Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday's Pet Peeves

Well, I was going to do a little blog topic by Little Ms Blogger about Rants and Raves but realized I didn't have any raves so I decided to do pet peeves instead. Maybe next week I'll have something to rave it bad that nothing in my life right now is rave-able?! Probably. This post may offend some but everyone has pet peeves and these are mine. I haven't shunned any of my friends who participate in the following, but I just feel the need to vent.

1. Inflatables: Not the fun, bouncy kind but the kind that neighbors put in their yards during the various seasons. Inflatables are a waste of time, money, and energy. Most of the time they only stay inflated for a week maybe two and then they slump over in inappropriate positions. Plus, inflatables make Mr. Ski want to be all festive solely for the purpose of "out doing" our neighbors yard decorations. I don't decorate. Maybe I will when we have kids but right now, what the heck is the point?!

2. Military Time: Unless your in the military, a doctor, or a nurse at work please do not use military time. It's just annoying. I can figure out what time your talking about but really is it necessary when you're telling me what time you'll expect us over for dinner. "Come over around 1830 and dinner should be ready in 0030." GRR! I have found that most people who use military time outside of work are simply show-offs who think by using military time it makes them cool or something. Trust me, it's not cool.

3. Leg Shakers: Thinking about leg shakers gives me the heeby geebies. Don't worry I'll still be your friend if you constantly shake/bounce/vibrate your legs but don't expect me to ever sit next to you. At my sister's graduation my ex-BIL (a leg shaker) was sitting three seats down from me, well you know stadium seats are usually connected in fours, he was shaking his legs so much and so hard that all FOUR of the seats were moving. I almost had a panic attack.

4. Tracy on Biggest Loser: I liked you at first, but now you just get on my nerves. And I hate that you're paired with Coach Mo because it will really suck that he has to go home when you are the reason everyone hates the purple team.

5. Short cars in parking spaces: Damn you for leading me to believe that there is no car in the spot and just when I begin to turn in I see you sitting there all tiny and small in the space.

Well, I feel better. Maybe now that I've expressed my pet peeves they will not bother much. And to all my readers who use inflatables, military time and are leg shakers with short cars. Your tactics may drive me nuts but no worries I still love you. :)


  1. LMAO You do NOT wanna come to my house from now until Christmas. And my parents have over 20 inflatables. They live on 10 acres but that's still alot of blowups.

  2. Oh Tiffany...haha! I will probably eat my words if we ever have children cause you know they will beg for the blow up pumpkin with the cat on top! haha!

  3. I grew up on military time and I can manage to "translate." I honestly think sometimes people do it to show off.

    Short cars! They're the bane of my trips to Wal Mart! Also the basket return areas that are subtle so you think it's a space until you're right up on it.

    I'm definitely guilty of big light up plastic things, but I don't get the inflatables. I might consider it if I really didn't like my neighbors, lol.

  4. You're funny, Mrs. Ski. Loved your rants. Hate the danged short cars!

    I had a student a couple of years ago who was autistic but on the high-functioning end. He absolutely about lost his mind when anyone shook ANY part of their bodies (even their heads). However, he was completely obnoxious most of the time. One of our aides found a way to make him participate in math class (instead of reading the newspaper or just being a jerk.) She would stand on one leg and shake her leg until he begged her to stop. She'd say, "I'll quit as soon as you do what you're supposed to." It worked every time. And yes, I think it was an AWESOME idea, haha.