Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Fragments!

Mommy's Idea
It's been awhile since I've done Friday Fragments and I'm excited about this know, since it's the last Friday Fragments of 2010! Head over to Mrs. 4444's fantabulous page to find out more about the Fragging Fun and while you're there you can check out more fragments from other spectacular folks AND you can link up your own Friday Fragments AFTER you read the directions. :)

: I don't have to work tomorrow! Yay!

: I think every couple should turn on America's Funniest Home Videos when an argument begins...just TRY not to laugh. And then try to remember what you were arguing about during the commercials, it's virtually impossible.

: It's the last day of the year ya'll!! Can I tell you that every time I say type "ya'll" I think of Paula Deen. And thinking of Paula Deen makes me think of the way she says spatula with a "r" on the end so it comes out like "spatular." Cracks me up.

: I don't do resolutions. I don't have anything against them it's just I know better than to set myself up like that. It's sort of like how I never start a diet on a Monday because by Tuesday I've decided to start over next Monday. :) So it makes me a little happy that Matt and I began our healthy lifestyle journey long before it could be called a "New Year's Resolution" and have been able to stick with it...for instance, today is our 94th day that Mr. Ski and I have been smoke free.

: I feel that our house is in some need of some re-styling. I feel like we're stuck in the college student/newly-wed stage. I need some inspiration, ya'll! (Oh, and I promise never to use the word ya'll in 2011!)

: I got a FitBit from Mr. Ski for Christmas...and I absolutely cannot wait figure out how to use it this weekend! The sleep stuff definitely interests me the most!

: I have an unhealthy addiction to the Teen Mom series. Ok, so it's probably not unhealthy but it's definitely addictive. Shew, those girls (and boys)...make me reconsider having kids all together!

: I will leave you now. I hope your 2010 is all wrapped up and your 2011 is ready to be written. 'Cause it's here ya'll!!! (You know I had to get at least one more in since I can't say type it at all next year!)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Princess falls a lot...

After a few days of extreme clumsiness it is my hope that I have met my "fall" quota for the year.

I had been counting my blessings for the few clumsy moments I have had throughout 2010. There was a stumble here, trip there and numerous times that I straight up just ran into something/someone, but nothing too painful (read: embarrassing) until...duh duh DUHHHHHHHHHHHH!...this past Holiday weekend.

I was walking being walked by my sister's dog Buddy (a Weimaraner) who is 72 pounds of muscle and power (that dude can run 28 miles per hour!!) when the next thing I know I see his leash on the snow trailing behind him. How did I drop that?!?! (Oh, I should probably note that I was carrying a gift bag, gift box, and a frisbee disc as well as his leash.) I began to panic, you know since this dog can run FAST and I could just see him running off while on my watch! I started to run after him...fortunately for me he wasn't running at full speed, (I don't think he knew that he had no restrictions) he was just sort of trotting along when I got close enough that I went for the leash only to slide on the snow covered hill while lunging and down I went, falling on my left hip, I bounded up like I meant to do it (it's all about acting like you meant to do it...I've realized) and managed to snag his leash before he realized that he could be running 28 MPH in the opposite direction of me. Crisis averted. Hilarity ensued after when I turn around to see my mom on the front porch laughing (only after she asked if I was ok, of course).

Mr. Ski and I arrived home on Sunday. We had parked my car in the driveway a little wonky for safety reasons so I got out to move it. After moving it, I had gotten out of the car to see if I needed to move it more (the snow on all of my windows (except for a peep hole I had scraped off) prevented me from doing the best job) when my left foot hit a patch of ice and down I went on my left hip...again. This time it hurt, a lot. According to Mr. Ski, who wasted no time coming to my assistance, I reminded him of a little kid because as soon as I landed I burst into giant tears. What can I say...I'm a bit of a baby and dramatic.

I'm is my pride. I can only hope that those two falls were the last of this year, even though there are 3 days left in 2010...

P.S. I think I used too many ( ) in this post. Thoughts?

P.P.S. There's nothing better than a good bruise to show off after a fall mostly because bruises are cool but also to prove that you actually fell...guess how many I have after these instances... Um, yeah, NONE! What a let down.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Please tell me I'm not the only one...

who mulls over a list of "to-do's" yet has no idea of where to start or motivation to attempt to start anywhere. I probably am the only one amongst my readers who does that on second thought, lazy comes easily to me.

I hate that being lazy doesn't bother me.

(Sidebar: I do work a full-time job, my home is not a disaster and I do cook at least three times a week (usually). That said...if the opportunity arises and I can be lazy, I will. But actually I prefer to be busy...lulls make me want to nap hence, be lazy.)

I am surrounded by people who are totally opposite me on the lazy scale. My husband for one. That man rarely, if ever, is lazy. And usually if he's because I've conned him into sleeping in an extra 30 minutes on a Saturday morning or lured him into hours vegging on the couch watching Buffy.

I wish I was more like him...but sometimes I just don't have the gumption to be the go-getter.

All that to say...


And yet, I'm sitting with Mr. Ski watching the Bears/Vikings game

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Today is the 81st day that Mr. Ski and I have been smoke free.

Yet, it feels like I stopped smoking yesterday.

Why is this so hard for me? Why can't I see/feel/comprehend the benefits my body's experienced since I stopped smoking eighty days ago?

I don't think anything tastes or smells better or even different for that matter, I don't feel any different at all actually. Also, I don't think we've saved any money...I know we have but I can't see that in the check register. So why am I feeling so bitter? Probably because:

I'm bitter that it has been eighty days since my last cigarette.
I'm bitter that this isn't as easy (as it seems to be) for me as it is for Mr. Ski. (Gosh, I feel bad for saying that. I'm very proud of you babe, I just wish I had more of your stick-to-it mentality)
I'm bitter that I enjoyed smoking as much as I apparently did.
I'm bitter because I can't seem to shut up about wanting a cigarette.
I'm bitter that I know I could easily fall back into smoking like I never stopped.
I'm bitter that I have to make a list of reasons why I'm bitter in order for me to see how silly I'm being.


As much as I want a cigarette, I will deny myself and keep quit. Because I do know deep down that I'm doing something for myself that my future self will thank me for and I would only be letting her down if I gave in now.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sleep Scenes

Last night I dreamed of my Pawpaw.

I was sitting in the living room at my parent's house, he was sitting in a recliner. I know for certain that I was lecturing someone about something they had done that I felt was inappropriate. (Shocker, I know.)

I had to leave, so I went to tell him goodbye. I was standing in front of him and he asked me to help him up. I did. He embraced me and it felt so real. I could smell Old Spice on his neck and feel the warmth of his arms around me and I could hear him saying "I love you" over and over in my ear. While I hugged him I sobbed...loud sobs. And I told him how much I loved him.

And then I left. I left. I can't believe I left. Why would I willingly leave someone who is no longer on this earth? The only reason I can think of is because in my dream he was far from gone, he was sitting right there...very much alive telling me he loved me.

When I woke up this morning, that dream was the only one I could remember. It felt so real that I momentarily forgot that he was gone. I was angry with myself, angry that I left, angry that I didn't hug him once more and angry that I didn't recognize the significance of that moment. It was only a dream, I know that. But it felt so real that when I realized that he was in fact gone, I started to cry.

Even though he's gone and I am sad that he's gone I am grateful that I have so many memories of him and with him. He was an amazing man who had a precious soul and a tender heart but also had a hard head. (And family members who possess that same hard head consider it a honor!) :)

I love you Pawpaw, and I miss you everyday.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ah, 101.

:) This is my 101st post. That is nutty.

So...this post is going to be very random and just my style.

=You know you've played 36 holes of disc golf in one day mean to write "put" but instead write "putt" on a reminder note.

=Mr. Ski and I spent the whole day being active...some hiking and two rounds of 18 holes of disc golf, one of which was at night, paired with some quality time with my love made this day awesome. And totally worth missing the extra sleep I usually get on Saturday mornings.

