Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Fragments!

Friday Fragments?

It's that time of the week for Friday Fragments! I've been a slacker lately but Mrs. 4444 never complains about my random Friday Fragments posts! She's a gem, truly a gem! Head on over to Mrs. 4444's blog to check out her Friday Fragments, read the Fragments posted by other lovely bloggers and post your own!

*I have been SO spacey lately. Last weekend we came home...I let Mr. Ski in the house and then was taking a small smoke break outside before going to bed (I know...bad Mrs. Ski!). After I was done I headed in and went on to bed. The next morning as I was trying to leave the house I couldn't find my keys for the life of me. I dumped out my keys. I looked on all the tables in the keys. I scoured the keys. And then it hit me. I opened the front door and looked on the porch and there sat my keys on the patio table! Wow, I left them out there all night. Someone could have stolen my car or worse walked into our house without us even knowing. This experience did however make me feel better about our neighborhood.

**I saw the biggest slug I've ever seen. Have I already talked about this?! I think I have but oh well. It was on the side of our house...and I removed it with a stick. Mr. Ski told me that he too had seen the infamous giant slug back in the same place it was before. I guess it has a thing for our house. OH, I remember I did talk about this and was going to post a picture so take a look at the HUGE slug below!

***You know you go to Taco Bell entirely TOO much when the drive thru lady is convinced that you either work at a Taco Bell or used to work at Taco Bell. She had a full on conversation with me through the intercom about how if I didn't work at Taco Bell or didn't used to work there then I definitely should! Geesh!

****Mr. Ski is sick. I'm very fortunate though because there is very little if any whining. I think the only reason he doesn't whine is because he deals with pain every single day so having the flu doesn't really cause him to whine. I know that he doesn't feel good because he sighs a lot and you can hear and see that he doesn't feel the best. I feel so bad for him...I hope this is just the regular flu and I really hope I don't come down with it. ::fingers crossed:: He was angry with me this morning because I told him I thought I was coming down with something and he tried to give me some Zicam. But I hate those's like sucking on an orange flavored piece of metal. So I probably will not get any sympathy if I do get sick because I refused the "cure."

*****I'm going to visit my mom and dad next weekend. Mr. Ski can't go because of football so I'll be making the drive to East TN all alone. It's not that bad...and up until Mr. Ski and I got married I always made the trip alone. My dad has a small trip so it will just be me and my mom for the majority of the weekend. I'm really excited and it makes me even more excited when I find out that she's as excited too! I've definitely missed quality time with my parents so I'm really looking forward to the weekend!

******So tired...need a nap.

And finally a quote from my most favorite comedian, Mitch Hedberg:
"Whenever I walk, people try to hand me out fliers, and when someone tries to hand me out a flier, it’s kinda like they’re saying, “Here, you throw this away.”


  1. I have done something similar with my the door overnight. I can certainly relate to that one!

    Glad it ended well.

  2. We live in an apartment building so luckily someone couldn't just walk in off the street and break into our place, but once my husband left the keys in the lock. About 12:30 someone rang the doorbell and I was like "WTF PEOPLE IT IS PAST MY BEDTIME?!" They were just letting us know that we were dunces though, so that was nice *L*

    I hope Mr. Ski gets better soon. The flu is lousy.

  3. Oh no... I did the key thing just today! I had to run back into a store really quickly when I realized I didn't have the right item. I didn't even notice my keys were missing and that I had forgotten to lock the truck (with my purse sitting on the front seat) until I got back to the truck and didn't have to unlock it... then realized that my keys were still in the ignition. I'd never done that before - I felt like my brain had just taken a vacation... without me.

    Have a fun weekend with your mom!

  4. Zicam IS gross. It leaves a nasty feeling in your mouth. Have fun on your trip. Oh and I'll trade you that giant slug for a GIGANTIC hoot owl that could claw your eyeballs out. Deal?

  5. I guess more people than I realized have similar issues with keeping up with keys! It makes me feel better and more normal! haha!

    Thanks for all the comments ladies...I really hope that the weekend with my mom is as good as I'm hoping it will be!

    And Tiffany...Zicam is disgusting and THANK YOU for agreeing with me! And No Deal on the hoot owl...I'll stick with the slug that doesn't have talons! Gosh, I love the word talons it reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite!

  6. That slug is so gross. LOL. Way too big.

    I can't eat Taco Bell. It makes me ill everytime. Then again, I can't eat most fast food. When we want fast food we usually get a sub somewhere or Tace Bueno.

    Enjoy the visit with your parents!!

    Happy FF! Mine is up too. :o)

  7. I loved your fragments. Just loved them! Keys on the patio. Big slugs. Fantastic. Can't wait to come back :)

  8. Walked out onto my porch the other night to convince the wieners it was time to come in. Damn near did a complete flip when I stepped on a mutant sized slug!!

    Hallie :)

  9. It's my first visit and I must say that I adore your header - how beautiful :)

    Scary about the keys outside and potential for disaster - I'm glad to hear nothing happened though and that a lesson was learned :) Hey, I'm famous for leaving my keys IN the lock - but I live in a condo and someone will usually knock and hand them over with a shake of the head, lol.

    *shudder* BIG SLUG! EW!

  10. Do NOT eat TacoBell for any meal, but if you MUST, let it be lunch. Otherwise, the meat sits in the warmer all day, increasing your chances of ecoli. Sorry, but that's what the ER doctor told me when I saw him for FOOD POISONING from Taco Bell. Loose meat vs. frozen patties is why he says Taco Bell is the most common cause of food poisoning (according to his informal record keeping.) (Sorry, but I love you, so you had to know.)

    Here's hoping your hubs is on the mend and that you are loving up your mom and dad as we "speak." ::)

  11. I love the picture in your header, so romantic, pure...sigh.

    As opposed to that ugh, slug LOL!

    I left the door unlocked yesterday morning as we were rushing the kids to home and of course blamed the husband. After all, he was the one with the key (never mind that I was the last one out the door and forgot to mention that he had to lock it :). Glad he loves me.

    great fragments!

  12. I'm quite spacey too...wait..what were we talking about? ;)

  13. Hey there! Just a reminder that if you want to enter my Picnik giveaway, you have two more days to send me or post before/after pics done with Picnik. Hope you're having a great week so far :)

  14. That is just one Nasty slug (I had to capitalize because of size). They gross me out.

    I love and hate Taco Bell. :-)