Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This and That...

This is what I do at night while watching all those reality shows on my dvr. I braid my hair. It's weird, but it's what I do. I don't do the best job and wouldn't wear them out in public but for some reason they make me happy.

Holy Chihuahuas, Christmas is in 3 days! And I'm not done shopping. I suck. Officially. I'm really bummed too because I was working on this really cool photo project for my parents and it totally failed. It was a disappointment because I think they would have really liked it! Maybe it will work out for their anniversary present.

In other news, I have finally found a video game that I'm relatively good at...Cabela's Big Game Hunter for the Wii. I totally rock at it. I'm not being cocky, I promise but I have to brag about it because I suck at most all video games (aside from Wii Bowling) but not this one! Mr. Ski was even impressed. It made me smile and stay up all night playing (for real) but that's beside the point! :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Follow Through...FAIL!

You have seen correctly...that is three beverages all with 1/4 left sitting on my desk at work. Apparently my follow through problems also include beverages. And here I thought I only had trouble following through with the ideas streaming through my head.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Really?! That much reality?!

I came to a harsh realization recently....the majority of TV I watch is reality. See below:

1. Biggest Loser
2. So You Think You Can Dance
3. Project Runway
4. Top Chef
5. Little Couple
6. Little People Big World
7. 18 Kids and Counting
8. Real World
9. Real World/Road Rules Challenges
10. Teen Mom
11. Baby Story
12. America's Next Top Model
13. Intervention
14. Hoarders

That's A LOT of reality TV! Thankfully they're not all on at the same time but still. Let's compare it to the list of non-reality TV I watch:

1. Lost
2. Glee
3. How I Met Your Mother
4. Drop Dead Diva
5. Army Wives
6. Mercy

Maybe it just seems like a lot of reality TV because not all my non-reality TV shows are on right now. And some of my favorite non-reality shows have gone off the air. All I know is my DVR is chocked full of reality! It's a little overwhelming. Maybe I should cut back on my TV time and instead organize my closets or something equally productive but seriously when I get home from work the last thing I want to do is more work. I would much rather get lost in the reality of someone else's reality. Did that make sense?

**To the shows I have forgotten, I am truly sorry.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I unintentionally went muddin' yesterday. Why do I say muddin' instead of mudding, you may ask? Well, it's because I live in the South and taking off the "g" is appropriate. Back to my muddin' story. I'm doing a photo project and there's this one tree I've been needing to take a picture of. Since it was like 65 degrees here yesterday I decided that it was the perfect time. The tree is on the side of the road and there is no place for a car to pull over so I chose to pull into this little area that I guess the telephone people were using that was directly across the street from my subject. For some genius reason I decided to pull in all the way and then turn around so that I wouldn't have to back onto the road during a fairly busy time of the day. This was not my best idea! I knew as soon as I started turning around that it was no good. And then my tires started spinning. Great. Instead of freaking out (like I probably would have done normally) I calmly called a friend who's hubby has a jeep and asked if he had a wench. Yay! He did! Help was on the way! A lady stopped to offer her phone and then out of nowhere a red truck pulled into the little pull through with purpose. He sucessfully pushed my car out of the mud and I was free. WOOHOO! I thanked him profusely then called my friend's hubby to cancel his wenching services.

Here's the crappy part. After all that I didn't even get to take the stupid picture! I was so concerned with getting out of the mud that I completely forgot to take the picture! So now I will have to go back...but this time I'm going to have Mr. Ski drop me off by the tree and come back and retrieve me. No more muddin' in the Altima!

Here's the irony that is my life. I got my front end aligned and got two new tires on Saturday. (Sidebar: Who knew getting an alignment could make that much of a difference! It's like driving a new car!) I was reading up about my tires...can you say bored? And it specifically said "When in mud, sand, snow or ice conditions, do not spin wheels excessively. In such conditions, with automatic transmission vehicles, by accelerating excessively, it is possible to spin one of the drive tires beyond its speed capacity..." So at least I knew not to keep my foot on the gas...instead I recognized defeat and just waited on help to arrive. How crazy is it though that I had just read that?!

Monday, December 14, 2009

10 Years Ago today....

I had open heart surgery to repair an ASD (atrial septal defect). An ASD is a hole between the right and left atrium, all babies while in the womb have this hole so blood can pass through the heart, after birth and the first breath that hole begins to close. Mine never did.

