Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday's Fragments

Friday Fragments?

It's Friday! Time for Friday Frag
ments. Head over to Mrs. Fours (the creator of this awesome post) to read her Fragments, link up your Friday Fragments, and read the Frags of other fragtastic bloggers!

+ I killed a HUGE spider on our front porch. It basically took a half of a can of Black Flag. I swear I have killed more bugs since I've been married than I ever did when I was single.

+ Mr. Ski made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. They were yummy. I love him.

+ I have had constant indigestion for the last two weeks. Grr. And just in case you were going to ask...I'm not preggers.

+ Gidget got her Halloween costume early this year. Check it out!

+ I almost quit my job on Wednesday. It was a really bad day that ended with me sobbing on the phone with Mr. Ski.

+ I joined Twitter today. I wanted to be in the loop. The only people following me so far were advertising personal ads and naughty websites. So I blocked them and I'm already reconsidering this Twitter decision.

+ As I was walking out of the grocery store I saw a used condom on the ground. Um, GROSS! Who has sex in a parking lot at the grocery store? I guess someone got lucky before picking up milk, bread, and eggs.

+ A convertible passed me yesterday on my drive home. It had this written on the back window: "Inner beauty doesn't get you laid." I did laugh, but then laughed harder when I noticed that the female driver was quite unattractive. I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

+ My birthday is in seven days. And I will be all alone. Bummer. OH well, it's not like birthdays are important after 21.

+ To further prove that my birthday is no big thing anymore ( I used to proclaim that the whole month of September was to celebrate my birth...for real!) as I was making a list for Mr. Ski (he's not the greatest at picking presents, hey, he makes me a list too so this is normal for us!) and so far my list consists of an itunes card and a filing cabinet. Wow...I've gotten pretty boring.

+ I went to a bachelorette party last weekend. It was fun except I had to pry details out of the host. She was supposed to send an invite...didn't. So, I email her asking if it was still going on. She says "yes." So I email her back with "what time, where, etc." and she says "I sent an invitation I don't know what happened" Can't a girl get some frickin' details?! So I send another email with "what time, when, etc." and she responds "Hilton at 7pm for pizza and lingerie party then we're going out downtown." So I send another email "What size does she wear" she responds "34D and small" and then I vomited. Not really, but those sizes are ridiculous! On Saturday I was talking to the bachelorette's sister. And she tells me that there's a theme for the party....Goth. HOLY CRAP! Why in the hell didn't the HOST tell me this? Oh yeah probably because I had to pry details from her to begin with. I tell the bachelorette's sister that I'm not dressing up because I don't have time to find anything. I make it to the Hilton on time and I thought when I walked in I would see people dressed in black with crazy eyeliner and chains and instead I saw 15 girls in skirts, argyle sweaters, tennis shoes, and hats. Hmm...this doesn't seem very there a preppy Goth these days? Her sister and I go outside to smoke and I tell her that no one looks very Goth. She laughed and said that she said the theme was GOLF not GOTH. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that makes sense now. Thank God I didn't show up in Goth attire, I would have been way out of place!

The font on this post is being STUPID....sorry for all the mis-match.


  1. Golf/Goth, whatever. When you described the attire I was thinking you mistook the theme for "Catholic Girl Porn." Just sayin. And happy birthday in advance, I will always think of September as YOUR month. not really, I will forget tomorrow that it is soon your birthday, but it sounded good, right? :)

  2. Ha! I'm with Kori on this one!! Little Catholic girl sluts.

    I went to a pizza joint a few weeks ago to pick up dinner. As I was walking back to my truck, I about walked on a used condom. Seriously? In front of a pizza place!? Get a room, or even backseat peeps!!

    Don't give up on Twitter just yet. You can meet lots of awesome people. I'm kandjplus5, or I have a link on my blog. The best thing I've found that works is to protect your tweets and you won't have a lot of random and slutty people following you.

    Gidget is totally adorable, but looks like she's saying "WTF Mom??"

