Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I unintentionally went muddin' yesterday. Why do I say muddin' instead of mudding, you may ask? Well, it's because I live in the South and taking off the "g" is appropriate. Back to my muddin' story. I'm doing a photo project and there's this one tree I've been needing to take a picture of. Since it was like 65 degrees here yesterday I decided that it was the perfect time. The tree is on the side of the road and there is no place for a car to pull over so I chose to pull into this little area that I guess the telephone people were using that was directly across the street from my subject. For some genius reason I decided to pull in all the way and then turn around so that I wouldn't have to back onto the road during a fairly busy time of the day. This was not my best idea! I knew as soon as I started turning around that it was no good. And then my tires started spinning. Great. Instead of freaking out (like I probably would have done normally) I calmly called a friend who's hubby has a jeep and asked if he had a wench. Yay! He did! Help was on the way! A lady stopped to offer her phone and then out of nowhere a red truck pulled into the little pull through with purpose. He sucessfully pushed my car out of the mud and I was free. WOOHOO! I thanked him profusely then called my friend's hubby to cancel his wenching services.

Here's the crappy part. After all that I didn't even get to take the stupid picture! I was so concerned with getting out of the mud that I completely forgot to take the picture! So now I will have to go back...but this time I'm going to have Mr. Ski drop me off by the tree and come back and retrieve me. No more muddin' in the Altima!

Here's the irony that is my life. I got my front end aligned and got two new tires on Saturday. (Sidebar: Who knew getting an alignment could make that much of a difference! It's like driving a new car!) I was reading up about my tires...can you say bored? And it specifically said "When in mud, sand, snow or ice conditions, do not spin wheels excessively. In such conditions, with automatic transmission vehicles, by accelerating excessively, it is possible to spin one of the drive tires beyond its speed capacity..." So at least I knew not to keep my foot on the gas...instead I recognized defeat and just waited on help to arrive. How crazy is it though that I had just read that?!

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