How we found out: I was a swimmer in high school and would occasionally have boughts of rapid heart rate, after one fairly intense episode my mom decided it was time to take me to the doctor. My pediatrician (I was 17) did an EKG and the results were abnormal but not abnormal enough to be too concerned about but knowing that my parent's were worried they referred us to a pediatric cardiologist. He decided to do an ECHO, my mom had to work so my dad took me. As I laid in that room while the technician did the ECHO I watched his face the whole time and when I saw him scrunch up his brow in confusion I knew there was a problem. The cardiologist came in and had a look and told my dad and I that I had a hole in my heart and I could either get it fixed now or die when I'm forty (an ASD causes blood to pump through the heart a second time which causes the heart to enlarge, if it goes unrepaired your heart can get so large that it cannot function). We were dumbstruck, numb, and confused. My dad called my mom and told her what this doctor had said and she experienced the same emotions, I'm sure. My mom is a nurse, and used to work in the cardiac care unit so she knew quite a few cardiologists in town and asked one of them for a second opinion. This doctor did a different test a TEE, they basically stick a camera down your throat to look at your heart from the backside. This test was by far the worst experience of my life to date including the open heart surgery. They did not give me enough medicine to put me under so I felt everything and remember every detail. After that experience the only questions I ever had of the surgeon were "Will I be asleep?" The TEE confirmed that I did indeed have a hole in my heart roughly the size of a quarter. This happened in September and they scheduled my surgery for December 14th.

Preparation: There was a lot I had to do to prepare. I had to give 2 pints of blood for myself, I am O- so I can give to everyone but only receive my own blood type. I had to go to the doctor for more tests and consultations. I had to start eating red meat again (I had stopped eating red meat for about a year and a half) and I had to put bactriban in my nose to keep me from getting sick and to keep my immune system strong. During all of this from diagnosis to surgery, I was never scared. Which is shocking since I'm such a worry wart but I wasn't worried at all. My family on the other hand was scared to death especially my mom. She was a CICU nurse, she had seen what could go wrong and she was afraid for my life.

December 14, 1999: The night before and morning of I had to shower in this milk-like substance and get up entirely too early. My family and I made our way to the hospital that morning and they took me back where they made me change clothes and gave me an anti-anxiety pill, they let my family come in to tell me bye (this was the hardest part), my parents stayed with me as they rolled me into the hall but then I was all alone being rolled down a long corridor and I heard my mom yell down the hall "and she was very old." My screen is beginning to get blurry but I do need to tell you why she yelled that; my mom as I told you earlier was very scared and the morning of my surgery in her devotional the scripture was Luke 2:36-37 "There was also a prophetess, Anna, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Asher. She was very old..." This brought my mother peace and it was one of the last things I heard before going in for open heart surgery. They took me into the prep room (I don't know the real name but the place where they put you under before they take you into the OR) and began pushing my iv's. The anesthesiolgist came in and was surprised to see me awake. She said that usually people are asleep before she comes in and asked me if other people in my family were hard to put under, since I didn't know they called for my mom to come up. My mom got to come up and ended up knowing my anesthesiologist, so as they talked I slowly drifted off with my mom holding my hand. Over the course of my surgery my family began to realize just how many people that we knew were around me. My mom had known the anesthesiologist, one of the nurses in the room during my surgery was the sister of a girl I worked with, the first nurse I had after my surgery was not only a friend of my mom's but the aunt of one of my best friends. I was surrounded by people who knew me and that was so comforting to me and my family. I won't lie, the first hours after my surgery were awful especially when they had to weigh me (they had to lay me down flat and that was brutal).
Unlike most open heart patients I was awake the first hour after my surgery, I remember my first visitors and the details of what they said, I remember my boyfriend coming in and trying to make him kiss me, I remember my best friend coming in and going as white as a ghost (I'm sure I looked pretty scary with numerous tubes coming out of me), I remember coercing my dad into giving me more ice chips than the nurses allowed (I was so thirsty), I remember the nurses giving me baths in the CICU, I remember it all and every one of the cardiologists were befuddled that I was as alert as I was only hours after my operation. My favorite nurse was one of my night nurses the second night after my surgery. She was a rather large African American lady and she babied me. She knew I hated to be weighed (oh the pain) so she gave me more pain medicine than anyone else did and she never laid the bed down as much as the other nurses did.

