Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

  • I think I am getting a stye. Grr.
  • I think round-a-bouts are stupid. I mean why not just put in a four way stop sign in and save some confusion.
  • I was saddened by the Packer's lost last night. They played great but really need to do some work on their offensive line. Poor Aaron got sacked A LOT!
  • I hate purple lettuce. Yes, I know that it is red cabbage and not purple lettuce but I've always called it purple lettuce and you know habits.
  • I have a new favorite salad dressing. It's one of those salad spritzers but it's Caesar dressing and it's delicious!
  • The grocery store I go to has a salad bar. They charge by the pound and it really ticks me off that they slice their cucumbers so thick...you know they only do that to make your salad weigh more. So I go through and pick out (with tongs, of course) the skinniest cucumbers they have.
  • I know I've talked a lot about salads in this post. Can you tell I'm starting a diet?! I've got to get some of this weight off...and soon.


  1. I just ate three huge carrots for the same reason. Ugh. I don't even freaking LIKE carrots, but I am tired of being fat, so there you go. I have the ranch flavored spritzer stuff and I like it; it tastes nothing like Ranch to me, but I still like it.

  2. Ooh, I hate salad bars that do that. I also hate buffets that have small plates.

  3. Diet? Are you betraying me and the curvy club? LOL

    P.S. I hate purple lettuce too.

  4. Seriously though, what is the point of small plates on a buffet?! I mean...it is all you can eat for pete's sake not all you can stuff on this tiny plate!

    I'm not betraying the curvy club...I just have wanted to be Jeannie for Halloween for like 6 years and I'm hoping next year I will be able to squeeze into a Jeannie costume! haha!

    Purple lettuce SUCKS!