'bad for me' foods I've eaten recently is depressing.

I've had trouble feeling full lately. So I continue to eat until I abruptly throw down my fork and then I feel way too full, much like a puppy who gobbles up his dinner and then falls on his side with a swollen belly for a nap.

I now see that I cannot just fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to eating...I will, most always, over eat. I was hoping that after a while I wouldn't need to count calories and would just know how to eat to maintain a healthy weight but after this little big weight gain, I'm thinking I'll always have to keep count.

So in response to the question "Have you experienced any changes in your appetite?" Apparently so.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

'Mrs. Fours' score and seven days ago...

Mr. Ski and I recently returned from nine days of traveling. It was spectacular!

Our itinerary included Chicago, Green Bay, and the Wisconsin Dells.

We walked a lot, saw a lot, talked a lot, laughed a lot, drove a lot and in general just enjoyed spending time together...a lot.

There were several 'favorite' moments from this trip, many of which will be blogged about later...ideally.

One of my favorite moments was getting to meet one of my most favorite bloggers. You all may know her as the mother of Friday Fragments, Mrs. 4444, I now know her 'in real life' and claim her not only as a great friend but also as my fourth sister.

You see...I was so excited about meeting Mrs. 4444 (just ask Mr. Ski, I wouldn't shut up about it!) and a teeny bit nervous. Not because I thought she would stuff me in her trunk or anything but because I was worried we wouldn't have much in common aside from me being one of her biggest fans. She's a big time blogger, folks, and hangs out with much bigger bloggers than little ol' I only blog once a month (if that) me. I was so wrong and was so pleasantly surprised at all that we had in common. All my nervousness was for nothing and actually I feel a little silly now that I was nervous at all. As soon as we sat down in the booth and I asked my first generic (but genuine) question (it was about summer school) we were off and talked for a solid three and a half hours!

The similarities between us were remarkable. I can't even tell you how many times I said..."that is so me" either out loud or in my head. I can tell you though that I like her even more now (if that's possible) than before. She's so incredibly beautiful, kind, wise and hilarious. She's an amazing wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, teacher and an all around wonderful woman. I am certain that if time would have allowed we would have continued talking for much longer, I feel like I have known her forever and hopefully I will.

Thank you Mrs. 4444 for meeting me, it was so good great to connect with you. And it is something that I cherish and will never forget. I'm already looking forward to seeing you this fall! :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How not to kill a wasp.

The majority of my morning at work was spent battling with a wasp.

He was big, and looked mean. I hid out in my office as much as I could, keeping an eye on him through the glass but knew I'd eventually have to kill that wasp.

The first tactic I used against him was a rolled up magazine. Fail. Either it was to small or my arms are too short because that magazine just wasn't reaching.

Next up was the 1.5 inch three ring binder. Fail. I think all I did was show him what a nice, strong breeze felt like.

Then came the 3 inch three ring binder. Almost, but no, therefore a fail. I had originally intended to smoosh him with the spine of the binder, which I was able to accomplish twice (based on the crunch) but that little booger survived both smooshing attempts.

So, I went back to the smaller binder. By this point this wasp is pissed. And as I'm standing there trying to get up my courage to make yet another attempt at taking this wasp's life...he charges at me. Yes, you read that correctly...he. charged. at. me.
I started flailing the binder all around me (eyes closed, of course) in an attempt to hit him but instead tripped over my own feet and fell hard on my right wrist and butt. Then, because I have the weirdest emotions EVER, I started to laugh uncontrollably. So loud that my coworker came out of her office down the hall to assure I was ok. I assured her that I was fine, just embarrassed that a wasp was giving me so much trouble.

Finally, she saved the day. She took her shoe and climbed up on a chair and gave that wasp what I had been attempting to give him for the past half hour...death. Success!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Fragments!

Mommy's Idea

It's finally Friday and time for my most favorite Friday blogging topic...Friday Fragments! If you're interested in seeing what all this fragtastic fun is all about head over to Mrs. 4444's blog. She's not only the creator of this bloggy gem but also an incredible human being!

*There was a dove sitting on our roof when I got home today. There was, however, no sign of an olive branch. I thought those two were a package deal.

*I had to give out several 'you're an idiot' head shakes this week during the commute. People were all about driving like they just didn't want to get to their destination alive.

*For the most part, summer is not my favorite season (hot temperatures and I do not get along, just ask Mr. Ski). But I am grateful for the extra light in the evenings. For instance, tonight it will allow Mr. Ski and I to go play a round of disc golf before sunset. Yay!

*The very hungry dinner guest that I blogged about in this post came through town again last weekend. In preparation for his visit I made a dish that is known to feed multiple (try 8-10) people except this time it only fed three people. THREE. Neither Mr. Ski nor myself ate more than usual so that means he ate enough for at least six people maybe seven. Shew.

*Mr. Ski is my workout buddy and we usually do all of our strength training at the gym. Usually I'm not sore at all after these strength training sessions Mr. Ski coaches me through. I even cockily thought to myself 'these aren't so bad, I don't even get sore.' Of course I didn't tell him that, it's not like I'm upset that I'm not sore and I certainly don't want to encourage him to make it more challenging. All of this was applicable until this past Wednesday, he must have read my mind because after that session my legs are still sore and I'm walking like I just climbed down from a three day horseback trek.
Note to self: no more complaining about lack of soreness, apparently once you reach the four year marriage mark he knows how you think.

