Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Fragments!!

Mommy's Idea

Friday Fragments is one of my favorite parts of the week. Head over to Mrs. Fours page Half Past Kissin' Time to get all the rules of this fabtastic event, see others Frags, and link up your own! Happy Fragmenting!

> Shaving my legs and hand washing the car are a lot alike in my book. Except instead of finding those pesky little dings, dents and scratches that I find while washing the car, I discover lots of bruises while shaving. Clumsy really should be my middle name. (Don't be too judgy...I hate shaving and I usually don't let it get TOO out of control.)

>> Today is Day Number 12 since I've had my last cigarette. I will say that some of the cravings have subsided but then I'll get kicked in the face by desire and will be this close to giving in. But alas, I pull out my straw and kick that desire back to the curb. I will succeed at this endeavor.

>>> Favorite line from BBT last night... "You're right, he is just a festival of humdrum chitchat." Thanks Shamey (Sheldon and Amey) for cracking me up!

>>>> One of my sisters and I tend to always match on the days we are to see each other. This week proved no different, she came out of her office and upon seeing her shirt I began to smile (she did too when she saw me) we both were sporting royal purple shirts! It never fails.

>>>>> My oldest nephew and neice will be 17 and 15 (respectively) this year. It doesn't seem possible. Time really does fly. I didn't used to believe that statement but lately it seems like every year darts by faster than the last.

>>>>>> I've been giggling all week at my verbal faux pas for the week. I was talking to Mr. Ski about the Randy Moss trade to the Vikings and mistakenly called Brett Favre....Bart Freve. For some reason that is HILARIOUS to me! My other favorite statement regarding this trade was on Mr. Ski's status and it went something like this..."The Vikings just want someone who might push Favre to actually perform instead of playing like a grandfather...OH WAIT! He IS a grandfather!" I loved Favre when he was a Packer, liked him when he was a Jet and now think it's pathetic that he's trying one more year out as a Viking. Give it up already Bart! :)


  1. What is this thing you call "shaving?" I believe I stopped doing that after I had kids. Just kidding - I shave on Saturdays. Hey, you gotta be hairless before church on Sunday! ;-)

    Visiting from Mrs. 4444!

  2. Shaving is such a mundane chore.
    You are doing good; almost 2 weeks...It has now been 6 weeks for me. I am finally on the 7mg patch and using the gum a lot less. I am really trying not to eat too much. The worst time for me continues to be in the car so I bring dry cereal or wheat thins..ugghh...but there is no way I am giving up now!!

  3. I don't know...can you imagine how bored you'd be if you quit working at age 40 and had to step off of the "world" stage? I can see why he wouldn't want to stop. That said, though, he needs to get out of the way and let the youngsters play.

    Good job on quitting smoking!! You can do it!! :)

  4. Favre sticking around has nothing to do with being bored; he will still be more then busy when... if he ever decides to hang it up. Favre sticks around because he is a true player; he loves the competition, the excitement, etc. The Vikings also have no youngster to step up and play at the level that Favre plays at, but the main reason he needs to give it up is because he is ruining his legacy. I have been a Green Bay fan since birth, my birth-right if you will, and have had a huge amount of respect for the man even when he left Green Bay, joined the Jets, and when he first got to the Vikings. Now, its getting a little sad... however the addition of Moss will probably cause Favre to stick around another year... if the NFL players union does not strike next season. None-the-less thanks for taking an interest in my life Mrs. Ski, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.