Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 10

Today marks the tenth day I have been smoke free. I had my first dream about cigarettes last night. It was odd. I felt like a cheater. In my dream I was sitting in some bleachers amongst other smokers except for one person who chastised me when I lit up a cigarette. I proceeded to tell her that I had been smoke-free for 8 days (like that was an excuse) and then continued to smoke. It felt so real. When I woke up, I was glad it was just a dream and that my non-smoking status is the reality but man I felt guilty! And continue to feel guilty. Weird.

Here are some things I've noticed since jumping off the smoker's wagon:

1. My sense of smell has definitely improved. Which is odd because I never thought my sniffer needed improvement.

2. I can no longer pull things out of the microwave without oven mitts. This is an inconvenience but I guess that means the nerve endings in my finger tips are repairing themselves. Score!

3. I can still remember what a cigarette tastes like and what it feels like to have smoke fill my lungs. I experience this sensation every day when I get in my car to head home or in the mornings when I get in my car to go to work. It sucks. But I'm persevering.

4. The cigarette smell is finally starting to fade from my car. Hopefully all the remnants of smoking will be gone after this weekend when we detail the cars.

5. I no longer freeze my tail off sucking down cancer sticks at night, for this I am grateful. In fact, the other night I went outside out of sheer habit and after a minute realized "HEY! I don't have to do this anymore!"

I'm sure I will be able to add to this list in another 10 days but those were the things that have stuck out the most.


  1. I am SO happy and PROUD of you!! What an awesome, awesome accomplishment!!

    I smoked for many pregnant in 2007, quit...and started back like an IDIOT about 8 months ago. I am now in the process of quitting again. I am so looking forward to the deep breaths of fresh air again!! And the smells. And the way things taste differently....BETTER!

    I had another kick in the ass today, too. I went to an open house for the respiratory therapist program at school. The had 2 sets pig lungs on healthy, red, and pretty. The other black and NASTY. I don't want my lungs looking like that anymore!!

    I've missed being around. So glad you popped up in my reader!! :)

  2. Keep that list growing! :)

    Mr.4444 smokes like a chimney but has said he'd like to quit by New Years. Keeping fingers crossed...