*Finally, I hope everyone has a fun and safe Fourth of July. Happy Independence Day, ya'll! :)

-This photo was taken by me in Savannah, GA on July 4, 2008. I took it with the flag flying in this direction for the following reason:
"Some wonder why our soldiers wear the flag 'backwards' on their right shoulders. Here's why...As the flag bearer would charge with Infantry and Calvary units his rapid forward momentum would cause the flag to stream back. If a soldier is charging into battle the flag would give the appearance of forward motion. This is why our soldiers wear the flag patches on the right shoulder 'backward.' Because retreat in battle, as any soldier will tell you, is not the Army way." -Snopes

May we never forget those who have protected us and those who continue to protect us.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mrs. Ski's Tuesday thoughts on...

Airplane arm rests: Either put them down before your seat mate arrives or not at all. Because if you do forget to put down the arm rest before your seat mate gets there and then you'd like to put your arm rest down, you will (if you're anything like me) be hesitant to do so in fear of said seat mate thinking there's something wrong with them that requires a divider between them and you.

Vibrating phones: Most annoying when you hear the vibration but then upon checking the phone to see why there was vibration there is nothing. Leaving you to wonder if it vibrated at all or if you now just hear random vibrating sounds.

Applying makeup while driving: STOP! For the love of all that is holy, please. just. stop.

Vacations: Why can't they hurry up?!

(I have this overwhelming desire to make my next thought start with an "A." Do you see the pattern, too? Must resist.)

The truth: I have been writing this post since last Thursday and I have kept pushing back the posting date in hopes of coming up with another "A" thought to complete the pattern. Sad. Neurotic. Pathetic.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Observations during basketball

1. When they chant..."Let's Go Mavs!" or "Let's Go Heat!" at the Finals games all I can ever hear is "Let's Go Pack!" Then I'm like....wait, why are they cheering for the Packers? This isn't even football.

2. One of the players, Dirk, is clearly sick...wheezing, flushed, snorting back the mucus that is sure to coat his lungs. After watching him cough and hack all over the opposing team I realized that this guy is using biological warfare to win the game, he's assuring that The Heat will have the sniffles come games 5 and 6. Someone should get him VapoRub and some chicken noodle, he needs a sick day.

3. I'm for The Heat. Actually, I could care less about either team but cheering for the team everyone else hates makes it more fun to watch.

4. That is all. There's only 30 seconds left in the game and I am looking forward to observing something other than a sport. :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Fragments!

Mommy's Idea
It's about time that I get back to participating in one of my most favorite activities...FRIDAY FRAGMENTS! Mrs. 4444's is the leader of Friday Fragments and she won't make you drink any kool-aid...I promise! Head on over to Half Past Kissin' Time to check out the rules and regs as well as take a peek into other fine blogger's Friday Fragments AND you can even link up your own provided that you are a rule follower. :)

*Mr. Ski and I got bikes for our anniversary gift to each other. Lucky for me, riding a bike after not riding a bike for eight years is as easy as... "riding a bike, you never forget." However, my bum did forget and has been reminding me to get a gel seat ever since!

*I find it totally strange when my drinks from restaurants come with a straw in them already. Ugh, how do I know if the person who dropped in my unwrapped straw had clean hands? Oh yeah, I don't.

*I am convinced that anytime someone writes "DO NOT BEND!" on an envelope that the postal workers see that as..."THIS IS DIFFICULT TO BEND, PLEASE TRY."

*Ok, I need to rant for a minute. I see lots of information about preventing teens from texting and driving. Well, while on my way to work recently I saw a very wreckless driver swerving repeatedly to stay in the lane. I hate being behind people like that so I sped up to I passed I looked into the car (What? I'm a very curious girl) and saw that it was in fact a texting driver except he was less than 65! For some reason it infuriated me. Anti-texting and driving campaigns should not just be directed to's about time that adults step up and quit texting while behind the wheel too and set a good example for pete's sake!

*I wish everyone looked as cute as bunnies do when eating.

*13 year cicadas have taken over Middle Tennessee. Not so much where I live but since I commute to the bigger city every day that they have taken over I have numerous cicada suicide markings on my car. It's like driving through a hail storm except the hail isn't hail, it's creepy, noisy cicadas. And let me tell you it is not easy to get those death remnants off...but I guess something that's been "alive" for 13 years wouldn't be able to clean off easily.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crisp Toast

On Sundays after church my family would head to Pawpaw and Grammy's house for a delicious Sunday lunch. Grammy typically had lots of little "warm ups" available: chips,sometimes cashews, and crisp toast. My favorite, obviously, was the crisp toast. I do recall though that the crisp toast was what all of us went for as our Sunday lunch "warm up" staple.

Crisp toast was the buttered toast from that morning's breakfast, re-toasted in the oven or toaster. Oh my good is so good. I had forgotten about crisp toast until last night when Mr. Ski and I were eating dinner.

We had leftover thin crust pizza and since I despise pizza heated in the microwave (hello, soggy) I had put the remaining slices in the oven to re-heat. As I finished my slice I began to crunch away at the crust, extra crispy from the re-baking, when a memory from those Sunday lunch "warm ups" slammed into me.

