Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I have been a slacker. Actually there has just been too much going on for me to go beyond thinking about a post to actually writing it. I've thought of lots of cool ideas...I don't remember many but it is the thought that counts, right?

I have decided that there are certain things that I just can't do anymore and things that I can't do without as I am merging out of my late twenties. For example:

I no longer trust myself to do my own hair color. Professionals only. Which is funny because I used to do my own hair color all the time, see below:
In college, I stuck with blonde highlights and all over blonde (I'm the one on the right). After college, I went red...variations from vivid unnatural red to auburn, see below:
Once I met Mr. Ski, I started coming off the red train and did strawberry blonde, see below: Then I migrated back to blonde for the wedding after a very, very TRAGIC home dye job that left me with brassy, green tinted hair. I had to get it fixed by a professional because it was absolutely awful and that experience scared me out of ever trying to dye my hair blonde by myself! Almost a year after the wedding, I wanted to go dark so I paid a professional to dye my hair dark and after that I took the wheel and it went from chestnut brown to black in no time flat, see below:And now, after a year of highlights, lowlights, and some all over color (all done professionally) and probably close to a $1,000 (gosh, I hope Mr. Ski isn't reading!) I am now back to blonde, see below:

It's nice to be back, I did miss the blonde. But now I'm missing the black hair too! It is such a vicious cycle and much more expensive since I don't trust myself to do it at home anymore! Therefore, I'm likely to stick with blonde for a long while!

And for those things that I can't live without now that I'm coming out of my twenties, well, you'll just have to wait because this post became much much longer than I anticipated! :) Plus, it may help me post something new quicker if I end here!


  1. You're a knockout girl!! You look great with any color but I like the blonde the best. But then I also like the black. Geez don't make me choose!!

  2. I love the blond, but really, I liked the STRAWBERRY blond better. Any way you have it, you are still so lovely.