=So the reminder note that I referenced above was about a social network status I saw tonight. It read: "Quesadillas! - @ Taco Bob's." Except they didn't write @ Taco Bob's it was one of those locater things...which those things drive me batty all by themselves. But it got me thinking least I'm not so self-consumed that I think people care about my dinner order at a fast food dive. Although I do have a maybe that's hypocritical...any thoughts??

=I love how a song can take you straight back to a moment in the past. It happens to me often but today it was one of those songs that reminds me of Mr. Ski and I's beginning and it literally makes my knees weak to think about those days. WOW. Let me just say music. is. incredible.

=Let me just say...playing poker on that social networking site in the same room (virtual and literal) as Mr. Ski is FUN! We're not schemey and cheat or anything but we do pretend not to know each other. Haha, so he's sitting 3 feet from me in the office yet we are not only talking to each other but we're also chatting in two other spots online, one is the poker chat room where no one knows that we know each other and the other is just the social networking chat. OH technology...I guess we can't get enough of you after going the WHOLE day without you.

=One last thing: "An escalator can never break; it can only become stairs. You should never see an "Escalator Temporarily Out of Order" sign, just "Escalator Temporarily Stairs" Sorry for the convenience." -Mitch Hedberg, greatest comedian ever.

I realized I hadn't done a Mitch quote in awhile and that one is a favorite.

I hope that your day today is very happy.

AND I have a mission for you...if you choose to accept...make at least one person laugh today. Life's all about the simple things after, laughing and loving.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Hundred

This is my ONE HUNDREDTH post! Can you believe it?! I can't!

Since this is the 100th post I thought I'd reflect a bit on why I started blogging.

I used to be against blogging. Haha. I didn't get it then. I do now.

It started as a way for me to document how Mr. Ski and I began. I felt that our story was unique and I worried that as time went by there would be things I would forget. Hence, my first three posts being all about us and our start.

I did not think I would have a single reader. I did it solely for me and Mr. Ski and to preserve our beginning.

It became something that I updated only sporadically. Until, I found Friday Fragments and it's creator, Mrs. Fours. I never in a million years thought I would develop a friendship with someone whom I had never spoken to or met in real life and through her sweet words on my posts and encouragement, my love for blogging was born. So I want to thank her and all the other fantastic bloggers (Kori, Stuck in the Sticks, His, Hers and Ours, Livin' on the Edge) who have helped me along throughout this journey and have also become friends. You all ROCK! :)

I'm still not the best blogger, I don't blog every day or even every week but now I can't imagine not having a blog. Hopefully The Ski Story will last another 100 posts. (And maybe I'll be able to do another 100 more quickly than I did the first 100!!) Thanks for reading!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

In Honor of Veteran's Day I am dedicating this blog post to all those who have served this country both past and present. Without your service, this country would be a very different place and the sacrifices you have made for our country will not be forgotten. Thank you for everything you have done, everything you are doing and everything you will do in the future. I do not take the freedoms I have lightly because I know that a serviceman or woman has sacrificed their life to provide me with them. Thank you.

A special thanks to both my grandfathers, my father, and my beloved husband. There are literally no words (only tears) to describe my feelings for these men and their service. Thank you.

This is my PawPaw. He passed away in December of 2004. He was an Infantryman in the Army during WWII. He would be so proud to know that I married an Infantryman in the Army.

This is my Daddy. He was in the Air Force during Vietnam. I definitely need to get a picture of him in uniform. And maybe scan a copy of the picture from when he was stationed in Thailand, since Mom loves that one so much! :)

This is my husband. He was an Infantryman in the Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He served with Bravo Company, 1st Battalion of the 506th Brigade, 101st Airborne Division (Currahee!!!) and was in the now famous Battle of Ramadi while deployed to Iraq from 2005 to 2006.

**Unfortunately I do not have a picture of my other grandfather who served in the Navy during WWII. I need to track a photo of him down as well.

I am so proud of these men in my life and all the men and women who have served our country. May you always know how important your service is and how grateful we all are to you.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is there a sign on my back?

That says...please mess with me...I enjoy it?

Apparently it's not just my sweet hubby who likes to mess with me. It's my friends too!!

I'm a very panicky pre-flier. I'm fine once I'm through security at the gate and waiting to board. It's just all the things that lead up to that make me a nervous wreck. I just don't want to miss my plane...because that's a head ache.

I wasn't running too late and was trying to find parking. The stupid airport has been doing construction for what feels like 100 years and while trying to find the economy parking I ended up at the short term lot with no where else to go but through the gate. Grr. I stopped at the little information booth and a sweet lady told me I could just go through all these parking lots out the exit and then to Economy.

Off I went. I noticed as I was trying to find the exit that I was in the Long Term A lot (which the sign had said was full). I found a spot. WAHOO! After parking, getting all my crap out and checking the locks (twice) I headed to the little station to wait for a shuttle.

10 minutes go shuttle. And then it hit me...what if they don't come here because it's "full?!" Panic set in. As I was trying to decide whether or not I should get back in the car and find parking elsewhere my phone rang.

It was my bestie who works at the airport. I know I was talking a mile a minute as soon as I answered the call asking him about my current situation. It went something like this:


Bestie: Nope, they don't come to full lots.

Me: OH.MY.GOSH. (i'm already running back to my car as these words are coming out of my mouth)

Bestie: I'm kidding...OF COURSE they still run to full lots they still have to take people to their cars who parked there.

After he said that I saw a shuttle puttering up the lot.

I really need to monitor my reactions to things or I'm going to end up sending myself to an early grave. What was that quote I loved...oh yeah..."The worst things in my life never happened to me." That seems to apply to me once again.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Please return your seat to the upright position.

I went to Dallas this weekend to work a cheerleading event. Below are some of the events I experienced on my flight there....and yes, I took notes like a good little blogger! :)
  • My mantra on the plane prior to getting a seat mate tends to be..."no creeper, no creeper, no creeper," it must have worked because I didn't have a seat mate! SCORE!
  • I notice "suspicious" (to me, at least) red bumps on people and picture how this flight becomes the next straight to DVD movie, maybe titled "Bumps on a Plane" or "Bump Plagued Plane" or "Invasion of the Bumps."
  • People who don't turn off their phones after being told repeatedly make me want to TATTLE!! I don't tattle but I do shoot "evil eyes" their way...for fun. And watch as they squirm under my "you know better" stares.
  • After writing the above I later added on to that note....LADY. TURN. OFF. YOUR. PHONE. and may or may not have held it up (inconspicuously, of course) so she could read it clearly. And yet, she did not get the hint. Some people.
  • There is nothing better than Sky Mall...just sayin'. That magazine is a plethora of blogging topics...therefore I pilfered (not really, it says on the front to take it and they'll replace it but I really like the word pilfered) the one in the seat back and dog eared the blog worthy items. You're in for a treat when that blog post comes out! :)
  • Someone just hissed.
  • Travelling alone sucks. I definitely prefer to travel with Mr. Ski and heeeeeeeeere's why:
  1. He sits with my stuff while I go get the fork I forgot. (I had to eat my dinner sans fork.)
  2. He doesn't mind me using his shoulder as a travel pillow. (I had to bring my own pillow.)
  3. He keeps me company and keeps me laughing. (I repeatedly turned to tell him something (most likely funny) only to remember he wasn't there. Sigh.)
  • It's really cool to see football stadiums from the plane. It makes me think about how many people have looked down on our FCHS Friday Night Lights.
  • The pilot brought us down a couple thousand feet because it was choppy up higher. I, for one, appreciate that gesture Mr. Pilot.
  • I feel like such a loser without any cool electronic devices for the flight. All the latest and/or greatest electronic equipment is all around me and what is it that's entertaining me? A paper back book. I love the simplicity of paper, no outlet necessary. OH WAIT! I do have an ipod nano...circa 2006.
  • The passenger in 13F (I'm in 12A) is watching me....CREEP!
Hopefully tomorrow I will make time to blog and tell you about the super cool seat mate I had on my way home yesterday. Are you on the edge of your seat yet?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The view from there

