Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This, that, and a home pregnancy test.

First things first...assuming the pregnancy test was reliable, the Ski's are not expecting. Which is ok, we would both like to wait a little longer before embarking on parenthood. Plus, if I got pregnant now I would be delivering around May-ish and that would not jive with our busy season at work. How sad is it that I think of that! Moving on...

I'm thinking of making some signs to hold up while passing or being passed by irresponsible drivers, you know since I see so many on my commute to and from work. They wouldn't be too rude just things like, "Stop sifting through the report you're about to give." or "Quit Texting!" or "Maybe you should pull over and take a nap." or "You aren't the only one on the road." or "I know you think you're cool for driving fast and recklessly...but no one else does." or "Tomorrow get up 5 minutes earlier so you can avoid putting your eyeliner on while driving." Side note: I have, at one point or another, seen each of these sign topics while on the interstate. Scary.

As you read above, I commute so therefore I listen to something pretty much all the time when I'm in the car. Most of the time it's NPR. Recently I heard a commercial for one of those sardine-can-sized-fuel-efficient-itty-bitty-cars and it made me wonder; When did "go cart handling" become a sellable feature? Oh, yes, car salesman I love driving go carts and would prefer a car that emulates that type of handling to a tee. Uh, yeah right. I could be wrong though...


  1. Go-carts scare me. Just sayin.' So the idea of taking one on the freaking road? With people like the ones you described above? Um, no thanks.

    Bummer about the preg test, though be aware that a NEGATIVE is not always reliable; often a test will say negative when you are, in fact, pregnant. So, you know, try again in a week if you haven't started.

  2. I am so glad that you decided to inform me that there is a time frame in which we can conceive;) Our poor little fictitious guy(probably should have said girl here) may miss out on this wonderful opportunity due to insurance and bids??? Whatever! Here is where I put my foot down and tell your boss to move on over!!! I love you and look forward to the day we become parents together:)