Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Princess falls a lot...

After a few days of extreme clumsiness it is my hope that I have met my "fall" quota for the year.

I had been counting my blessings for the few clumsy moments I have had throughout 2010. There was a stumble here, trip there and numerous times that I straight up just ran into something/someone, but nothing too painful (read: embarrassing) until...duh duh DUHHHHHHHHHHHH!...this past Holiday weekend.

I was walking being walked by my sister's dog Buddy (a Weimaraner) who is 72 pounds of muscle and power (that dude can run 28 miles per hour!!) when the next thing I know I see his leash on the snow trailing behind him. How did I drop that?!?! (Oh, I should probably note that I was carrying a gift bag, gift box, and a frisbee disc as well as his leash.) I began to panic, you know since this dog can run FAST and I could just see him running off while on my watch! I started to run after him...fortunately for me he wasn't running at full speed, (I don't think he knew that he had no restrictions) he was just sort of trotting along when I got close enough that I went for the leash only to slide on the snow covered hill while lunging and down I went, falling on my left hip, I bounded up like I meant to do it (it's all about acting like you meant to do it...I've realized) and managed to snag his leash before he realized that he could be running 28 MPH in the opposite direction of me. Crisis averted. Hilarity ensued after when I turn around to see my mom on the front porch laughing (only after she asked if I was ok, of course).

Mr. Ski and I arrived home on Sunday. We had parked my car in the driveway a little wonky for safety reasons so I got out to move it. After moving it, I had gotten out of the car to see if I needed to move it more (the snow on all of my windows (except for a peep hole I had scraped off) prevented me from doing the best job) when my left foot hit a patch of ice and down I went on my left hip...again. This time it hurt, a lot. According to Mr. Ski, who wasted no time coming to my assistance, I reminded him of a little kid because as soon as I landed I burst into giant tears. What can I say...I'm a bit of a baby and dramatic.

I'm is my pride. I can only hope that those two falls were the last of this year, even though there are 3 days left in 2010...

P.S. I think I used too many ( ) in this post. Thoughts?

P.P.S. There's nothing better than a good bruise to show off after a fall mostly because bruises are cool but also to prove that you actually fell...guess how many I have after these instances... Um, yeah, NONE! What a let down.

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  1. I never bruise, or rather very rarely, so people never really think I am as hurt as I am. And I fall. A LOT.