When I first to moved into Middle TN I lived with my sister and her husband (love their hearts, I know I wasn't easy to live with...for a fact) while waiting to get an apartment with my bestie whom I had been friends with since 1st grade. He worked for a major airline and deemed me his preferred flying partner. Which was awesome to say the very least. I could fly round trip (usually in first class) for under $75. It. was. the. best. thing. ever.
I had an 1989 Honda Civic that was willed to me (another blog for another day) named Gracie...she had been a great little car up until the day she died in early 2005. After finding out that it would cost more to fix her than she was worth I decided it was time for another car. It wasn't hard for me to realize that it would be best for me to go back to my home town to let my dad assist me in the process. So bestie booked me on a direct flight to my home town. Since my home town was only 5 hours away from where I was living the flight was short and the plane was teeny. I was the only person on the plane besides the pilot, co-pilot and maybe one flight attendant (if there was a flight attendant they did nothing to stick out in my memory because I honestly don't remember if there was one or not). And I was actually looking forward to sleeping on the ride when I noticed the pilot motioning me towards the front of the plane. I got up and went to the very front seat as he directed me to, he pulled back the curtain and then handed me a headset. Once I had the headset on he said that if I wanted I could sit up front the rest of the ride and listen to what all the pilots talk about. It was a blast! Pilots are really random by the way.
It was the coolest experience ever and something I will never forget. The pilot pointed out varies towns and cities, which was cool but landing was my favorite because from where I was sitting I could see directly out the nose of the plane. And let me tell you...the view from there was like nothing I'd ever experienced. For the first time in my life I wanted to be a pilot...which obviously didn't stick but my love for flying is going strong.

This scenario will likely never happen again for a couple reasons:
1. Does the FAA even allow that anymore?
2. I don't know about you, but I haven't been on a plane that ISN'T at capacity in years.
3. And...sadly, that flight no longer exists. (probably because as referenced was never full!)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Fragments!!

Mommy's Idea

IT'S Friday Fragments Day! YAY! Head over to Mrs. Fours blog Half Past Kissin' Time and get the scoop on Friday Fragments as well as link up your own frags AND read the frags of others. But if you are a spammer with intentions of leaving creepy Anonymous comments...don't bother. :)

[] So...I saw the gnarliest wreck yesterday on my commute. It involved four vehicles and I watched it happen about 25 yards in front of me. Scary. I don't think anyone was hurt...except for one of the vehicles who was pulling an rv trailer...uh yeah, he'll be making an insurance claim soon considering HALF of his rv trailer was crumbled and then ripped off.

[] Today is my 33rd day of being smoke free! Woohoo! Thank you to all who have encouraged me throughout this process, your support means the world to me!

[] According to the WiiFit I'm back in a normal B.M.I. range! Woot! I still have some poundage to lose but I'm slowly getting there!

[] Mr. Ski and I were at a copy place last night preparing for his "Who's Who in College Students" interview next week. I was totally caught up in making the copies and had my back to the rest of the store the majority of the time...meaning, I didn't see anyone who came in or out. I had briefly turned around to use the stapler when a teenager asked me a question as she walked by:

Teeny Bopper: Did you see where my mom went?
Me: ::blank stare:: I don't know your mother.
Teeny Bopper: She's.... ::eye roll:: nevermind.

REALLY?! Why didn't she say...have you seen a lady with dark curly hair and an orange shirt on? Instead of assuming that the only reason I was in the copy place was to people watch. Come on! Maybe all those people who say that teenagers think the world revolves around them are right after all. I'm not sure why this bothered me so much, but I've been uber irritable lately so that probably has something to do with it.

[] I hope everyone has a very happy and safe Halloween! Mr. Ski and I will be spending the whole day OUT of the house! :) I don't think we get many trick or treaters anyways...but I don't know that for a fact because we've never chose to be home to find out! One of my favorite handing out candy home owners is Mrs. Four's hubby...hilarious!! You can see why I almost pee my pants while watching by visiting this post and watching the video at the bottom!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tuesday of Last Week.

I made a list of things to blog about. That's how forgetful I've been lately. This lists contains the following words to remind me of blogging bits:

Quite a list, huh? And magically all of these events happened on the same day, Tuesday of last week. So, let's start at the very beginning (which also starts the "Doe a deer" song from The Sound of Music to start playing in my head):

[] Sbux...I was at Starbucks last week getting my coffee and I happened to be dressed up (royal purple button-down, grey pants and heels) and there was a little lady in front of me, maybe in her early to mid-70's. She looked me up and down and then said "That color looks very good on you." I say "Thank you!" She says "You should be grateful" I am befuddled and can't think of anything to say...she continues by saying "I don't compliment blondes very often." Now I want to know why! Is it because she thinks blondes aren't smart? Or because her husband cheated on her with a blonde? Or maybe she's always wanted to be a blonde and is jealous? Regardless of why, I found it very funny!

[] sister and I tend to match (without planning), we'll wear the same color or type of clothing when we see each other. We have this connection that doesn't just apply to clothing and is very hard to describe. She came to my office and lo and behold we both had on purple shirts and grey pants! It's like magic. And it makes me smile! Love her! (I love all my sisters dearly, by the way!)

[] Dishwasher...Grr! Arggg! I unloaded the dishwasher after work and after I had put the last dish away and was about to re-load I noticed that the detergent tab was sitting in the bottom undissolved. Great! Therefore, I basically washed ALL of our dishes because I couldn't remember how many plates I had put away and forget me trying to figure which silverware hadn't been cleaned properly. It was quite the debacle.

[]Knife...This one deserves a picture! :) As you read above, I was re-washing ALL of our dishes so everything that was going in the 2nd load was on the countertop. I was making grilled cheese & turkey sandwiches for Mr. Ski and I, when I leaned over and felt something slide down my leg. When I looked down I saw this...
Thank heavens I didn't look down when I first felt something sliding down my leg, I would have most likely OVERreacted and caused the knife to land differently potentially slicing off one (or more) of my tootsies!

[] Finger...Shortly after the above knife incident, I was washing another knife to cut my mommy's yummy bread for the sandwiches when I almost sliced off my finger. The serated knife (J.A. Henckels, so SHARP) went around my finger completely and had it been angled a hair more...bye bye finger! After that I decided I should only be allowed to use plastic spoons!

[] Feet...finally, my feet feel like they are literally on fire sometimes. It's not athlete's foot (which reminds me of a Mitch joke) because there is no rash and it doesn't burn all the time it's more of a hot feeling. Anybody have any idea as to what might be causing that?

And since I mentioned that athlete's foot reminded me of a Mitch it is:
"If I ever get athlete's foot my first thought will be...that's not my foot!"

***Please excuse the length of this post, it has been 14 days since my last post after all! :) ***

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not having or showing the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively.

The title is the definition of indecisive below this definition you will see my face.

Sometimes my heart is a little wonky, it will beat fast or I'll get sharp pains under my left breast. I've been to many cardiologists and finally found one who is wonderful AND an amazing heart doctor, who tells me that my heart is fine and that any arrhythmia I experience is just an annoyance and shouldn't cause me any problems. Problems like my heart entering an irregular rhythm that kills me. was great news to hear that my rapid heart rate was a sign of a young, healthy heart. Shew. Nonetheless, I still have chest pains like I mentioned above. Which I was prescribed nitroglycerin for, I haven't take one since I was prescribed them. I haven't needed to. Or if I have needed to I didn't know if it was the right time to take one. Indecisiveness plagues every aspect of my life.

As does randomness...

When I told my oldest sister that the doctor prescribed me nitroglycerin she said "ISN'T THAT WHAT THEY USE TO BLOW STUFF UP?!?!" Oh, sweet've seen one too many action movies.

