Thursday, September 24, 2009


So, I'm not going to get all the way into why I'm grring and arggghhhing but let's just say this. Someone royally pissed me off. We'll call him douchebag (db), which let me say this I don't even personally know db and yet I strongly strongly dislike him.

Here's the jist.

I don't care what your political stance is I believe that we should respect the President of the United States. I'm not asking for you to support him or even like him but respect him. This db did not share this thought.

In elementary school we were taught to respect the President and taught fun little songs about everything from the 50 states, president facts, to the French alphabet. And guess what?! I still remember those little songs. Teachers use any tactic available to help students remember things. So, db is all upset because a school somewhere taught children a song about Obama, facts about him, his campaign motto, his name, etc. Db took offense and brought in the most random things like "you're ok with teaching children that abortion is ok." Um no, I didn't hear that in the song and I think you are taking this way out of context. My favorite (not) though was when he made several negative, ungrateful, sad comments about our military service men and women. And this was where my heart rate went from a calm 75-80 to over 230! By the way, that's not so good for my heart condition. As most of you know, my husband is an Infantry Man in the Army. I about lost my cool when db started in on...."well they enlisted, they have no reason to complain" Are you kidding me?! Yes, they enlisted most including Mr. Ski enlisted after 9/11 and that is admirable to me because they joined knowing they would be going to war. They enlisted so others wouldn't have to, so we could enjoy our freedoms here, and to defend their country. As soon as db realized I was an Army wife he started to back peddle. Which irritated me. My next favorite (not) comment was when he said that the "Iraqis are grateful we invaded their country." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Sure, some of them may be grateful but the large percentage is pissed off that we are there. So I asked him. Is that why kids throw grenades at our soldiers and insurgents lay in fields for hours waiting to blow up military convoys?! He told me that I must get my news from MSNBC or Air America and I responded by telling him...No, I got my news from someone who was there!

He began apologizing and God Blessing my husband which infuriated me even more. Mr. Ski doesn't need anything from you DB! Especially since you've already made it perfectly clear that it is ok for military service men and women to die in Iraq because they enlisted. Whatever DB!

He got off of the website but I was still fuming so I wrote him a message. I'm going to paste it below. I cried the whole way through this message because it breaks my heart that he's probably not the only person to think the way he does about these brave men and women who serve our country.

Dear DB (I didn't include this but now I wish I had),

Just so you know. Kids throwing grenades, insurgents laying in fields for hours to wait for an Army vehicle to cross the road so that they can push a trigger switch and blow up that vehicle, insurgents actually putting on the carcases of sheep to kneel on all fours for hours so that they can trigger a switch to blow up Americans, sending bombs down rail road tracks headed towards military positions, and various other acts of terror happen EVERY SINGLE DAY. Just because you don't see it on the news doesn't mean it doesn't happen. YOU have no idea what my husband went through and yes you're right he did enlist. He enlisted after 9/11 knowing full well he would be sent to war because he wanted to serve in place of someone he loved, he wanted to serve this country, and he wanted to defend the rights of every single person that walks this soil no matter their religion, race, or political beliefs. He gave up so much. He will never be the same. His life is FOREVER changed for both the good and the bad. And it brings me to tears that you think all that was for a righteous war and that the Iraqis are grateful. Sure, some of them are but it's a very small percentage. But I guess we wouldn't like it if we were invaded and blown up by another country for our resources either.

You don't have to sleep next to someone who has debilitating nightmares about ied's, snipers, shots being fired AT you, getting blown up while in a vehicle, clearing a building in Iraq, or walking down the road through Iraqi cities. You don't have to watch as your spouse one swerves off the road completely, almost causing an accident because the sight of a plastic bag in the road triggered the images of ied's in the road. You don't have to console your spouse out from a hiding place because they are doing blasting near your home and he went into panic mode sending him in his mind back to Iraq and being bombed on a frequent basis. And be glad you don't. My husband is an Infantry Man and I am so proud of him and even more proud that he has the courage to get up every morning and put one foot in front of the other. He could always get sent off to fight again and who knows if he will come home and THAT is something I think about every day.

You should show more gratitude. Get off your high horse and go take a peek into the lives of someone who has been there and experienced it.

I know you're surprised to hear that I haven't heard back from him. Mr. Ski was quite proud of me this morning after I told him about my internet war and he even said that not many people would have the balls to respond to that message. And I guess DB doesn't have the balls.


  1. I don't really get into politics, but why do people disrespect?

  2. Please thank your husband for me. I'm very sorry that you are both suffering for his sacrifice.

  3. Thank you Mrs Ski! My husband was a recruiter and was spit at and called a terrorist and baby killer. I know your pain. People dont understand, and they choose not to. I'm sorry you had to get all that from one DB. Remember there are LOTS of people that support us (military families) and I support you! I know all about the dreams and flashbacks. No fun, but thank you for being a good Army wife and showing support for your hubby! He needs you, never forget that! He wouldnt be able to do what he does without you! ;) Okay, I'll stop with my soap box! Keep your head held high!

  4. Yay you!! That dumbass got to say those things because of your husband and the other fine people who enlisted to protect our freedom. Don't let him bring you down. I think you and Mr. Ski are awesome!

  5. Aww, thanks guys! That means a lot to me and Mr. Ski! You think soldiers would hear thank you a lot...but sometimes not as often as they should. Your comments were so sweet and I truly appreciate them!

  6. Your husband deserves to be proud of his service. Don't let DB get you down!