Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The view from there

When I first to moved into Middle TN I lived with my sister and her husband (love their hearts, I know I wasn't easy to live with...for a fact) while waiting to get an apartment with my bestie whom I had been friends with since 1st grade. He worked for a major airline and deemed me his preferred flying partner. Which was awesome to say the very least. I could fly round trip (usually in first class) for under $75. It. was. the. best. thing. ever.
I had an 1989 Honda Civic that was willed to me (another blog for another day) named Gracie...she had been a great little car up until the day she died in early 2005. After finding out that it would cost more to fix her than she was worth I decided it was time for another car. It wasn't hard for me to realize that it would be best for me to go back to my home town to let my dad assist me in the process. So bestie booked me on a direct flight to my home town. Since my home town was only 5 hours away from where I was living the flight was short and the plane was teeny. I was the only person on the plane besides the pilot, co-pilot and maybe one flight attendant (if there was a flight attendant they did nothing to stick out in my memory because I honestly don't remember if there was one or not). And I was actually looking forward to sleeping on the ride when I noticed the pilot motioning me towards the front of the plane. I got up and went to the very front seat as he directed me to, he pulled back the curtain and then handed me a headset. Once I had the headset on he said that if I wanted I could sit up front the rest of the ride and listen to what all the pilots talk about. It was a blast! Pilots are really random by the way.
It was the coolest experience ever and something I will never forget. The pilot pointed out varies towns and cities, which was cool but landing was my favorite because from where I was sitting I could see directly out the nose of the plane. And let me tell you...the view from there was like nothing I'd ever experienced. For the first time in my life I wanted to be a pilot...which obviously didn't stick but my love for flying is going strong.

This scenario will likely never happen again for a couple reasons:
1. Does the FAA even allow that anymore?
2. I don't know about you, but I haven't been on a plane that ISN'T at capacity in years.
3. And...sadly, that flight no longer exists. (probably because as referenced was never full!)

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  1. That sounds like flights into my hometown... and cockpits are locked down like fort knox now. Sigh.