Thursday, July 22, 2010

Have you ever been convinced you're using the right word when you're not??

I have. And continue to do so. There are two words that always trip me up. It all began around four years ago...gosh that seems so long ago but it feels like yesterday...Kiki and I were out to eat. I always get the same thing when I go places (and that's a whole other post) mainly because I don't like to be disappointed so if I get what I know I disappointment! I ordered my usual which comes with fries. At this specific eatery they have awesome mayonnaise that I like to use to dip my fries in before their bath in ketchup...super healthy, I know! The server brought our food and I preceded to ask him for the mayonnaise by saying "Can I get a colander of mayonnaise?" "Sure" he says, looking somewhat befuddled. He returns a few minutes later and says "Sorry, we're fresh out of colanders of mayonnaise!" I knew this wasn't true as I had got it this way numerous times in the past and was about to get angry...when it hit Kiki (I was still oblivious) and she started laughing and told me that I meant ramekin NOT colander! DOH! I was so embarrassed but now it has become this big joke. Anytime we go out I always jokingly say "I think I need a colander of mayonnaise" to Mr. Ski or Kiki (they were the only ones who knew...until now) and we laugh at my stupidity. The sad thing is that I KEEP doing it! I have to make a conscious effort not to say colander when I mean ramekin. It's like those words are programmed in my brain wrong. At least I don't try to drain spaghetti in the ramekin! :)


  1. OK I feel stupid now but what is a ramekin???

    P.S. I saw a great Netflix instant movie called Timer. It's really cute.