Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Fragments!

Friday Fragments?
Welcome to that time of the week that not only signals the coming of the weekend (yay!) but also the day we are given the opportunity to purge our brains of all those little items that may not qualify for a whole post. So be sure to head to Mrs. Fours blog and Ordinary and Awesome's blog, the creators of Friday Fragments and Friday's Freewrite, to read their posts and link yours up while your at it! Happy Friday!

>Visitors: I had to dress up today because of you. Isn't Friday supposed to be a jeans day/casual wear? Well, I guess I really shouldn't complain considering I am able to dress casually just about every day of the week. So I hope you appreciate my attempt to look professional.

>Balloon Boy: I heard this morning that when you were asked "Why didn't you respond when you heard people calling your name?" you said ", you guys said that, hrm, we did this for a show." Out of the mouths of babes. Sweet child, you didn't climb in that balloon instead you climbed in a cardboard box to take a nap "for a show." So, essentially you did nothing wrong, you were only doing what you were told to do by your weather seeking, publicity hungry parents. Maybe if they have to pay for the fuel used in the helicopters and vehicles that were canvassing the area for you as well as pay the daily wages for all of those who took part in your search you won't ever have to sleep in a cardboard box again "for a show."

>Buzzards: I saw you all. Lined up 3 to a light pole and wondered what the heck you were doing. And then I saw it...a dead deer on the bridge. Bingo! Please tell me, what business does a deer have on a bridge?

>Project Runway: (I know Kori has officially stopped reading! haha! :) But I can't resist.) This message goes out to Irina. You suck! You are mean, judgmental, and quite frankly a bitch who thinks you know everything. I loved how you mocked Carol Hannah's dress when, O.M.G., in the end her outfit won! You are not a famous model, fashion director or world renowned designer so get off your high horse and keep your mouth shut. Plus, just so you know...your outfit looked like it belonged on a figure skater. You should have gotten an "Auf Wiedersehen!"

>NPR: I love you. You are awesome and the equivalent to my cup of coffee each morning. Thanks for always being there to talk to me during my commute. I don't think I could live without you.

>Neighbor's Inflatables: The watch is on! The first one of you to slump over get's your picture taken!!! Get excited! Frankenstein, I think you may be first! It will only be a matter of time before you're engaged in an inappropriate act with Snoopy.

>Mitch Hedberg: You never have failed to make me laugh. So, I feel it is my duty to share your one-liners with others in order to spread the laughter. Thanks for the smiles! "They say Sprite is made out of lemon and lime. I tried to make it at home, there's more to it than that."


  1. I couldn't have said the Project Runway comment better myself!!

    It was so obvious last night.

  2. Amen on Balloon Boy.... his parents should get a huge bill!
    And the Sprite comment... hilarious!

  3. This whole Balloon Boy saga is ridiculous. I do believe his parents should be billed and/or charged with something for that stunt. Not cool! :(

    LOL about Sprite and the inflatables!

  4. Did you see the video that this family made? If this doesn't show that these parents are EFFED up, I don't know what does!! The lyrics they obviously wrote for the kids to say are disturbing.

  5. Love what you're wearing! :o)

    The balloon boy story is so sad to me. What's wrong with the world???

  6. Oh my gosh,!

  7. I wonder if ABC encouraged something like that for their show...

  8. Totally hear you on the balloon thing AND Project Runway!!!

  9. Wow, poor balloon boy. And poor deer.

    Hahahahaha, can't wait for the inflatable picture!

  10. Balloon boy really disappointed me. It made me cynical and less willing to pay attention to stories like that.

    I MISSED PROJECT RUNWAY. You totally just reminded me. Dangit! I've missed like 4 episodes!

    Thought I'd check out your blog, stop by mine some time if you'd like! Have a great day!

  11. I just skipped that part. :)