Recovery: My surgery was on a Tuesday and by Wednesday I was tired of being there so I told my doctor that I was going home on Friday. He told me that the chances of that were slim. I told him that I would prove him wrong. Recovery went smooth but was not without intense pain. I had to have 10-12 vials of blood drawn a day, I was overcome with awful nausea and vomiting only left me in more pain that I was before, I had to have pace makers, tubes, and catheters removed, I would not eat because I was so afraid that food would come smushing out the separation in my chest (it wouldn't have done that but I was scared it would); I lost 20 pounds in 4 days, I saw many visitors and some I didn't see at all because they came to sit with my family in the waiting room, I saw my grandfather (one of the strongest men I knew) break down in tears at the sight of me, I knew that even though I was alone in my room for the majority of the time (hospital rules only allowed visitors in every other hour for 30 minutes) that one or both of my parents were sitting 30 yards away in the waiting room, and I knew that all I wanted was to go home. I did go home on Friday, much to the shock and awe of the cardiologists and nurses. It wasn't much easier at home but at least I was at home.

Aftermath: I spent many nights rotating between the couch and the recliner. My mom had to help me shower, I missed six weeks of school during which they allowed my dad (a teacher at my high school) to be my homebound teacher, my sister was my body guard and was very protective of who came to see me and how long they stayed, my mom had to change my dressings daily and help me get around. I remember not knowing if I would ever not feel pain anymore and not remembering what it was like to feel no pain and not worry about my chest opening up. Eventually, the pain went away and my scar began to fade and now I look back on that time in my life and can't not believe it has been 10 years.

My sister recently went to the hospital for a cardiac work up, the nurse noticed her maiden name and asked her if she was related to me. My sister said yes, and the nurse told her that they still talk about that little 17 year old and how quickly I recovered. Maybe my story made someone else less anxious about surgery...just maybe.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Fragments!

Mommy's Idea

Friday is here which means that Friday Fragments are in full swing! I haven't participated in FF in awhile so I thought today...I would jump back on the bandwagon that is led by our fearless Friday Fragments leader, Mrs. 4444's over at Half Past Kissin' Time! Head over to her site and hop on the wagon.

*Today is my dad's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! Thank you for being my hero and for always being there for me. You're awesome and I love you.

**I've seen and heard how much the Midwest got hit with snow but the most snow I saw was this morning on the back of a tractor trailer. I like snow...not 14 inches of it but I would like a couple inches.

***Mr. Ski volunteers with Fort C's high school's football team and they won the state championship game last Friday. It was an awesome opportunity to be a part of their 3rd state championship in a row...it was a 3peat! I did however freeze my tail off and contracted a cold from sitting outside for 4+ hours but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Way to go Falcons! This picture was was taken of my sister (redskins hoodie), me (blue jacket), my mom and dad by the newspaper staff. Thank goodness it wasn't in the paper!!!! I was horrified when I saw it, but since I'm a glutton for punishment I'll post it here. I must have been really into whatever I was talking about. Don't laugh too hard....it could be the worst picture of me ever!
Pretty bad, huh? It was too cold to even consider fashion...we did everything we could to keep in as much heat as possible! Which included making several trips to the heated restrooms, we told dad about how warm the restrooms were but he refused to go and just hang out to warm up saying that "men just don't hang out in bathrooms...it's a little creepy." I will say that the best part of the day was the police escort back to Fort C and the welcome back ceremony...the community was great and showed these kids (all have at least one parent in the Army) how truly special they all are.

****My new nickname should be wheezy. This cold is just hanging out in my chest and I'm growing tired of the coughing and "mouse sounds" that are coming from this cold.

*****One morning last week my car windows were frosted over. Mr. Ski being the sweetheart he is scraped them for me. When I got in the car and looked through my rear view mirror I saw that he had carved a heart in the frost. It brought the biggest smile to my face. The funny thing is that the heart is STILL there! See...
Can you see it?

******Christmas is 14 days away and I have bought 2 gifts. Haha, I'm such a procrastinator. I do get some kind of satisfaction from doing last minute shopping, it's a rush.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I feel like something's following me...

Last night as I was waiting for Mr. Ski to finish brushing his teeth before the night time "tucking in" ritual began. Just to clarify...he asks me to tuck him in which is code for "will you massage my back?" And I do...usually; some nights I tell him it's my night off. Last night though I was willing so I got off the couch and walked down the hallway and into our bedroom where I felt like something was tugging on me. I looked behind me (a little scared) and saw this...

Yes, you've seen correctly that is the blanket from the couch trailing along behind me. I practically fell in the floor laughing but pulled it together so it could be documented and put on the "to blog about" list. What's shocking is that it happened last night and I've been such a slacker lately that I'm quite proud for getting it all typed out as soon as I have.

***Please ignore the size of my rump. I have got to do something about that and this picture should only be motivation.