Friday, September 4, 2009

Fragmented Friday!

Friday Fragments?

It's time for Friday Fragments. The one post I actually do during the week. OR at least that's how it seems. I've got to be a better blogger, speaking of awesome bloggers head over to the originator of this fine blog topic, Mrs. 4444's blog "Half Past Kissin' Time" to read her Friday Fragments, link yours up, and read other blogger's Friday Fragments!

~ I saw a turtle beginning to cross the interstate yesterday. Wonder what was so great on the other side that that little turtle was willing to risk his life for? I would have stopped to take a picture but then I would have probably caused a multiple car pile up and I don't think my insurance would have covered it once they knew why I stopped so suddenly.

~ My boss had me working on a non-work related project, typing the lyrics to ten Christmas carols out of a musical that his church choir will be doing in the winter. I found myself singing along as I typed. Then I had Christmas music stuck in my head for more than a week! It brought back memories of college when my roommate began playing Christmas music in OCTOBER and continued on through the New Year. I've never felt the same way about Christmas music since then. Just as I had gone a couple days without having Christmas music coursing through my brain my boss plays two excerpts of the music in the office yesterday....BAM!...Come on ring those bells...light the Christmas tree...Jesus is the King born for you and me.... I'm sure you can figure out how the rest of the day went.

~ My mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and my MIL's exchange student (Twilight...I'm not even kidding that is her name!) are in town. The main reason they came to visit was so Mr. Ski and his brother could go to the Titans/Packers game last night. I wasn't going to get to go but an extra ticket popped up so I was able to cheer on the Packers with the boys. Even though Green Bay lost it was still fun. Since Mr. Ski's brother had never been to Nashville we took him out afterwards. Coyote Ugly was the place he chose to go. WOW! I've been there before but for some reason it was quite the experience this time. This will require bullet points:

  • Body Shots - Geeze Louise! I guess I've never seen them do body shots before....but it was pretty intense. From the one coyote pole dancing on the other coyote's leg to the coyote squeezing (with her mouth) lime juice in the man's mouth, it was definitely an experience.
  • Some dude bought one of the coyote's underwear for a hundred dollars! She cut both sides and pulled them off...he tried to help her by yanking on them (ouch!) and I thought she was going to punch him, he then proceeded to wear them as a necklace the rest of the night. Nice! I asked her later if she sold many pairs of her underwear and she said Yes, that she had to go to Victoria's Secret once (sometimes twice) a month to replenish. I had noticed early on that she also had white shorts under her skimpy jean shorts so at least she wasn't bar tending commando. But still...I wouldn't want anyone's underwear much less PAY for their underwear. Men are weird. (No offense to any male readers I may have...I'm sure you would never pay for a girl's underwear.)
  • Bathroom Attendants - While it is nice to have someone turn on the water, squirt soap in your hand and get paper towels ready. I hate to use their services if I don't have cash...that makes me feel like a bad person, these women don't get anything but tips so if I don't have cash I quickly fish for my Purel and walk out. Luckily, last night I had some cash so I took advantage of their hand washing services.

~ The other day Mr. Ski (who's pretty bad with names) referred to Twilight (MIL's exchange student) as New Moon! BAHAHAHA! I almost peed my pants.

~ I've seen some pretty hilarious videos lately that leave me having to cover my mouth so my laughter won't disturb the dead silence in my office. I thought in place of a Mitch Hedberg quote that I would leave you with this:


  1. You know, I just-I got nothing. I was going to have some witty remarks but-nothing. Sorry. Maybe I will think of something clever later, but I got distracted by the whole bartending commando thing.

  2. New Moon? LMAO Good job though on remembering the Twilight info hubs.

    And I've NEVER seen anyone in a bathroom squirting soap. But I do live in the sticks. So...

  3. Oh my gosh, seriously cracking up about him calling her New Moon!! Classic!! Great video, too. :) Happy FF!

  4. I've used the bathroom attendant's services and then came back with a tip before, but I really think they should have a sign posted outside the bathroom door, so you know that cash is needed. I feel like a heel.

    New Moon - What a hoot!

    I was singing jingle bells in the car the other day. Were you working in Jacksonville, FL last week?

    Kristin - The Goat

  5. He called her "New Moon". [snicker]
    You're a Packer fan. [cheer]

  6. You are quite correct about men. What woman would buy a man's drawers and then wear them ANYWHERE on her body?

    I wonder if that person ever went back to the gym...

  7. "New Moon" for Twilight is hilarious. Coyote Ugly sounds like a teenage boys wet dream. Yikes!

  8. lol@Mr. Ski and the New Moon comment!

    Coyote Ugly sounds wild!

  9. I'm here LMAO at Unknown Mami's comment! I don't think I can top that! But seriously?! As a necklace?! I could think of a 100 reason's why NOT to put those around your neck. Gag me with a spork! I love the I think I might like the bar too...but I think I'll keep my panties.

    Poor turtle! I hope he made it too!!

    Great fragments! Glad you stopped by my place, too! Have a great weekend!

  10. I love that he called her New Moon... hilarious and the video just cracked me up!! Thanks for stopping over at my place... The Shred is.. The 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser... I am trying to lose 10-15 pounds. You are supposed to diet too.. ( I am just trying to eat relatively healthy... ) but its 20 min a day. Its nice cuz its a quick workout. You can get it on DVD but I heard you can find it on You tube also!!

  11. The poor turtle is being completely eclipsed by new moon and twilight. And werewolf...uh... coyote ugly. Get it ??? Huh??? Do you???


    hee hee

  12. Your fragments this week are great. I was laughing out loud at that video too!

  13. I'm so not into bathroom "attendants", either! I really don't need help in there, even after a drink!

    Happy FF a day late. :o)

  14. That sounds like my kind of bar. Kidding. But for $100, I'd sell my drawers.

    Don't be cracking on Christmas songs, I love 'em! :)

  15. I'm pretty sure only twisted freaks buy girls' underwear right off their bodies.

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to regular season-I think the Packers are going to kick butt this year! I hope Brett does well this week; we're going to sell our tickets to the GB-Minnesota game, and the better he does, the higher the price we'll get! :)

    Christmas music already?! Okayyyy....

    I'm so with you on the bathroom attendant thing; it's like you're at their mercies. It's not like you can always predict there will be an attendant and take cash with you.

    Thanks for playing this week! Sorry it took me so long to get here!!!