Monday, September 21, 2009

Lunch Breaks and Weekend Visits

I rarely take a lunch break at work. If I do, I run out grab my lunch, bring it back to the office and eat at my desk. There's a reason I do this...but I don't really want to go into that now. Back in the winter and early spring I would go to my car for a 20-30 minute cat nap during my lunch break but when it started getting hotter outside I could no longer nap in the I was bummed.

I am pleased to announce that today, for the first time since April I was able to take a nap in my car on my lunch break. It was WONDERFUL! I got in a 30 minute nap, went to pick up lunch and ate at my desk. I am so glad it's finally starting to cool down a little. Although I don't know why I am so tired today. I even went to bed earlier than usual last night and still I was having trouble keeping my eyes open earlier. Hopefully, I will wake up some before I have to commute home.


My parents came to visit this weekend (I'm crying as I type this; for some reason I cry a lot on the day they leave...I guess I've just really missed them a whole lot more than I ever realized). It was so great to have them here. My dad was able to fix the siding, work on my car, and reattach some gutters that had come loose. We kept him busy and I felt bad about that but he kept assuring me that he wanted to be doing it and that he'd rather be busy plus I'm his baby and he still feels the need to take care of me (which is fine with me!). My mom baked me a birthday cake because she was worried that I wouldn't have one on my actual birthday and I got a few presents early too. My favorite was a pink-striped apron she made me, I later found out that she HAND SEWED the whole thing because her sewing machine was broken and that only made the apron more special. And to think I almost wasted $15 buying one that was probably made by a child in Malasia, glad I decided to wait! My most favorite part of the weekend were the hours I got to sit and just talk to my mom and the couple hours last night when it was just me and my dad hanging out like we used to...watching pointless television and marveling at what some people do. I may go further into that in another post because it's worth telling about my dad's antics before he really settled down. :)

All in all it was a fantastic weekend! I love them so much and I am so grateful for who they are and their presence in my life. They are wonderful people and the greatest parents.

My dad just called to make sure that my car had functioned properly on the way to work and to tell me he loved I'm crying again. I'm so blessed to have them.


  1. Naps are so great...

    I'm glad you got so much joy from your parents! They sound great :-)

  2. Awe, yay for visits from family. In our 7 yrs in the military, my parents have only came to visit once... :( I'm glad you guys had a great weekend! Oh, and naps are fabulous! especially on lunch break, on a cool day in TN!

  3. I really hate days where I don't get a mid-day break. I often eat at my desk but I do use my lunch hour to hit the gym, run errands, or even just take lunch with friends from time to time. Having that time- even for a nap- is so important!

  4. Yes, you are blessed. Your parents sound SO sweet. I'm happy for you.