Monday, October 5, 2009

To be a voice...

I was informed this weekend that I was Mr. Ski's voice when it came to all things military. Not in the technical sense but more so in the way I speak of him and his service. I am very proud of my husband as many of you know. And I was unaware that he struggled when it came down to speaking of his accomplishments. It is very hard for him to talk about where he's been and what he's done because he feels he is boasting about his job. To him it is just that...a job. So, you can imagine my surprise when he thanked me this weekend for being his voice, for always expressing to others how proud of him I am, and for not letting him forget that what he did was more than just a job. The Army will be leaving our lives soon, but I will forever lift him and the rest of the service men and women up for their service to this country because what they do is truly extraordinary. I guess once an Army wife, always an Army wife. And with that I just have one thing left to say...HOOAH!

*And to think...I vowed to never be in a relationship with someone in the military. Wow, how things change.


  1. I once heard that women need to hear "I love you" and feel loved. Men need to hear "I'm proud of you" and feel like their women are proud of them. Sounds like you've proven that!

  2. While I disagree with the fact that we have been at war, I certainly have respect for the people who serve in the military, and feel grateful for theri presence. I think, too, that it is important for men to feel like we ARE proud of them; it is maybe a sexist way of thinking, but to acknoweldge the thigns that they do, well, how powerful is that? And we all want that acknoweldgement, whether we admit or not.

  3. Your husband's lucky to have you. He should be proud of all he's done- I've dated several military men in the past, and it always amazes me how selfless they are and how little they brag about their service. And just think, by speaking out for him you're also speaking out for dozens of soldiers who don't have an awesome wife to be their advocate. Keep up the good work.