    And please have Mr. Ski send lessons to my dh. He could use 'em!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy!!

  3. How cute is that dog!?!!!! Adorable!

  4. Hahaha@ the Golf/Goth story. You dodged a bullet with that one!

    Put a link to Twitter on your page if you want to make it public- I'll follow anyone I know, lol.

    Sorry you had a bad Wednesday at work. I hate those days where I just wish I could quit...

    Your dog's costume is sublime. I have to show my sister!

  5. Thanks for stopping by! Wasn't that red door amazing?

    Your dog is just too cute. Snow White!

    Golf vs Goth, that is a hoot. Plaid is the new black!

    Happy early birthday!

  6. Thanks for all the Birthday all are so sweet!

    Gidget is cute but she's also a little diva and refuses to listen. But I guess she's good practice if we ever do decide to have kids!

  7. Can I just say that I really enjoyed your post. :-) Twitter is weird, and you'll get used to it. I'll follow you but I'm not a prostitute or anything exciting. :)

    Love the costume for Gidget. And your birthday is always special. Number doesn't matter. You get cake and gifts just because you are you! :)

  8. Oh my gosh... GOLF, not GOTH! HAHAHAHA!!!!

    What are you talking about?... Birthdays are ALWAYS important - no matter the age! itunes are a great gift, but maybe you should add movie date nights and sexy pajamas - or something even more fun to the wish list. ;)
    Happy almost birthday!!

    Your little dog's costume is adorable - and hilarious (all at the same time)!

    Gross - stupid spiders are everywhere right now. I usually just step on them though.

  9. I wanna follow you on Twitter and I'm not selling anything!! I'm @eternallizdom

    It would have been hysterical if someone had shown up all goth'ed out! I'm cracking up just imagining it!

  10. The condom thing...yuck. I would have had a hissy fit. Your dog is so cute...and I'm not even fond of little dogs lol. Twitter takes a while. I thought it was stupid for the longest I really enjoy it! It just isn't for some people though lol.

  11. I think I just fell in love with Gidget. Don't let her eat any apples.

  12. Gidget is a cutie! She and my dog look about the same size, however Rigsby refuses to wear clothes. He goes nuts to try to get them off!

    Golf/Goth... Wow, glad you didnt show up in Gothic attire. That would've been AWKWARD! ;)

    I took the dog out Wed. night and saw two giant spiders on the patio. Started to spray them and the reason they were so huge is b/c they were covered in their BABIES!! like a gazillion of them! eek!

    Happy early Birthday!!!!

  13. Aw,LOVE Gidget's costume.
    Happy early birthday. So sorry that you are having to have it alone. I can not tell you how excited I was to find out Man O Mine's R&R time fell around my birthday!
    Ew on the spider.
    Honestly, I'm not sure which is odder...a Goth them or a Golf theme. Guess I'm out of the loop...I don't know that I've been to any that where themed.

  14. That costume is so cute!!!!!

  15. Glad you got the yummy pancakes and that there were no spiders in them :) is kind of a fun site for keeping a wishlist for special occasion gift-giving. They'll even remind your husband to send you flowers for no reason, haha!

    Following you on Twitter now :) Let me know if you need any help.

    Oh, man! That shower story is hilarious.

  16. I had to laugh about the golf/goth thing *L* It is VERY lucky you didn't show up all gothed out.

  17. If you decide to give Twitter a little more time, look me up, I'm realworldmom (surprise!).

    Wow, I've never heard of someone having so much trouble attending a party! Hope it went well in spite of the craziness!

    Happy early birthday!

  18. Awesome fragments!! LOVE the costume...too cute!! Sorry about work...hope things get better. And the bachelorette party? Cracking up...don't know which is funnier...the thought of you showing up in goth or when you said "and then I vomited" after hearing her sizes...classic!!

  19. LMAO at Golf not Goth. Good thing you didn't dress up. And Gidget's costume is so cute. I'm gonna post my pups costumes soon. BTW my dogs hate me.

    Oh and what is your twitter link? Mine is on my blog.