This crust tastes almost like crisp toast, my eyes began to water as I recalled coming in the side door (with it's inevitable creak) at Pawpaw and Grammy's, giving Grammy a hug and a kiss, leaning over Pawpaw's chair to give him a hug and a kiss and then retreating to a back bedroom to change out of my church clothes. Almost as soon as I was done changing I'd race to the counter beside the stove to see if there were any pieces of crisp toast on the little breakfast plate, rarely disappointed by no crisp toast I would take my piece into the living room (because you could eat in the living room at their house :) and sit on the little couch closest to Pawpaw's chair. He and I would read books or try and figure out that week's Magic Eye picture or sometimes we'd watch a Shirley Temple movie; regardless of what we did I never felt like he was just 'entertaining' me, I always felt like he enjoyed that time with me as much as I did.

After reliving that scene I was am in tears. How crazy is it that all of this was brought about by a leftover pizza crust?!

Pawpaw passed away in December of 2004 and it's still hard for me to sit in 'his' chair. I still always end up choosing the spot on the little couch closest to his chair. And every time I'm in town I always look for crisp toast on the counter before Sunday lunch.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The internet saved me...again.

My right headlight went out.

It only took me a couple of weeks to stop by the auto parts store to pick up a replacement.

My headlights are such a pain to replace but the right one is much easier than the left due to the battery placement on the left side of the car making it nearly impossible unless you remove the battery (also a pain).

Mr. Ski wasn't home. I was going to have to drive that night and since it was the right lamp I felt confident that I could do this, so I set out to change the headlight. I am woman, hear me roar.

I fiddled and pulled...wriggled and yanked...and may have even argued with the thing for a good 15 minutes to no avail.

I was BURNING UP (which means I was getting angrier with each degree my body temperature increased) so I took off my flip flops.

People...I left little wet foot marks on the pavement, that's how much my feet were sweating.

I gave up. Slammed the hood and chucked the headlight still in it's packaging (which didn't include instructions) back in the car. It was after the slamming and the chucking that I decided I would just find someone else to do it for me some other time.

Inside I go...after a few minutes, my body temperature started to decrease and I began to think more rationally.

So I googled my car's year and model with the question "how do you change the headlight on a...."

No lie...within 3 minutes I had found step by step instructions of how to replace the headlight.

I walked back out to the car and replaced that headlight like it was something I do every single day....I hadn't even broken a sweat when I closed the hood and tested out my new light.


Seeing it shine back at me made me feel like a million bucks! And to think I was going to let someone else have that satisfaction!

Yet we all know who the real hero was of this story.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thanks Mom!

It's a little late but...

I had originally meant to do this post in the month of April, since it's her birthday month. But took an unannounced, unplanned break from blogging.

Then I decided I would do the post for Mother's Day....FAIL!

So, it's late but it's better than never!

My mom is incredible. She's smart and strong, compassionate and independent, beautiful and witty, loving and caring, giving and pretty funny (even if she thinks she's just pretending to be funny), and is responsible for 80% of my spunky sense of self. After raising four daughters she deserves way more than just a thank you...she deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Since I can't do the Nobel Peace Prize I can at least tell her some of the reasons of why I'm thankful for her.

Thank you for always having my best interest at heart and protecting me from heart ache. As well as setting an amazing example for being a woman, wife and a mother (Not announcing I'm pregnant, just that I will value your teaching in that area too). And for teaching me about lipstick (this may sound trivial but I look deathly without it).

Thank you for believing that I can be something more than I think I am able to be. I still struggle with this which I'm sure you know. Yet, every time I call you with a new 'life goal' you're on board and supportive, telling me I can do it.

Thank you for providing for me in every way that a mother is supposed to provide plus a ton of other ways too. Trust me, I am blessed to have had you for a mother. I know this now. I know that I used to give you grief about my friend's moms but let me tell you as I've aged I have heard about and witnessed pitiful excuses for mothers. Now I feel bad for ever thinking I had it 'bad' at all...I had such an amazing childhood and such incredible examples in both you and dad.

Thank you for teaching me to be a defensive driver. You have saved my life. Period. For instance, on a daily basis I watch others make poor driving decisions (texting, searching for something on the floor board, general lack of attention to the road) and I adjust my driving to avoid their mistakes. I'll never forget when I was home from college for the weekend, it was my last day and mom had to leave early that morning for something. She came into my room and told me that she loved me and to "Be very careful driving home today. Remember that the life you save may be the life of my precious, baby daughter." I don't think I'll ever forget.

As mentioned these are only a few of the reasons why I am thankful for my mom. I wish there was something more than those two words to show you how much you mean to me and how grateful I am to you for being my mom but I don't even know if my gratitude to you can be expressed in words. It does make me happy to know that now I get to have you as one of my best friends too which is so precious and priceless to me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you so so much.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just my 2 cents.

There's a blog I read that I shouldn't. I've named it Delilah, for purposes related only to this post. It's like a car accident on the side of the road; as much as I complain about "rubber neckers" I just can't help but grab a quick glance.

I know I shouldn't read because every time I do it makes me angry and leaves me wanting to shake the blogger while screaming "Don't you see?!?!"

Usually if I find a blog I love I will go back and read at least a few (if not all) of the entries leading up to the present. Not the case with Delilah. I only read the current posts, actually I only return to this blog to see if the name of the blog has changed.

