Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ah, 101.

:) This is my 101st post. That is nutty.

So...this post is going to be very random and just my style.

=You know you've played 36 holes of disc golf in one day mean to write "put" but instead write "putt" on a reminder note.

=Mr. Ski and I spent the whole day being active...some hiking and two rounds of 18 holes of disc golf, one of which was at night, paired with some quality time with my love made this day awesome. And totally worth missing the extra sleep I usually get on Saturday mornings.

=So the reminder note that I referenced above was about a social network status I saw tonight. It read: "Quesadillas! - @ Taco Bob's." Except they didn't write @ Taco Bob's it was one of those locater things...which those things drive me batty all by themselves. But it got me thinking least I'm not so self-consumed that I think people care about my dinner order at a fast food dive. Although I do have a maybe that's hypocritical...any thoughts??

=I love how a song can take you straight back to a moment in the past. It happens to me often but today it was one of those songs that reminds me of Mr. Ski and I's beginning and it literally makes my knees weak to think about those days. WOW. Let me just say music. is. incredible.

=Let me just say...playing poker on that social networking site in the same room (virtual and literal) as Mr. Ski is FUN! We're not schemey and cheat or anything but we do pretend not to know each other. Haha, so he's sitting 3 feet from me in the office yet we are not only talking to each other but we're also chatting in two other spots online, one is the poker chat room where no one knows that we know each other and the other is just the social networking chat. OH technology...I guess we can't get enough of you after going the WHOLE day without you.

=One last thing: "An escalator can never break; it can only become stairs. You should never see an "Escalator Temporarily Out of Order" sign, just "Escalator Temporarily Stairs" Sorry for the convenience." -Mitch Hedberg, greatest comedian ever.

I realized I hadn't done a Mitch quote in awhile and that one is a favorite.

I hope that your day today is very happy.

AND I have a mission for you...if you choose to accept...make at least one person laugh today. Life's all about the simple things after, laughing and loving.


  1. Smiles make the day better. No matter what type of day I am having I will never turn down a smile. This should be the common goal society works toward.

  2. Okay, I'll try :)

    What bugs me is the Automatic Tweets from 4-square that tell everyone in the world where the person is at that moment. I can't imagine that information being smart to put on the Internet!

    yes, I've had those musical time warps, but they always take me back to bad moments. Take, for example REO's Time for Me to Fly (biggest memory is of me slow dancing with my BF at the time, for the last time). I'd rather not be reminded of that drag of a time period, thank you!haha