Tonight, I was sitting on the couch waiting for Mr. Ski to get home and WHAM! BAM! chest pain under my left breast. It took my breathe away. It was sharp and stabby. I froze. Mainly because I physically couldn't move for fear of what it would feel like next...I was afraid to exhale and doubly afraid to inhale. Slowly, I eased out my breath and moved cautiously to my purse where my teeny little pills await me.
Directions: dissolve 1 tablet under the tongue every 5 minutes as needed for chest pain.
Ok, so...does the chest pain need to hang around for a certain amount of time?
Do I take it all willy nilly at the first sign of chest pain?
Should I wait five minutes to see if I feel it again?
How painful does the chest pain need to be?
What if I have a pretty high tolerance for pain?
Do you consider the chest to be directly around the heart? Or to one side or the other? Both?

Do you have a glimpse now into my thought process? It's exhausting.
So the result. It's sitting in front of me untouched. In the end I suppose I'm scared of the "BLOW STUFF UP" medicine! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh Monday...

I've felt funny today.





Just bluh.

Nothing like watching the Vikings lose to perk me right up! I bet you wish you retired now, don't you Bart? (That elbow will probably need some ice...just sayin')

(OH on another note...I survived my 15th day without cigarettes. WAHOO!)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stare Down...

Deer - 1 Family of Deer - 1 Mrs. Ski - 0

I am petrified of deer. I think I've said that before here. But they make me very nervous.

Encounter One:
It was a dark night in September, BFF was in town and we were headed to the grocery store. I was driving when I saw a glimpse of a white tuft...the tuft that could only be on the rear of a deer. Then I saw his whole family waiting in the woods for the go sign. To say I was panicking would be an understatement. BFF having been in this situation before was fabtastic in calming me down. She was my anchor as this family of deer migrated across the road. Holy bananas it was scary, my heart raced for a good 20 minutes after that frightful encounter.

Encounter Two:
It was this past Thursday in my driveway. I was headed to one of those "Best Of" events to vote for my most favoritist salon and stylist. My hand was out to open the door when I felt like something was looking at me, I looked up and there he was...a deer staring me down from the neighbor's back yard. I froze. I was able to open the door, hoping that the sound would scare him off (which it didn't) so I reached down and beeped the horn at him. He didn't even flinch, he just continued to stare me down. I was so disturbed that all I could do (mainly because I was late) was leave. And that darn deer never moved a muscle. those deer alarm thingies work? I was told a story recently that would imply that they do but I'm afraid that with my luck some rogue deer would think it was his long lost love and attack my car.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Saturday Sampling

Saturday Sampling

It's Saturday (almost...31 minutes and it will be, so close enough), so I thought I would participate in another one of Mrs. Fours fabtastic ideas...Saturday Sampling! This is all about linking up a previous post that you feel deserves a second appearance. Head on over to Mrs. Fours to find out which blog I picked....ooh, the suspense!..., read the rules and hit up the Saturday Samplings of some other fine bloggers!

Friday Fragments!!

Mommy's Idea

Friday Fragments is one of my favorite parts of the week. Head over to Mrs. Fours page Half Past Kissin' Time to get all the rules of this fabtastic event, see others Frags, and link up your own! Happy Fragmenting!

> Shaving my legs and hand washing the car are a lot alike in my book. Except instead of finding those pesky little dings, dents and scratches that I find while washing the car, I discover lots of bruises while shaving. Clumsy really should be my middle name. (Don't be too judgy...I hate shaving and I usually don't let it get TOO out of control.)

>> Today is Day Number 12 since I've had my last cigarette. I will say that some of the cravings have subsided but then I'll get kicked in the face by desire and will be this close to giving in. But alas, I pull out my straw and kick that desire back to the curb. I will succeed at this endeavor.

>>> Favorite line from BBT last night... "You're right, he is just a festival of humdrum chitchat." Thanks Shamey (Sheldon and Amey) for cracking me up!

>>>> One of my sisters and I tend to always match on the days we are to see each other. This week proved no different, she came out of her office and upon seeing her shirt I began to smile (she did too when she saw me) we both were sporting royal purple shirts! It never fails.

>>>>> My oldest nephew and neice will be 17 and 15 (respectively) this year. It doesn't seem possible. Time really does fly. I didn't used to believe that statement but lately it seems like every year darts by faster than the last.

>>>>>> I've been giggling all week at my verbal faux pas for the week. I was talking to Mr. Ski about the Randy Moss trade to the Vikings and mistakenly called Brett Favre....Bart Freve. For some reason that is HILARIOUS to me! My other favorite statement regarding this trade was on Mr. Ski's status and it went something like this..."The Vikings just want someone who might push Favre to actually perform instead of playing like a grandfather...OH WAIT! He IS a grandfather!" I loved Favre when he was a Packer, liked him when he was a Jet and now think it's pathetic that he's trying one more year out as a Viking. Give it up already Bart! :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 10

Today marks the tenth day I have been smoke free. I had my first dream about cigarettes last night. It was odd. I felt like a cheater. In my dream I was sitting in some bleachers amongst other smokers except for one person who chastised me when I lit up a cigarette. I proceeded to tell her that I had been smoke-free for 8 days (like that was an excuse) and then continued to smoke. It felt so real. When I woke up, I was glad it was just a dream and that my non-smoking status is the reality but man I felt guilty! And continue to feel guilty. Weird.

Here are some things I've noticed since jumping off the smoker's wagon:

1. My sense of smell has definitely improved. Which is odd because I never thought my sniffer needed improvement.

2. I can no longer pull things out of the microwave without oven mitts. This is an inconvenience but I guess that means the nerve endings in my finger tips are repairing themselves. Score!

3. I can still remember what a cigarette tastes like and what it feels like to have smoke fill my lungs. I experience this sensation every day when I get in my car to head home or in the mornings when I get in my car to go to work. It sucks. But I'm persevering.

4. The cigarette smell is finally starting to fade from my car. Hopefully all the remnants of smoking will be gone after this weekend when we detail the cars.

5. I no longer freeze my tail off sucking down cancer sticks at night, for this I am grateful. In fact, the other night I went outside out of sheer habit and after a minute realized "HEY! I don't have to do this anymore!"

I'm sure I will be able to add to this list in another 10 days but those were the things that have stuck out the most.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Fragment Time!

Mommy's Idea

I've been away from Friday Fragments, and to be honest I miss it. I think it is just what I need to get my thoughts collected from this week. For all the rules and details regarding Friday Fragments head on over to Mrs. 4444's space to check it all out, for she is our fearless Friday Fragment Leader! :)

-First and foremost...I have not smoked a cigarette since Sunday at 11:59pm, making today my 5th day of being smoke free or my 108th hour of being smoke free. Oh, but I want one...I didn't think it was going to be this hard, ya know since I've been on this journey before but man, it's been rough. Maybe it's been harder because I know I'm not going back this time and those other times I think I knew I'd end up smoking again eventually. I'm definitely never going to have to do this again...nope, no way!

-I had a great birthday last weekend. My bff (not Jill, haha) came in town to visit. It had been three years since I'd seen her last and yet it didn't seem like any time had passed. I truly cherish her friendship and the bond we share. Mr. Ski was chocked full of birthday surprises for me this year. If you remember from years past he usually decorates my car or surprises me in some way like that...this year I walked into the house on Friday (a day before my birthday) to find 28 balloons floating on the ceiling along with a ginormous bottle of Relax and a sweet note promising more surprises. I was blown away. The next morning I awoke to my favorite cup of coffee and bff and I were loaded up into the car to be taken to an unknown location...which turned out to be a local spa where Mr. Ski had gotten both bff and I 90 minute massages and lunch. Ohmygoodgracious! It was the most relaxing and fastest 90 minutes of my life. He did so good. Thank you so much Mr. Ski for always planning something special for my birthday, you're amazing.

Ok, well since I once again ignored the fragment part of this blog topic I will stop now. :) Don't forget to head over to Mrs. 4444's Half Past Kissin' Time to check out all the other Friday Fragmenters (they're better at the fragment part, I promise!)!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day Two...