You see, I'm a believer in the power of positive affirmation. This blog, Delilah, does not. In fact, the title of this blog only affirms the negative not only to just that specific blog/blogger but also to anyone who ever visits. When they read the header as the blog loads...negative affirmation. When they accept a button to advertise that blog on their blog...negative affirmation. When they speak to other's about a clever post on this blog...negative affirmation. No wonder Delilah's header has never changed...negativity is all it projects.

I've thought about sending the owner an email. But they don't know me, they're already pretty volatile about the subject and really, they most likely won't be receptive anyways. I just wonder what would happen if the header was changed (tweaked even) for a year? This blogger could have all they've ever (said) they wanted...could it be that easy?

Maybe it's not that easy and wouldn't do any good or change the scenario at all, but if it were me...I'd at least want to try.

And that's my 2 cents.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why I don't eat warm pineapple...

Easter was a big deal growing up. It meant new dresses, white shoes and a floppy pink hat.

It also meant Easter Eve Lunch at Pawpaw and Grammy's. The table filled with all of Grammy's most popular endeavors...deviled eggs, green beans, mashed potatoes, squash casserole, cole slaw (are you salivating yet? I am.), fresh rolls and a ham. A giant honey-baked ham with large, yellow rings of pineapple stuck all over with tooth picks.

Those pineapples were my absolute favorite part of Easter Eve Lunch and Grammy would always set them aside for me. My cousins from Memphis were in town and I was sitting with my two younger cousins on the front porch while enjoying every bite of those warm pineapple rings. Unaware of the havoc they would later bring.

12 hours later, disaster struck. I lurched awake. Every cell inside my body was revolting and demanded me to let it out. I began to run down the hallway, vomit leaking out as I gagged. I finally made it to the bathroom and couldn't keep it inside anymore. I threw up on the bathroom floor and then made it to the the toilet where I continued to retch.

Preface: My father doesn't like sticky, slimey, gooey, or slick substances. Do you see where this is going? No? You will...

Upon hearing the horrible sounds that I'm sure I was omitting my parents came running. Mom came in first place and slid (literally) into the bathroom to my rescue, not even noticing she just slid in vomit (she's a nurse - gross comes with the territory). Dad came in a close second and slid (twice) in after her, cringing because of the slime and banging his leg on the cabinet which resulted in a "SHHH!" While I know he was concerned about me and the fact that I was sick, I could tell he was obsessed with the throw up on his pajama pants. I felt so bad. But couldn't help but laugh at his grossed out antics. He definitely took my mind off of how awful I was feeling and replaced that with laughter, something my dad is really good at doing. Thankfully, I married someone who also would rather see me laugh than cry or be sick. For me....laughter is the best medicine.

I didn't get to wear my new dress, white shoes or pink floppy hat that year. I remained in the recliner in my (clean) night gown sipping clear soda and eating saltines for Easter Sunday that year. And I haven't eaten warm pineapple since.

*Mom and I still joke about the look on Dad's face when he came sliding into the rescue! (Keep in mind that this is the man who didn't even flinch until after he wrangled a really long black snake out of his car.) And a little vomit gets him's pretty hilarious to me! Love you Dad.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Creature of Habit

I am a creature of habit. (A.k.a. the post where I talk about the things I do repetitively. This post is shaping up to be only about a toilet. Wow. My blogging is literally going down the, umm toilet.)

I have used the same restroom stall at work since I started there over 3 years ago. There are only two stalls and my coworker uses one stall(the other stall), I use my stall and it works out to be a happy little arrangement. Except for three life altering (I'm feeling dramatic today) times.

The first time was because the water was off in the building and I had already used my stall and knew that the other stall had at least one more flush left. Score. (My coworker was out that day or I would have left that flush for her...I'm not that selfish.) Sidebar: having to drive down the street to Sonic to use the restroom got really annoying by the second full day of having no water.

The second time was yesterday. That stall is just odd (read: new) to's too narrow and just doesn't feel right. So you can imagine my horror when my coworker told me that my toilet would be out of service today...which brings me to the third time I've used the other stall.

The third visit is not memorable. Which probably means that I have already blocked out having to endure change. Lucky for me and my aversion to change, the plumber arrived shortly after and all is well once again in the female work bathroom.

Obviously the following equation is true: me + change = not friends
Haha, that reminded me of a joke. "Dear Math, grow up and solve your own problems."

Oh wow....I'm floored that this sad excuse for a post is all I could muster today.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Strange Commute Occurrence #2,563

I was poorly saluted*today.

On the interstate.

By a thirty-five year old momma's boy, who has most likely turned his mom's basement into his video-gaming lair.**

He had long curly (read: frizzy) hair that was pulled back in a ponytail.

It. Was. So. Weird.

Why do these things happen to me?!

I should really write a book about all the craziness I see on my commute.

It's wild, people.

*It was not an official military salute (trust me, I do know what those look like). He touched his forehead (in similar salute form) but when he drew his hand down he did it with his palm up, kind of resembling figure skater hands....gracefully.

**Generalization...ehhhh...maybe....make that definitely. So sorry if that caused offense. (I could be the only blogger to apologize to her potential 35 year old video-gaming momma boy readers. Ha.)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Zoo Day

Meerkats are so funny. They were by far our favorite exhibit at the zoo.

