Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fragments, eh!

Mommy's Idea

Today is THE day! What day you might say? The day for Friday Fragments, eh? And that was my attempt to rhyme... Head over to Half Past Kissin' Time to get the low down on how to participate in Friday Fragments as well as link up your fantastic frags! Mrs. 4444 will love it if you stop by!

*Mr. Ski called me this morning to let me know he had been nominated for a humanitarian award that is given to one college student and one faculty member in the State of Tennessee. He is being recognized for remaining on the Dean's List for the past five semesters while being an active duty soldier and coaching football for the on post high school. I am so proud of him, he has gone above and beyond as a student and a soldier. He is starting to see how all his hard work is paying off and even if he's not the winner of the award it is definitely an honor to be nominated.

*I am leaving for a weekend trip after work today! It is Kiki's bachelorette party and we are staying the weekend at a cabin on the lake. I am so excited!! I don't know what I am more excited about getting to hang out with Kiki (I love her so much and our girl time was seriously effected when I moved away from the city) or the fact that it's a bachelorette party that doesn't include going downtown with 18 other girls who are all wearing feather boas while trying to complete such tasks as: finding certain sterotypical guys and dancing onstage to the big butt song. Instead we will be relaxing in a gorgeous cabin, soaking in the hot tub, going to a winery and all in all enjoying a girl's weekend without having to wear uncomfortable shoes.

*I came to a realization recently: I do not like to shop (exceptions: Express and Target). I get very overwhelmed and give up looking for steals and deals. For instance, here is what happens when I go to those stores that department stores sell to so they have everything from clothes to home goods....are you catching my drift? First let me say that I rarely if ever will go shopping without specifically going for something. So I go into the above mentioned store...we'll call it JT Naxx :) looking for a picture album. I navigate my way through racks of clothes, shoes, toys, dishes, etc. etc. etc. and make my way to the supposed photo album aisle only to find no albums. Since I am female, I have no trouble asking for help and learn quickly that the photo albums are not in one localized spot they are scattered throughout the home goods section ...good luck!! There's my cue...instead of searching through aisle after aisle and potentially finding items to purchase that I do not need, I will leave and go to one of the stores that doesn't give me panic attacks, proceed directly to the specific aisle for photo albums and breathe a big sigh of relief as my sanity returns.

*There is potentially exciting news ahead...more details to come at a later date but in the meantime here is how my excitement comes out in words: SQUEEEEEEE!

*So, I apologize for lying to you earlier. I must have misunderstood the word 'fragment' and instead have written you a novel. Enjoy! haha!

*I hope your weekend is wonderful!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Can you spot Channel 4's careless mistake?

Maybe this will help:

Careless, careless, careless! My elementary school teachers would be appalled! OR at least I think they would be...they always got on my case about careless mistakes!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday Fragments, how I have missed thee! You are the place that allows me to empty my mind of all these random thoughts I have roaming around. Without your creator, Mrs. 4444, I would be a babbling blogger who never made any sense, so thank you for being the place where I won't be judged for being totally random! Plus, it is the one blog topic I don't have to think about naming! :)

*My diet has stalled this week...I haven't done horribly but I definitely don't think there will be any loss this week, most likely a gain. :( On that note, I'm off to get lunch! haha.

**Mr. Ski has been convinced by me to dual major. So in the end he will have a degree in Special Education and a Master's in Occupational Therapy. The OT was my just makes sense to me since the two are so closely related. I was surprised he was so eager to jump on board considering it's more work and more classes but he's a trooper and saw it as a great opportunity and challenge.

***My nerves have been wearing thin lately while commuting. I just don't understand why people turn into idiots as soon as they get behind the wheel. It makes no sense. My favorite thing is sitting in traffic (at a dead stop) for 45 minutes for what appeared to be...NOTHING! Ugh...I'm so over commuting yet I have no choice but to commute.

****And lastly, my favorite Sheldon Cooper quote for the week from the "Big Bang Theory":
"I asked myself what is the most mind-numbing, pedestrian job conceivable and three answers came to mind: toll booth employees, an Apple store genius, and what Penny does. And because I don't like touch other peoples' coins and I refuse to contribute to the devaluation of the word genius, here I am."

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Ok, so there was this meme once that asked you to put your ipod on shuffle and write down the song name for each of the questions it asked you. I did was funny. On my drive to work yesterday I started thinking about how lately my life can be described either with song titles or verses from songs. Here we go:

(1) "Not Ready to Make Nice" = How I feel about receiving a facebook message from my ex whom I have had no contact with for the last three years. Get a life dude, since I'm sure having a house built and financed by your parents for you and working in their business is a rough existence. Mooooove on!

(2) "Life is short, even in its longest days..." = How I feel about hearing that my dad's mom is suffering from lung cancer and a bone infection (originally they told her she had bone cancer but after testing they found it was only a bone infection, so that was a relief). I'm afraid that it doesn't look is so short.

(3) "When you trust your television, what you get is what you got. When they own the information they can bend it all they want..." = What I'd like to scream in the face of this chick I went to high school with who thinks Fox News is reputable and accused me of "jumping on the anti-Fox News bandwagon". No, sweetie, I'm not jumping on bandwagons just because I have the capability of looking at things objectively and forming my own opinions. Note to self: If you didn't like them in high school chances are you won't like them now.

(4) "...and I wait for clarity to rain on me." = This is what I want...clarity. And lots of it!

(5) "I'm sorry about the attitude I need to give when I'm with you, but no one else would take this shit from me..." = Goes out as a big SORRY! to Mr. Ski! Sometimes, I must admit, I'm not the most positive, happiest or sweetest spouse. Especially in the morning which you'd think after 3 years he'd know this but regardless, I think a lot of the reason I'm willing to lose my "cool" with Mr. Ski is because I know that no matter what I say or do it won't change his feelings about me and he's still gonna love me even if I'm crabby. And that, dear friends, is comforting. Frankly, this could also ring true for my awesome parents and amazing matter how bratty or bitchy I am they overlook it and love me unconditionally anyways.

(6) "Addicted" = to lemon creme cakes from that weight loss company that has meetings and that little orange monster on their commercials. Ohmygoodness they are the most delicious 80 calories I have ever consumed. Woohoo! I'm about to get stock in them because I have the hardest time finding them at the grocery.

I kind of like this post....maybe I'll start doing it once a month or so.

Um, big yay, that it didn't take me 35 days to post....only 24 days this time! :)

The following songs were referenced above:
(1) Dixie Chicks "Not Ready to Make Nice"
(2) John Mellencamp "Longest Days"
(3) John Mayer "Waiting on the World to Change"
(4) Andy Harper "Prologue #35"
(5) Matchbox 20 "Long Day"
(6) Kelly Clarkson "Addicted"