It's almost been 48 hours since I've had my last cigarette. It feels like it's been an eternity and a millisecond all at the same time. I have never in my life wanted something as bad as I want a cigarette. BUT I know that the first puff of that cigarette would immediately be something I regretted. I've fallen off this wagon before, I've tried to quit smoking more than I really care to admit. So I decided that this time around I wouldn't tell anyone I was quitting until I had actual been smoke free for a period of time, yeah, that worked out. Mr. Ski brought up that maybe I wasn't telling people because I didn't want to be held accountable and I agree for the most part. I'm usually not the type of girl to get worked up about failing. I consider failing a part of life, I've never been super competitive or even that great of a team player, by saying that I'm not saying I don't like to win...I do. But I also tend to choose activities based on how likely I am to succeed. For instance, I was a swimmer in high school. It's basically an individual sport with a few relay races thrown in every once in awhile. I am confident in my ability as a swimmer, ask Mr. Ski he will tell you that I usually don't pass up an opportunity to chastise his "butterfly" stroke when we're goofing around in a pool. I knew that this was my sport unlike track, tennis, and volleyball. Those other sporting attempts were just further proof of my lack of both hand/eye coordination and a love for running.'s that for a tangent. All that to say...I do not want to fail at quitting smoking this time.

Anyways day 2...I've been breathing clean air for almost 48 hours and apparently by 72 hours all of the nicotine is officially out of your body. Now, that doesn't mean I'm in the clear, the mental effects are still there. The daily associations are still there. But I can do this. I am stronger than cigarettes or the desire. I still want them, but I know that this is for the best. I am on the right track, I am making the healthy decision, I will one day not want cigarettes, I will succeed in this endeavor, I am smoke-free.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Day One...What do I do now?

I am smoke free. Mr. Ski and I set a stop date (well, I set the date, he's been ready for awhile) to quit smoking on September 27, 2010. So I had my last cigarette last night, September 26th, 2010 at 11:59pm. It was a little weird saying goodbye to my last cigarette maybe because I know that this is the LAST one. I feel it, it was time. Here are some of the things that have been going through my head all day...

"I have nothing to do now...I'm so bored." This sentence was uttered often on my way to work. I used to think (prior to quitting) that I would only need to make it through the minutes that I actually smoke and that anything in between would be a breeze. Uh, no. I reached for my cigarettes a minimum of 200 times. And the thought, "what do I do now?" coursed through my brain throughout the entire commute both to and from work. So, because I didn't have a straw that could immolate a cigarette I held a tampon...unused and still wrapped of course. I'm sure that was a sight!

I decided to quit after my birthday (this past Saturday) for a couple of reasons. Mainly because I began smoking after I turned 18 (I've always been a bit of a stickler for the rules) and I figure that 10 years is long enough to torture my lungs with smoke, nicotine, and chemicals.

Ironically, I burned the crap out of my finger yesterday (my last smoking day) so that was a great reminder of something I will never have to experience again. There's a list I'm making of things I will never have to worry about since I won't be smoking...but that's for another day.

Major annoyance on Day one of Not smoking...the commute. all. of. it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This, that, and a home pregnancy test.

First things first...assuming the pregnancy test was reliable, the Ski's are not expecting. Which is ok, we would both like to wait a little longer before embarking on parenthood. Plus, if I got pregnant now I would be delivering around May-ish and that would not jive with our busy season at work. How sad is it that I think of that! Moving on...

I'm thinking of making some signs to hold up while passing or being passed by irresponsible drivers, you know since I see so many on my commute to and from work. They wouldn't be too rude just things like, "Stop sifting through the report you're about to give." or "Quit Texting!" or "Maybe you should pull over and take a nap." or "You aren't the only one on the road." or "I know you think you're cool for driving fast and recklessly...but no one else does." or "Tomorrow get up 5 minutes earlier so you can avoid putting your eyeliner on while driving." Side note: I have, at one point or another, seen each of these sign topics while on the interstate. Scary.

As you read above, I commute so therefore I listen to something pretty much all the time when I'm in the car. Most of the time it's NPR. Recently I heard a commercial for one of those sardine-can-sized-fuel-efficient-itty-bitty-cars and it made me wonder; When did "go cart handling" become a sellable feature? Oh, yes, car salesman I love driving go carts and would prefer a car that emulates that type of handling to a tee. Uh, yeah right. I could be wrong though...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And...I'm back!

So, I'm not so sure what's been going on with me and blogging here lately...but it is safe to say I have been a real slacker when it comes to typing out all these crazy thoughts! So since it's been awhile, here are some updates!

~We are back into the football swing of things. Mr Ski has practice Monday-Saturday and games to coach on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Shew! For a girl who NEVER ever watched football I sure do watch a lot of it now. And surprisingly enough, I don't mind! Now, I won't turn on a football game on tv if it's just me (my dvr holds much more enticing things!) but I definitely don't mind going to games and especially since I'm getting to watch Mr. Ski coach. He loves it so much and I can tell, it's so awesome to watch him!

~I've joined SparkPeople. I love it so far, probably because I sit in front of a computer all day so logging my food is easy for me to do. I've lost some poundage since joining so that's always a bonus. I really need to get back into shape but I'm having a hard time giving up my mornings. I love to sleep and right now the thought of exercising and not sleeping makes me want to wimper. haha. I started Jillian's 30 day shred and made it through two days....pathetic. I'm going to have to start that again but now I'm dreading the soreness.

~Labor Day just passed. All I can really tell you of the weekend is that I slept A LOT! I'm not sure when the last time was that I've slept that much but I can tell my body needed it. I've just been so drained lately...and craving hot sauce (which is odd). Mr. Ski asked me the other night at dinner while I was drowning my taco in hot sauce (which I never do...) if I was preggers. Hmm...guess I need to pick up a test. I hate buying pregnancy tests for numerous reasons:
1.) I'm always embarrassed. I don't know why, but I am.
2.) I think it's absurd that they charge that much for a stick you pee on.
3.) I am never confident in their results which makes me want to buy a different brand of stick to pee on.
4.) There is no easy, non splatter, way to do it!
Results are pending. (Since I am unable to ignore directions when it comes to these things and I'm waiting for my next morning pee since I forgot this morning.)

~Gidget has gone to live with Edward. I'm not able to talk in detail about this without crying. I know she is much happier, I know that it is for the best, I know that Gidget is very therapeutic for him but I just can't help but be sad when I think about it.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Have you ever been convinced you're using the right word when you're not??

I have. And continue to do so. There are two words that always trip me up. It all began around four years ago...gosh that seems so long ago but it feels like yesterday...Kiki and I were out to eat. I always get the same thing when I go places (and that's a whole other post) mainly because I don't like to be disappointed so if I get what I know I disappointment! I ordered my usual which comes with fries. At this specific eatery they have awesome mayonnaise that I like to use to dip my fries in before their bath in ketchup...super healthy, I know! The server brought our food and I preceded to ask him for the mayonnaise by saying "Can I get a colander of mayonnaise?" "Sure" he says, looking somewhat befuddled. He returns a few minutes later and says "Sorry, we're fresh out of colanders of mayonnaise!" I knew this wasn't true as I had got it this way numerous times in the past and was about to get angry...when it hit Kiki (I was still oblivious) and she started laughing and told me that I meant ramekin NOT colander! DOH! I was so embarrassed but now it has become this big joke. Anytime we go out I always jokingly say "I think I need a colander of mayonnaise" to Mr. Ski or Kiki (they were the only ones who knew...until now) and we laugh at my stupidity. The sad thing is that I KEEP doing it! I have to make a conscious effort not to say colander when I mean ramekin. It's like those words are programmed in my brain wrong. At least I don't try to drain spaghetti in the ramekin! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ABC's...they really are what it's all about!