"I'm not listening."

"Still not listening."

"I refuse to believe what you are saying."

"You mean digging these holes won't get us anywhere?!

"You do know that I will not hesitate to gnaw on your leg, right? Is your tetanus current?"

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Epiphany #786

Candy Bribes: Not just for children. Hmmm.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I wonder if anyone has ever gone on a Disney cruise without a child? Is that even allowed?!

Have you seen that water slide?! It looks pretty amazing, just saying!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mission Accomplished.


You did your job so well that I thought there was a small woodland creature on his head. Bra-Vo!

(And they even had to crop some out!)

*Please note(dad): this picture was not taken while in motion, we pulled over like responsible adults.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dinner Guest

We had a friend come through town who had dinner and stayed at the Ski Inn (haha) for the night. I had made meatloaf (with ground turkey), mashed potatoes (store bought-heat in the microwave-but tasty) and green beans (canned BUT cooked on the stove).

Um yeah, he had finished his first plate in the time it took me to think about cutting into my meat loaf, his second plate was gone before I had tasted the green beans. Holy moley, could he eat (I should note: he's 6'6"(ish) and his bicep is the size of my head, maybe bigger). Because I come from a family of "eat more" I offered him some cereal if he was still hungry, he accepted so I got him a mixing bowl instead of the regular cereal bowl (you know, to keep him from making 14 trips to get more!), got the cereal down and the milk out of the refrigerator and then returned to the living room. Mr. Ski and I officially lost it laughing (silently as not to embarrass him) when we heard the cereal being poured into the bowl, let me demonstrate (chhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
I wondered after hearing him pour the cereal if we would have any left. Our laughter (and tears) could not be held any longer when he walked into the living room carrying a very full-arching over the top- bowl with approximately 4 cups of milk (and that's on the low side) I haven't laughed that hard or that loud in a really long time. He was a great sport and I made sure to assure him that we didn't care how much he ate, it was just fascinating to watch. A few minutes later he returned to the kitchen and popped his head back out to ask if we ate leftovers because there was one piece of meatloaf and a dab of veggies left. Haha. Mr. Ski loves his meatloaf sandwiches so he said yes. After realizing he was still hungry I offered him some chips and dip. He gobbled that bowl up too.

So to break it down...he basically had a breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack for ONE meal.

If that wasn't a peek into our future if we have boys, I don't know what would be. And no, that wasn't my way of announcing that we are pregnant.

Friday Fragments Folks!

Mommy's Idea

Wowsa! Is it already time for Friday Fragments?! This week has flown by (or at least the last couple days have). Friday Fragments is a collection of bits and pieces from the week that don't have the legs to stand alone. Mrs. 4444's is the mother of this project and she is awesome! Head over to her page, Half Past Kissin' Time, for all the rules and regulations (and the button!!). You can even post a link to your own Fragments!

*I got to catch up with one of my dearest friends last night. She and I have a very unique bond and even though there are some years between us and our situations are very different; we are as close as sisters. I love her dearly and if anyone in this world deserves the world it is her. She has been through so much and has been dealt a crappy hand more than once (even more than twice), but she always plays those cards to the best of her ability and is a hero in my book.

*Mr. Ski and I had to mortgage our home to pay for two pieces of art work to be framed recently. Ok, so we didn't really have to mortgage our home but when framing costs $500 WITH 60% already taken off that's a little ridiculous in my book. AND considering one of the pieces is in my backseat right now so I can take it BACK to the framer due to part of it coming off, I will NOT be a happy camper if they don't fix it for free.

*Today marks the 3rd day of the 40 Day Fitness Challenge. I woke early again, somewhat begrudgingly, and did my yoga. I was glad I did after it was over but I seriously considered snoozing for those 30 minutes instead. I even hit the snooze button once which usually means anything I had planned on doing won't get done; but not today! (I should admit that the main reason I got out of bed to do my 30 minutes this morning was because I didn't want to have to do 30 minutes after work! You know, since we're being honest and all!)

*Just found out that I will officially be attending the New Kids on the Block and Back Street Boys concert in June. SO EXCITED! Probably shouldn't be SO excited but I did rock an oversized NKOTB shirt (complete with neon pink "shirt holder") in 5th grade and Donnie was my "boyfriend" so I feel my excitement is warranted! I have a feeling the three of us (myself and two of my best girls) will be singing along the whole time. "Step by step/Oh Baby/Gonna get to you girl.............."

*And now for some numbers:
165 - Days since my last cigarette
$412.61 - Money saved since quit date.
6 days 21 hours - That, my friends, is the amount of time I have added to my life! Woohoo!
(Figures provided by the "Quit Now" app on my phone)

Hope your weekend is just what you needed this week.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 2

Day 2 of the 40 Day Fitness Challenge is almost done and I am happy to report that I woke early this morning and did some yoga. You might roll your eyes when you read this next part but oh well...I really felt more centered after this morning. Heck I will take any and all benefits from this new routine even if it means I start saying things like; centered and start using the phrase 'spreading my seat bones.' Lol! I surely hope this motivation lasts the next 37 days but fortunately I am not alone on this journey! :)

Also, this entire post was done on my phone! So I apologize for any errors or random punctuation marks.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday-ish

I say "ish" because I was actually wordless on Tuesday when this walked through my door! Plus, we all know that I am very rarely worldless on my blog!

