Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not having or showing the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively.

The title is the definition of indecisive below this definition you will see my face.

Sometimes my heart is a little wonky, it will beat fast or I'll get sharp pains under my left breast. I've been to many cardiologists and finally found one who is wonderful AND an amazing heart doctor, who tells me that my heart is fine and that any arrhythmia I experience is just an annoyance and shouldn't cause me any problems. Problems like my heart entering an irregular rhythm that kills me. was great news to hear that my rapid heart rate was a sign of a young, healthy heart. Shew. Nonetheless, I still have chest pains like I mentioned above. Which I was prescribed nitroglycerin for, I haven't take one since I was prescribed them. I haven't needed to. Or if I have needed to I didn't know if it was the right time to take one. Indecisiveness plagues every aspect of my life.

As does randomness...

When I told my oldest sister that the doctor prescribed me nitroglycerin she said "ISN'T THAT WHAT THEY USE TO BLOW STUFF UP?!?!" Oh, sweet've seen one too many action movies.

Tonight, I was sitting on the couch waiting for Mr. Ski to get home and WHAM! BAM! chest pain under my left breast. It took my breathe away. It was sharp and stabby. I froze. Mainly because I physically couldn't move for fear of what it would feel like next...I was afraid to exhale and doubly afraid to inhale. Slowly, I eased out my breath and moved cautiously to my purse where my teeny little pills await me.
Directions: dissolve 1 tablet under the tongue every 5 minutes as needed for chest pain.
Ok, so...does the chest pain need to hang around for a certain amount of time?
Do I take it all willy nilly at the first sign of chest pain?
Should I wait five minutes to see if I feel it again?
How painful does the chest pain need to be?
What if I have a pretty high tolerance for pain?
Do you consider the chest to be directly around the heart? Or to one side or the other? Both?

Do you have a glimpse now into my thought process? It's exhausting.
So the result. It's sitting in front of me untouched. In the end I suppose I'm scared of the "BLOW STUFF UP" medicine! :)


  1. Haha! I would have but you weren't around at the time, now that I know though next time there will be no indecisiveness! :) Thanks babe!