Or is that the hokey pokey? Regardless, for this post it's the ABC's! I have a hard time figuring out if I'm a daddy's girl or a mommy's girl so I usually claim to be both. I have an amazing relationship with both of my parents (yes, I know I'm very blessed) and I spent a lot of time with my dad once all my sister's were grown up. I hung out with my mom a lot too but since my dad was a teacher and had the liberty of picking me up from school and having summers off with me we spent a lot of time together. We went to flea markets and junk yards, auto auctions and various home improvement stores needless to say we drove a lot... and during our times in the car we often played games. My favorite being the ABC know the one...A in Holiday, B in Breakfast, C in Continental and so forth. I remember one ABC game clearly...we were driving home from somewhere and we were both stuck on the dreaded "Z" when I decided that I would start over (mainly out of boredom) I was on R or S when I saw it "AuthoriZed vehicles only." "Z in Authorized!!!" I shouted, ecstatic with my victory. Dad admitted defeat without even mentioning that I had started over and wasn't even back on Z yet. Had I been playing with anyone else they probably wouldn't let me claim my victory...but not Dad. Dad let me have that small victory and obviously it meant a lot to me considering I'm blogging about it 18 years later. I don't know what it's like to be a parent, maybe I never will know, but I hope that if it is possible I'm able to be as loving, unselfish, and ever-present for my kids as my parents were for me. I wouldn't trade being my Dad's tag along for anything, he might though considering he rarely ever won at the ABC game! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Saturday Sampling

Saturday Sampling

So, yeah, I completely forgot to do this aspect when I linked up my Southern Vocab post over at Half Past Kissin' Time. Mrs. 4444's has had another awesome idea and I threw my post up before I even thought about the fact that I had forgotten to tell you about Mrs. 4444's great idea. Saturday Sampling is a compilation of blogger's favorite posts. Such. a. good. idea. You know, if you're behind on your reader and looking for the perfect post head on over! You can even link up your own favorite post that you think deserves a read! Perfect!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Fragmenting on Fridays is always such a relief. A topic that allows me to be random out loud instead of keeping it to myself. Head over to Mrs. 4444's Half Past Kissin' Time to read more Fragments and link up your own, provided you follow directions and aren't just linking up all willy nilly. Rules are our friends.

***We are having sporatic downpours here in Middle TN. I have a love/hate relationship with them, while I love that it cools everything down momentarily, I hate the humidity that's miserable!

***Pay Day = Pay Bills Day. I wish these two things didn't have to coincide.

***Gidget is spending the weekend with Edward, which I find cute. He came and asked me if it was ok that she come with him to him Mom's...I wonder if he was nervous. :) Hopefully she will behave as well this time as she did last time, but I have a feeling that even if she was bad he would never say...he loves her that much.

***There's nothing like finding old, stale popcorn in your purse from a movie you saw on Monday. Mmmm...snack! KIDDING!

***Positive thinking is hard. I just have to keep reminding myself that worrying about it will do me no good and only cause me more stress. How can I be so rational on the outside and so irrational on the inside?

***I found out this week that my mom reads my blog. HI MOM! :) I miss you and I love you so much! Thanks for always being such a good mommy, you mean the world to me.

***I'm fairly certain I saw a lion on the side of the road yesterday. Ok, so it may not have been a lion but it was something big and cat like, maybe it was a cougar. Unfortunately, whatever it was had been hit while trying to cross the interstate. I really need to do another post about my wouldn't believe some of the things I've seen.

So there it Friday Fragments and they are shorter than usual. SCORE!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thousand Words Thursday

Cheaper Than Therapy

Head over to Cheaper Than Therapy to inquire about the details of Thousand Word Thursday!

I wish she could tell me in a thousand words or less what she is's probably something like "REALLY, MOM?!" I do know that she's most likely grateful that her lady parts were removed so that she never again has to wear Fancy Pants.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Southern Vocab Lesson: Tippits

Tippits - small pieces of it food or carpet fuzz.

My grandparents (maternal) played a large role in my life. They lived 15 minutes from my parent's house and we spent time with them often. On Friday nights there was a rotation between the four of us, and we waited (impatiently) for it to be our turn. While it may not seem like a big deal, back then we couldn't wait for our turn to stay the night at Pawpaw and Grammy's by ourselves because we knew it included Piccadilly Cafeteria (YUM!), dancing with Pawpaw to the Lawrence Welk show and briefly feeling like an only child. What I would give to go back and dance with Pawpaw one more time to the Lawrence Welk directed tunes. Pawpaw passed away almost 6 years ago and it feels like we lost him yesterday. I miss him greatly.

Back to the topic....tippits! My grandparents were meticuluos about cleaning. Not so much that they cringed when we dirtied things up but they had a strict cleaning schedule. Right now, I can only remember Friday's activities, vacuuming. Pawpaw would pull around the hose vacuum every single Friday morning and on the days between it was nothing out of the ordinary to find him crouched on the carpet picking up "tippits" - tiny pieces of paper, crumbs, fuzz, etc. - to keep the carpet looking clean until it could be vacuumed on Friday. Tippits weren't just things found on the carpet they were also the coveted roast beef shavings from Grammy's Sunday roast which we all fought over (4 girls...we fought a lot). It makes me laugh now to think about it; tippits were both undesirable and desirable, annoyances on the carpet and delicous shavings of meat, something to be thrown away and something to be eaten. Up until now I guess I had never noticed how funny it was...probably because I thought that the word "tippits" was a part of everyone's vocabulary. That is until I was asked what I was doing crawling around on the carpet and this exchange occurred:

Mr. Ski: What are you doing, babe?

Mrs. Ski: (What does it look like I'm doing?) Oh, just picking up tippits.

Mr. Ski: Tip-whats?

Mrs. Ski: T-I-P-P-I-T-S....little pieces of crap(not literal) on the carpet.

Mr. Ski: (Blank Stare)

He knew I'd explain further (apparently I over-explain things...but you know that if you've ever read my Friday Fragments), and I did not disappoint as I told him the origin of "tippits" and laughing over its contradictory meaning. Now when I pick up tippits off the carpet, I smile because it not only reminds me of my beloved Pawpaw but it also means he is still with me. And now I'm crying.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

I feel like I have been away forever, especially from one of my most favorite activities...Friday Fragments hosted by the wonderful, beautiful Mrs. 4444. Head on over to her blog to check out all the fun that can be had from Friday Fragments!

*I have been on a rocky road lately. Losing my insurance has plagued me (you know, since I'm a walking pre-existing condition and all) and I allowed it to consume me with worry and what ifs. Now that everything is beginning to pan out I feel silly for allowing it to take over. I'm reminded of two phrases, one from my mother and the other from a song by the awesome Brett Dennen. My mom told me about an article she had read about worrying, the part that really got me was "The worst things in my life have never happened to me." Gosh, isn't that the truth! I worry so often about the negative and the things that could happen when I really should be focusing on the things that are happening. The second phrase is a lyric from Brett Dennen and it says "Darlin' do not fear what you don't really know..." SO. TRUE. If only the ability to stop worrying could leave me immediately...but I am aware that it will take a lot of work to retrain my brain.

**I know this is relating to the above but going through all of this insurance crap has made me realize how important Health Care Reform is, there are millions of people who are in my situation or worse and let me tell you it is a scary, scary place. I began to feel like I was being punished for something I had no control over. I was born with a heart defect, I didn't choose this, I didn't cause this and yet I'm forced to pay for it every single day as insurance companies one by one turn away from me. Is that fair?

***Gidget has a boyfriend. Our friend Edward (not a vampire) kept her for us while we were out of town and Gidget fell in love. Now whenever he comes over, Gidget follows him around, sits in between his feet and overall is enamored by his presence. I have started calling her a cheater when he's around and all she does is cock her head to the side like "What? Can't I be in love too?!" Ah, puppy love. Literally.

****Did you guys know that there is a flying car now? While it won't be available to sell until next year and the cost is ridonkulous ($200K), it's still hard to believe that we could all be flying around like the Jetsons one day. How's that for a scary thought??