I haven't seen that clean shaven face since November 2009 when Mr. Ski went on terminal leave prior to his ETS (Expiration Term of Service) date. I gasped loudly when he walked in the front door because he didn't tell me that he had plans of getting a shave during his hair cut yesterday afternoon...and I'm quite sure I was shaking (hence, the unfocused picture). And now...I can't stop kissing him. :)

*I do love my husband with a beard too...there aren't many men who can pull off a beard and Mr. Ski can definitely pull it off. I think he's handsome no matter what's on his face, I suppose I had just gotten used to the facial hair but now I'm stocking up on his favorite razors in hopes that he'll wait more than a day before growing it back. ;)

***OH! And today began the first day of the 40 Day Fitness Challenge! Mr. Ski and I woke earlier than usual and did 30 minutes of yoga! Day One of the 40 Day Fitness Challenge = Conquered! It's not too late to jump on the 40 Day Fitness wagon, head over to April's blog Pictured Moments and read all about it!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

40 Day Fitness Challenge

I'm participating in a 40-day fitness challenge for Lent. I have committed to exercising 30 minutes a day for the next forty days (excluding Sundays). Go visit my sweet friend's blog Pictured Moments, if you would like to read more about this 40-day fitness challenge! Getting healthy is more fun in a group anyways! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011


It is my pleasure to announce the very first recipient of the SKI-WARD!

Which one of these is not like the others???

It is you Mr. GMC, I on behalf of The Ski Story, deem you the first SKI-WARD winner of 2011. May you cherish this honor and strive to not be in such a hurry to rush through life. Take a moment for a breather, I find that I center myself best while taking the time to park my vehicle correctly. It doesn't have to be perfect but remember what we tell the children..."stay inside the lines."

*Upon second glance at this photo I realize that it doesn't look that bad, but let me assure you if I had been able to get the picture head would be mortified. The darn angle makes this crappy parker look like it should only be a minor offense. I assure you, it is much much worse than it looks.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Fragments!

Mommy's Idea

Welcome to Friday Fragments! One of my most favoritest bloggers (and people) from Wisconsin came up with this bloggy gem! Head on over to Mrs. 4444's to get the low down on how Friday Fragments work and to link up your own fragments! :)

- I have a bit of an addiction to my new phone. It's one of the smart ones which means....I now play Angry Birds every chance I get!

- You probably heard me shouting with glee from my closet this week when a single digit sized pair of jeans fit (comfortably) for the first time in 3 years! With some room to spare...the last time I tried to wear them there was a significant amount of 'muffin top.' My weight loss has stalled a bit in the last month so you can imagine how happy I was when those jeans fit anyways!

- Pot holes on bridges make me really nervous! I'm sure the pot hole doesn't go all the way through the bridge, but I'm not getting out to look either!

- My great uncle died this week. How do you say, it was a blessing, without it sounding horrible?? There probably isn't a way...but I will tell you why it's a blessing. He was 93 years old, he lost the love of his life 12 years ago and has missed her terribly ever since, he didn't know who he was or who anyone else was and he has been in such angst for the last few months that I know that his time coming was also a blessing for him. On a brighter note, I'd bet money that his bride (known for soaking in a tub while putting on make-up and getting all dolled up for her groom) has been waiting a long time to see him. And typing out that sentence made me cry for the first time over his death. Gosh, she's going to be so happy to see him.

- I learned a new story from Mr. Ski's childhood that has kept me laughing all week, he was in the shower and I had come in to grab something hair related when he started singing "Oh we oh oh we ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh" when I laughed he asked if I knew what that was from...of course, I did! "It's what the Wicked Witch of the West's guards were singing in the Wizard of Oz," I replied (and quite possibly threw in a "Duh!" after wards) I'm sure you would have too...that little tune is hard to forget. It was then he told me that his step-dad tried for the better part of a day to convince them (Mr. Ski and his brother) that those guards weren't saying "Oreo Oreoooooooooooooooo!" Still laughing.

- I hope your weekend is happy and full of fun.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Harboring resentment

When I was growing up there were a certain group of girls that made fun of me. One group was from school and the other group were girls from my church. I'm not sure why they were mean to me but I can only assume now that it was just "girls being mean girls" or at least, I hope that's what it was. One of these "mean girls" had friended me on Facebook a year or more ago. I accepted, begrudgingly, probably just so I could look at her pictures but I accepted her nonetheless. About six months ago I did major editing of my friend's list...she got the boot. About three months ago she sent me a friend request, I clicked "not now" and forgot about her. Today, she sent another friend request. Why? Why, in heaven's name, would she want to be friends with me now? We don't live in the same town, aren't in the same circles and frankly she was EVIL to me when we did live in the same town and were in the same circle (sort of). This baffles me. But it's not uncommon. There are several people on my "friend's" list whom I wouldn't trust as far as I could throw them as my friend but I keep them around for some reason I'm not quite sure of yet. Maybe it's because I think they may have changed but really I think I keep them around because part of me (ok, more of me than I'd like to admit) is still that insecure adolescent girl who wants people to want to be friends with her.

But I'm not that the mean girl's friend request I clicked "not now" again.
I guess you could say that I'm getting stronger (read: more ok with me) everyday.
I'm a work in progress...welcome to the job site. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


11 - The number of hours it was supposed to take to get to TX.

