Monday, November 8, 2010

Please return your seat to the upright position.

I went to Dallas this weekend to work a cheerleading event. Below are some of the events I experienced on my flight there....and yes, I took notes like a good little blogger! :)
  • My mantra on the plane prior to getting a seat mate tends to be..."no creeper, no creeper, no creeper," it must have worked because I didn't have a seat mate! SCORE!
  • I notice "suspicious" (to me, at least) red bumps on people and picture how this flight becomes the next straight to DVD movie, maybe titled "Bumps on a Plane" or "Bump Plagued Plane" or "Invasion of the Bumps."
  • People who don't turn off their phones after being told repeatedly make me want to TATTLE!! I don't tattle but I do shoot "evil eyes" their way...for fun. And watch as they squirm under my "you know better" stares.
  • After writing the above I later added on to that note....LADY. TURN. OFF. YOUR. PHONE. and may or may not have held it up (inconspicuously, of course) so she could read it clearly. And yet, she did not get the hint. Some people.
  • There is nothing better than Sky Mall...just sayin'. That magazine is a plethora of blogging topics...therefore I pilfered (not really, it says on the front to take it and they'll replace it but I really like the word pilfered) the one in the seat back and dog eared the blog worthy items. You're in for a treat when that blog post comes out! :)
  • Someone just hissed.
  • Travelling alone sucks. I definitely prefer to travel with Mr. Ski and heeeeeeeeere's why:
  1. He sits with my stuff while I go get the fork I forgot. (I had to eat my dinner sans fork.)
  2. He doesn't mind me using his shoulder as a travel pillow. (I had to bring my own pillow.)
  3. He keeps me company and keeps me laughing. (I repeatedly turned to tell him something (most likely funny) only to remember he wasn't there. Sigh.)
  • It's really cool to see football stadiums from the plane. It makes me think about how many people have looked down on our FCHS Friday Night Lights.
  • The pilot brought us down a couple thousand feet because it was choppy up higher. I, for one, appreciate that gesture Mr. Pilot.
  • I feel like such a loser without any cool electronic devices for the flight. All the latest and/or greatest electronic equipment is all around me and what is it that's entertaining me? A paper back book. I love the simplicity of paper, no outlet necessary. OH WAIT! I do have an ipod nano...circa 2006.
  • The passenger in 13F (I'm in 12A) is watching me....CREEP!
Hopefully tomorrow I will make time to blog and tell you about the super cool seat mate I had on my way home yesterday. Are you on the edge of your seat yet?


  1. I am actually just happy to hear from you! :) I love to travel myself! And isn't this just the dumbest comment I have ever made? I have been out of hte blogging loop!

  2. Reminds me of times when we used to tell each other random things. Sassy, funny, and you... and that's why I love you.

  3. You're so cute. I hope you had a safe/fun/productive time.

    This reminds me of the time the guy in the next seat put his hand on my bare thigh on a flight from CA. He was asleep (I think.)haha