*****I saw a sign outside of one of those tents that sells fireworks. It said "Live Fireworks on DVD." REALLY?! Well, if it's on DVD then it's not live, you idiots.

******Lastly, designer diapers. REALLY?! If you want your kids to wear designer diapers then use cloth diapers with patterned covers, it's cuter and environmentally friendly.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happiness in a cup.

In my last post I talked about how I was too old to dye my own hair, well, I have also learned that I am too old to not drink coffee. In the last ten years I have gone from never drinking coffee, to drinking coffee rarely(finals week mainly), to drinking coffee occasionally to now HAVING to drink coffee to become productive. What is that about?

My favorite cup of coffee is a little more than 3/4 full with entirely too much artificial sweetener and filled the rest of the way full with half and half (and not that non-fat crap either!). This sweet brown nectar could also be the culprit in my recent weight gain...well not recent but gradual.

Is it sad that the determining factor in me getting coffee from somewhere depends on their type of half and half dispenser? If it's in one of those dispensers (half and half at the push of a button) or even a pitcher I get excited if it's in those pesky little cups that you have to open one by one I will reconsider coffee altogether. Those things are entirely too time consuming!

There is one scene from a coffee shop that stands out in my mind. We were headed out of town on a random excursion to Indiana with our friend Edward (not a vampire) and had stopped at a coffee shop before getting on the interstate. I get my usual cup of coffee with extra room and proceed over to the little "fix your coffee" station. I guess I was in my own little world because I didn't notice that anyone was paying attention to me until Mr. Ski came over and whispered in my ear..."They said you'll have to buy a large cup of milk if you use any more half and half." I burst out loud that I drew more attention to myself. I knew when he said it that the baristas had said no such thing, but knowing he had noticed my obsession for half and half totally cracked me up. I may have used more that day than usual but it was a big cup of coffee.

All this to say, I now understand why adults drink coffee...we. need. it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I have been a slacker. Actually there has just been too much going on for me to go beyond thinking about a post to actually writing it. I've thought of lots of cool ideas...I don't remember many but it is the thought that counts, right?

I have decided that there are certain things that I just can't do anymore and things that I can't do without as I am merging out of my late twenties. For example:

I no longer trust myself to do my own hair color. Professionals only. Which is funny because I used to do my own hair color all the time, see below:
In college, I stuck with blonde highlights and all over blonde (I'm the one on the right). After college, I went red...variations from vivid unnatural red to auburn, see below:
Once I met Mr. Ski, I started coming off the red train and did strawberry blonde, see below: Then I migrated back to blonde for the wedding after a very, very TRAGIC home dye job that left me with brassy, green tinted hair. I had to get it fixed by a professional because it was absolutely awful and that experience scared me out of ever trying to dye my hair blonde by myself! Almost a year after the wedding, I wanted to go dark so I paid a professional to dye my hair dark and after that I took the wheel and it went from chestnut brown to black in no time flat, see below:And now, after a year of highlights, lowlights, and some all over color (all done professionally) and probably close to a $1,000 (gosh, I hope Mr. Ski isn't reading!) I am now back to blonde, see below:

It's nice to be back, I did miss the blonde. But now I'm missing the black hair too! It is such a vicious cycle and much more expensive since I don't trust myself to do it at home anymore! Therefore, I'm likely to stick with blonde for a long while!

And for those things that I can't live without now that I'm coming out of my twenties, well, you'll just have to wait because this post became much much longer than I anticipated! :) Plus, it may help me post something new quicker if I end here!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Love Affair

There is a bird who has a love affair with my driver's side mirror. GRR! 1. I don't like birds. They scare me. Plus they can make you very sick. 2. Now I have smeared bird poo all over my mirror and driver's looked like that bird was trying to make sweet love to the mirror. 3. I'm scared that this bird is following me now....I mean wouldn't you if you found you're perfect mate?! Too bad its (how do you tell birds apart I know that red cardinals are males but I'm not sure what type of bird this one was) perfect mate was really its own reflection! Dumb bird. I probably should insult it too much or next thing you know it will fall in love with my passenger side mirror! BIRDS they are really for the birds, lol.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rants and Raves

I got this fine little blog topic from Mrs. Fours who got it from Little Ms Blogger...and I thought it was my turn to rant and rave a bit!

Rant: Rubber-Neckers, I strongly dislike your behavior. You almost caused me to slam into you because you decided to brake for an accident on the other side of the road while in the fast lane. Were you that interested in the accident that you wanted to personally be involved in your own?! Keep driving...curiosity really does kill the cat.

Rave: Chicken Fresco from Ruby Tuesdays....deeeeeelicious! Being able to get a "to go" salad bar...even better!

Rant: Having to wait on others to successfully do my job really stinks.

Rave: Mr. Ski, thank you so much for the other night. You have no idea how much it meant to me to hear you say what you did. You continue to amaze me. Things may not always be perfect but it's moments like those that remind me of all the reasons I married you and why you are my best friend. I love you.

Rave: Warmer weather, although I despise being hot and sweaty I can't tell you how much I appreciate the warmer weather that's coming through TN!

Rant: Blow drying my hair. I know I shouldn't complain about having thick hair but when you dry your hair for a solid 20 minutes and portions are still wet it's just really frustrating.

Rave: We're going to our hometown for Easter. It will be wonderful to see family, play some frisbee golf and eat some Pal's. MMM...Pal's! Pal's is a fast food restaurant that is only available in East TN and man do they have the BEST food ever! For my waist line's sake I guess it's better that I can only eat it once or twice a year.

Thanks Little Ms. Blogger for this fantastic blog topic. I feel so cleansed now.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blog Challenge Q&A

Cat at Young Old Crone tagged me in this fab meme and I'm excited about participating. I'm still trying to figure out how she knew I need this kind of motivation to get back on my blogging train. My conclusion: she's pretty darn awesome!

  1. If you could give the world one piece of advice, what would it be? Karma is the natural equalizer.
  2. If you could have a room full of any one thing, what would it be? Laughter...cheesy maybe but sometimes laughter really is the best medicine.
  3. What do you value most in other people? Honesty and Loyalty.
  4. If you could only see black and white except for one color, what color would it be? Pink. :)
  5. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I wish I was less indecisive.
  6. If you could choose one of your personality traits to pass on to your children, what would it be? Empathy
  7. What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? Parenthood.
  8. Would you rather teach a young child to read or have to learn again for yourself? Teach a child.
  9. What is the best advice you’ve ever given and received? I try to always give responsible/beneficial advice (not saying my advice is ALWAYS great), but I think what matters most is that the person receiving the advice knows that you support them no matter what decision they make. I have received a lot of great advice over the years but the one piece that sticks out came from my best friend in high school...he told me after a break up that there would be a time when I would want to go back to my ex but to never forget that the reasons we broke up would still be there the second time around.
  10. How would you like to die? Warm in my bed at an old age, preferably.
Thanks again Cat...and I hope anyone who reads this feels compelled to do the blog challenge q&a as well!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fragments, eh!

Mommy's Idea

Today is THE day! What day you might say? The day for Friday Fragments, eh? And that was my attempt to rhyme... Head over to Half Past Kissin' Time to get the low down on how to participate in Friday Fragments as well as link up your fantastic frags! Mrs. 4444 will love it if you stop by!

*Mr. Ski called me this morning to let me know he had been nominated for a humanitarian award that is given to one college student and one faculty member in the State of Tennessee. He is being recognized for remaining on the Dean's List for the past five semesters while being an active duty soldier and coaching football for the on post high school. I am so proud of him, he has gone above and beyond as a student and a soldier. He is starting to see how all his hard work is paying off and even if he's not the winner of the award it is definitely an honor to be nominated.