20 - The actual number of hours it took us to get to TX.

2-3 - The number of inches of ice that were on the road.

350 - The number of miles that had 2-3 inches of ice on the road.

22 - The number of miles we went in 6 hours.

45 - The reason all those numbers above were totally worth it! We made the trek to Dallas for Super Bowl 45 and while I would love to give you all the details now, spending 32 hours in the car made me a little delirious and a lot forgetful so I will need to consult the video and phone log before going into more detail.

This trip only confirmed that Mr. Ski and I are a perfect know since we didn't kill one another while in the car for 32 hours! :) I love you babe...and this is only further proof that anything is possible when we're together!

OH, and in case you missed it.....THE PACKERS WON THE SUPER BOWL!! WOOOOOOOHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

How peculiar.

I came across this photo while checking my email on yahoo (dot) com yesterday.

Please notice the yellow circles, which are around windshield wipers. While the one red circle is around an open door. can someone please tell me why all of the windshield wipers on these cars are flipped up? And the one door is open? I mean...I get that you had to desert your car but I certainly wouldn't have left the door open.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You know how they say....

your tastes change every 7 years?

I believe them (whoever they are).

I turned 28 in the fall and suddenly things I repulsed I now love, like:

almonds - My former self would have gagged while typing those 7 little letters. I used to find the super smooth insides of almonds particularly disturbing. Now...I LOVE them.

pecans - I used to despise every aspect of pecans from the taste and texture all the way down to the the odd way my fingers rubbed together after cracking them. Now...I LOVE them (and save them for last when eating my snack).

guacamole - This popular dip was my 0-27 year old's nemesis. I hated it with a royal passion and could not understand why everyone always tried to force it upon me. Now...I LOVE it (and can't get enough when it's around)!

hummus -Um, no, you could never find me dipping my carrots in anything but ranch dressing. Now...I LOVE it (and prefer it to ranch dressing AND mayo (sometimes)).

beets - Yeah right. Now...I still ABHOR them. I don't think my tastes have changed enough to even consider trying them again. I was in Kindergarten and the my very first school assignment was to try all types foods(mostly vegetables) on a list from the teacher. I was rocking that homework assignment and munching down on all kinds of veggies (Grammy always said I was a good eater! :) and then I had to try beets. I gagged violently (which I still vividly remember) and I have never again even tried a beet. Maybe in another 7 years I'll be ready.

Would you say your tastes have changed every 7 years or at all?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

GO PACK GO!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

GO PACK GO!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


All this snow is now beginning to get annoying. We don't have as much as they do in Boston but it's been hanging around here all week and what was once pretty and white is now grayish black sludge and to be honest it is starting to pull me into the grayish black mood zone. Plus, the black ice makes driving frustrating...grrrrrr.

AND it's not supposed to warm up past freezing until Sunday. Fab.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

GO PACK GO!!!!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Fragments for Friday!

Mommy's Idea

Welcome to Friday Fragments, the fantastic brain child of Mrs. 4444's over at Half Past Kissin' Time! Purge yourself of all those little tidbits that aren't quite deserving of their own post or do like I do and collect these little morsels of blogginess all week to spill them all right here. Head over to Mrs. 4444's blog to check out the rules, link up your own fragments AND check out the fragments of other awesome bloggers!

I would like to send a kick in the face big thank you to Jillian for reminding me that even though I've lost some poundage I am still out of shape. I was sending death rays into the tv last night during 30 Day Shred. I didn't quit though, even though it crossed my mind about 108 times! Apparently, I forgot how much I hated her and let her bust my butt again tonight! I did notice that during the squats w/punches it puts me at the perfect level where my punches look like they're connecting with her face. That brought some satisfaction.

Cannot WAIT for Mr. Ski to get home from his mini trip! :) I've missed him lots! He's home!!!! :) He had such a great time catching up with some of his brothers (in arms) and apparently there were many war stories told, much catching up and the solidifying of a bond that will never be broken. These guys make my heart smile, they have sacrificed much for this country (and continue to do so) and I'm so proud to know them.

I'm super proud that I have blogged 6 days (counting today) in a row...that must be a record for me! I will probably be back to once every 2 weeks by next week but I'm certainly going to try to be more diligent.

I really hate to drag on about this Jillian thing but ya'll you all it's like she knows precisely when I can't do anymore and then she says..."in 5, 4, 3, 2..." and I know I can do five more of anything.

So..they're calling for snow. I seriously doubt it will be that big of a deal in our area but if it does snow it best be gone by Monday...our busy season is fast approaching and I need to get ahead of schedule before I can get behind!

I don't know about you guys...but I am ready for this weekend. So I'm off to snuggle in comfy clothes with my love and stay away from all the fools rushing to the grocery for milk and bread! Stay safe ya'll you all! (Yes, I realize that technically I am still saying the mashed version of you all but striking it out does make me realize how often I say it!)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fair Warning Below...

I'm in one of those moods and I'm feeling like a bit of a negative Nelly tonight so if you're having a Pollyanna kind of day then you might want to skip on over this one.* It isn't by coincidence that all these little tidbits begin with "Hates when..."

-Hates when I watch commercials on something that's been recorded on the dvr. What a waste of 3 minutes.

-Hates when I forget to scrape my frost-covered side mirrors...and don't notice until I'm hurling down the interstate at 73 70mph. What's worse is knowing that they are covered in frost and still trying to use them.

-Hates that the neighbors across the way feel the need to slam their car doors so loud I have a panic attack because I think someone is closing their door in my driveway. Guess they think I need the know, because I have to run to the bedroom and peek out the window to ensure they are just being rough with their doors instead of the horrific possibility that someone would be here unannounced. (Oh and my fear of people knocking on my door is unexplainable...I would like to blame that on the robbery but I've always been nervous about people showing up with no notice so who knows where that comes from.)

-Hates cliff-hanger facebook statuses, either spill the beans or don't. Period. And on that note...I also hate it when people go from "married" to "single" and eventually (after cooling down) back to "married" might as well post a status that says "I'm pissed off at my spouse and I'm overreacting by changing my relationship status." Since I'm not just ranting I will offer a suggestion to those who do that...wait at least 12 hours, preferably 24 hours, after an argument before changing your relationship status.
Sidebar: How sad is it that most kids will never not know what Facebook's like an epidemic.

-Hates when I can't see past the things that are bothering me.

*That statement was made like I actually have more readers than my husband, mother and father. Heaven forbid my imaginary readers be down about my negative outlook today. that idea did make me laugh so there's a bonus.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Overreaction 101

On the way to visit a friend our plans fell through so I made a u-turn (a legal one) and headed back home. I had seen headlights coming from the direction I was turning but I had plenty of time to complete my turn and be on my merry way. The lights stood out to me for some odd reason...they were square, dimly lit and pretty eerie.

I'd forgotten about those lights until I turned down the main street that our neighborhood is off of and noticed that those same, square dimly lit headlights were still behind me. Panic set in.

Are those the same lights? Have they been following me? If I turned here (the way to my house) would they turn to? What would I do then? OMG, it's a creeper van (you know the ones..from the 80's with no windows on the sides, used mostly for making out with girls or as a main form of transportation for serial killers).

Well, I'm certainly not turning there...maybe they'll turn down one of these streets. And no, they're still behind me.

Am I overreacting? Should I turn into this neighborhood? Should I wait and turn onto the road that loops around? What do I do if they turn then too? Should I get on the interstate and go up one exit and take another route home?

Ok, well if he hasn't turned before the loop around I'll turn there.

Should I put on my signal? No? Yes? No?

Eeek...putting on the signal, turning, waiting....staring in the rear lights. SHEW!

So, basically I drove in the opposite direction of my house because I was afraid of a creeper van. How pathetic is that?! And that is why this girl lady should not watch scary movies.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Drum roll please....

In case you didn't know or if you wanted to confirm what the answer was to my "QUICK! Name that movie!!" question yesterday the answer is...

"ANNIE!" and she said the famed line: "(She thinks you're) the greatest thing since sliced bread!" while taking a swim with Mr. Warbucks in his pool. (That doesn't sound creepy at all...)

Today's been pretty humdrum. Nothing out of the ordinary...yet.

I hope your day has been fantastic!

Monday, January 3, 2011

What I'm thinking...

Just trying out something new...not that the whole blog isn't about what I think...but anywho:

=> I think that the reason people fail at dieting is because they are convinced that dieting sucks. Which if you think that dieting means not eating anything you like then I guess it does suck. My kind of dieting, which has been fairly successful (33 pounds and counting), doesn't suck all of the time. For the most part I still eat what I want, I just limit myself to smaller amounts. That and I have stopped skipping breakfast and have started eating oatmeal instead, thanks to Mr. Ski for that one!

=> I think that the newest edition to my hometown newspaper website, appropriately called "Arrested!" is the greatest thing since sliced bread... QUICK! Name that movie!! :) If that movie title came too quickly then answer me this...where was that line stated??

=> After stating the "I think" above I must say....I think it's insane (and disgusting) that more than 3 people were arrested on Christmas Day for prostitution.

=> I think that meeting someone who is more pessimistic than I am (I actually consider myself a realist but it so often is interpreted to be pessimism) is quite refreshing. So the next time someone calls me out for being negative I will just console myself by least I'm not as pessimistic as so in so.

=> I think that everyone should get a FitBit, for lots of reasons but mainly because the sleep data is so interesting. For instance, I woke up 23 times (not good) last night and took 33 steps between 3:45 and 4 am...wonder where I was going? And no, it wasn't to the bathroom. There's a FitBit post in the works, I just know ya'll you all are excited! :)

=> I think I would move if I lived in the town in Arkansas that had 5,000 dead birds fall from the sky. Uh, creepy AND gross.

=> I think it's hilarious that the gym is already starting calm down...guess those resolutions did last that long! I mean I thought it would be busy for at least a week...

=> I think that there are not enough words to express how thankful I am for my sweet, amazing, awesome, loving, caring, handsome, smart, funny, cute, thoughtful husband and my incredible loving family plus, I have some pretty stellar friends. I'm one lucky girl lady!

=> I think I'll end what I'm thinking with one of my very favorite jokes :) And hopefully this is the first time I've shared this one:
"An escalator can never can only become stairs. You would never see an "Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order" sign, just "Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience." -Mitch Hedberg
Hahahahaha, that joke makes me laugh every. single. time.