*I am leaving for a weekend trip after work today! It is Kiki's bachelorette party and we are staying the weekend at a cabin on the lake. I am so excited!! I don't know what I am more excited about getting to hang out with Kiki (I love her so much and our girl time was seriously effected when I moved away from the city) or the fact that it's a bachelorette party that doesn't include going downtown with 18 other girls who are all wearing feather boas while trying to complete such tasks as: finding certain sterotypical guys and dancing onstage to the big butt song. Instead we will be relaxing in a gorgeous cabin, soaking in the hot tub, going to a winery and all in all enjoying a girl's weekend without having to wear uncomfortable shoes.

*I came to a realization recently: I do not like to shop (exceptions: Express and Target). I get very overwhelmed and give up looking for steals and deals. For instance, here is what happens when I go to those stores that department stores sell to so they have everything from clothes to home goods....are you catching my drift? First let me say that I rarely if ever will go shopping without specifically going for something. So I go into the above mentioned store...we'll call it JT Naxx :) looking for a picture album. I navigate my way through racks of clothes, shoes, toys, dishes, etc. etc. etc. and make my way to the supposed photo album aisle only to find no albums. Since I am female, I have no trouble asking for help and learn quickly that the photo albums are not in one localized spot they are scattered throughout the home goods section ...good luck!! There's my cue...instead of searching through aisle after aisle and potentially finding items to purchase that I do not need, I will leave and go to one of the stores that doesn't give me panic attacks, proceed directly to the specific aisle for photo albums and breathe a big sigh of relief as my sanity returns.

*There is potentially exciting news ahead...more details to come at a later date but in the meantime here is how my excitement comes out in words: SQUEEEEEEE!

*So, I apologize for lying to you earlier. I must have misunderstood the word 'fragment' and instead have written you a novel. Enjoy! haha!

*I hope your weekend is wonderful!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Can you spot Channel 4's careless mistake?

Maybe this will help:

Careless, careless, careless! My elementary school teachers would be appalled! OR at least I think they would be...they always got on my case about careless mistakes!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday Fragments, how I have missed thee! You are the place that allows me to empty my mind of all these random thoughts I have roaming around. Without your creator, Mrs. 4444, I would be a babbling blogger who never made any sense, so thank you for being the place where I won't be judged for being totally random! Plus, it is the one blog topic I don't have to think about naming! :)

*My diet has stalled this week...I haven't done horribly but I definitely don't think there will be any loss this week, most likely a gain. :( On that note, I'm off to get lunch! haha.

**Mr. Ski has been convinced by me to dual major. So in the end he will have a degree in Special Education and a Master's in Occupational Therapy. The OT was my just makes sense to me since the two are so closely related. I was surprised he was so eager to jump on board considering it's more work and more classes but he's a trooper and saw it as a great opportunity and challenge.

***My nerves have been wearing thin lately while commuting. I just don't understand why people turn into idiots as soon as they get behind the wheel. It makes no sense. My favorite thing is sitting in traffic (at a dead stop) for 45 minutes for what appeared to be...NOTHING! Ugh...I'm so over commuting yet I have no choice but to commute.

****And lastly, my favorite Sheldon Cooper quote for the week from the "Big Bang Theory":
"I asked myself what is the most mind-numbing, pedestrian job conceivable and three answers came to mind: toll booth employees, an Apple store genius, and what Penny does. And because I don't like touch other peoples' coins and I refuse to contribute to the devaluation of the word genius, here I am."

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Ok, so there was this meme once that asked you to put your ipod on shuffle and write down the song name for each of the questions it asked you. I did was funny. On my drive to work yesterday I started thinking about how lately my life can be described either with song titles or verses from songs. Here we go:

(1) "Not Ready to Make Nice" = How I feel about receiving a facebook message from my ex whom I have had no contact with for the last three years. Get a life dude, since I'm sure having a house built and financed by your parents for you and working in their business is a rough existence. Mooooove on!

(2) "Life is short, even in its longest days..." = How I feel about hearing that my dad's mom is suffering from lung cancer and a bone infection (originally they told her she had bone cancer but after testing they found it was only a bone infection, so that was a relief). I'm afraid that it doesn't look is so short.

(3) "When you trust your television, what you get is what you got. When they own the information they can bend it all they want..." = What I'd like to scream in the face of this chick I went to high school with who thinks Fox News is reputable and accused me of "jumping on the anti-Fox News bandwagon". No, sweetie, I'm not jumping on bandwagons just because I have the capability of looking at things objectively and forming my own opinions. Note to self: If you didn't like them in high school chances are you won't like them now.

(4) "...and I wait for clarity to rain on me." = This is what I want...clarity. And lots of it!

(5) "I'm sorry about the attitude I need to give when I'm with you, but no one else would take this shit from me..." = Goes out as a big SORRY! to Mr. Ski! Sometimes, I must admit, I'm not the most positive, happiest or sweetest spouse. Especially in the morning which you'd think after 3 years he'd know this but regardless, I think a lot of the reason I'm willing to lose my "cool" with Mr. Ski is because I know that no matter what I say or do it won't change his feelings about me and he's still gonna love me even if I'm crabby. And that, dear friends, is comforting. Frankly, this could also ring true for my awesome parents and amazing matter how bratty or bitchy I am they overlook it and love me unconditionally anyways.

(6) "Addicted" = to lemon creme cakes from that weight loss company that has meetings and that little orange monster on their commercials. Ohmygoodness they are the most delicious 80 calories I have ever consumed. Woohoo! I'm about to get stock in them because I have the hardest time finding them at the grocery.

I kind of like this post....maybe I'll start doing it once a month or so.

Um, big yay, that it didn't take me 35 days to post....only 24 days this time! :)

The following songs were referenced above:
(1) Dixie Chicks "Not Ready to Make Nice"
(2) John Mellencamp "Longest Days"
(3) John Mayer "Waiting on the World to Change"
(4) Andy Harper "Prologue #35"
(5) Matchbox 20 "Long Day"
(6) Kelly Clarkson "Addicted"

Monday, January 25, 2010

I've climbed out from under this rock....

just so I can say "HI!!!" to all my fellow bloggers.

Geeze, I can't tell you why I haven't been's not for lack of material because I still have ideas floating around from before Christmas. I guess it kept getting harder and harder to do the first post since I went into hiding. :)

~It's snowing here. It was sixty degrees yesterday. Does that seem weird to anyone else?

~There's one question I have been asked about 1,496 times that even though it's been asked of me my whole life it's also one of my favorites. And no, it's not "Is that your natural hair color?" even though I've been asked that quite a few times as well. I am constantly asked "Are your eyelashes real?!" And the answer is yes, yes they are. The story I usually tell with that answer is that in first grade my best friend (a boy) and I cut our eyelashes with safety scissors. He didn't like his because they would scrape against his glasses and me, I'm a follower what can I say! Even though I didn't have glasses I chopped mine off too. And look at me now! They grew back with vengeance! They could be my best feature, besides my budding personality (ha ha ha).

~Mr. Ski will be officially DONE with the Army in less than six days. SIX DAYS. That is so hard to believe. I made the mistake of putting this information on my Facebook page when he began terminal leave back in November. I think I made a comment saying....can't wait to start this new chapter. My oldest sister calls me that day and asked "Is Mr. Ski writing a book?!" and she was serious. :) I love her.

~I have lost 12 pounds in the past 3 weeks. I know it's not a lot but it's a start. I have a dress fitting for Kiki's wedding next Saturday and I had to get something rolling so I could fit in the dress. I've been pleased with the results so far even though the pounds haven't been quick to fall off, I do have to remind myself it's a marathon not a sprint.

~I saw a sign at the dry cleaners near my work. They had cut strips of duct tape to fashion these words on a sign out front: "We honor competitor coupon" It's not funny unless you say it outloud. So here I encourage you find that little angry asian woman inside of you and say it outloud. See?! Hilarious. Brings a smile to my face every. single. time. I love Asians. Especially the little old Asian women who sound angry even though they are only asking how many sets of chopsticks you want.

Hopefully it won't take me 34 days to post something else! Thanks to all those who emailed and commented regarding my absence. Love y'all! (y'all is something we say in the South it's a combination of you and all.) haha, :)!