Friday, July 31, 2009

It's been awhile but here they are....Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

Friday Fragments are those bits and pieces in your day/week/month that aren't deserving of a full post. Although my tend to get lengthy, haha. Head over to Mrs. 4444's page and check out her fragments as well as the fragments of the blogging community!

*Have I mentioned that I'm scared of the ginormous tree in the back yard falling down? Because if I haven't...I. am. really. scared. Especially since it's been raining buckets and the tree is no longer alive. The tree people were supposed to come on Monday but couldn't because they had a death in the family. Who knows when they will come now, I still haven't heard back. GRRRR...but I'll try to see the positive....the ground is so saturated they would have ruined our grass if they came this week. There, sometimes it feels good to be Pollyanna.

**Ok, now for something that sort of ticked me off. Let me preface by saying I believe in karma. I was going to get some lunch earlier and very courteously let some dude pulling out of the gas station in front of me. He didn't wave a thank you in my direction...grr....that makes me so mad. I ALWAYS wave if someone is nice enough to let me pull out or get over. Since I believe in karma I think that at some point this man will be in a similar situation except there will not be anyone nice around to let him pull out. And he'll just have to wait. Hmmph.

***I saw the biggest slug I have ever seen on our siding the other night. I took pictures, but forgot to bring my camera to work so you'll just have to trust me that this thing was HUGE! When I first saw it I thought it was a leaf and was about to brush it off with my hand. Luckily I looked closer before swiping or I think I would be scarred for life. I got queasy moving it off the siding with a stick. So now we know, slugs can be added to the list of things that make my insides squirm.

****I love reality tv. Not just the obvious ones either. I love the TLC shows like 18 Kids and Counting, Baby Story, Toddlers and Tiaras, Bringing Home Baby, etc. Well I had dvr'd Toddlers and Tiaras and watched last night. OMG! It might have been the best T&T I've ever seen! If you don't know anything about the show the cameras basically follow 2 or 3 kids and their parents throughout a pageant process. It's can be pretty hilarious and Wednesday's episode proved no different. There was a five or six year old little girl Makynli who was adorable and had a very southern accent, there was a ten or twelve year old girl named Tootie(her pageant name/alter ego; her real name is Madison) whose mom repeatedly yelled out "Work IT Tootie!" in a similar southern drawl, and then there was Taylor who was four and hadn't been doing pageants long, she was my favorite and you'll see why. Taylor couldn't skip and they showed her at dance class trying her darndest to skip and let's just say this I have sinced watched that clip about five times. Instead of moving her legs forwards and backwards she would move them side to side. Her mom and the dance teacher(who have both shown Taylor the correct way to skip) were getting a kick out of watching her and her mom even said that she hoped that Taylor never learned to skip the correct way because the way she does it now was cute and hilarious. Bahaha. Taylor's mom was definitely the most down to earth out of the three moms probably because they had only been doing pageants for a year. Man, my sides hurt after that one. It was the perfect combination of adorable and hilarious. I love you reality tv, I really do.

*****I'm glad to be back in somewhat of a blogging groove. I think I've missed it. Actually I know I've missed it. A lot.

Monday, July 27, 2009

35 days late

Before I begin you can push all those pregnancy ideas out of your heads. Holy Moly! It's been 35 days since my last post. There's been a lot going on and I don't even know where to begin. It's almost easier for me to avoid posting than to try and wrangle my thoughts into something that might resemble a catch up post. Maybe it would be easier to do this post if I start by what has happened most recently and work my way back to those June days. Here goes something (I would have said nothing but there's been a lot happening)!

*I received a phone call from Mr. Ski on the 15th (of this month). His exact words were "so you know that big tree in the backyard...." Um, yeah, just tell me what went wrong instead of giving me ample amounts of silence so I can intensely worry about that tree in the back yard. "It got struck by lightning and EXPLODED!" My first question was did it fall on the house?! It didn't, thank the lord. It did however damage some of the siding, fry the laptop, litter our yard with giant limbs and pieces of bark, and rendered all of our bathroom and outdoor outlets trash. Let me tell you how much fun it is to not be able to dry your hair/flat iron your hair in the bathroom. Needless to say, my hair's been rather frizzy since the 15th. So now we get to call tree people (our first quote was $1350!!!!!!) to remove the tree because if that sucker fell on the house, well, we wouldn't have a house. We also have to get quotes for the damage done to the house, computer, and spend numerous hours working in the yard cleaning up. These are the times I wish I wasn't so emotional. It is impossible for me to talk about anything remotely negative/traumatic/enraging/irritating without crying (or laughing, but usually I just cry) and I'm sure blubbering on the phone with some representative doesn't help them help me but I can't help it. Trust me, I wish I wasn't so emotional but that's something about me that probably won't ever change.

**So, as I mentioned above lightning struck a tree in our back yard which caused a surge to run throughout our home frying outlets, computers, modems, and the dvr. I'm most upset about the computer. It wasn't too long ago that I paid an arm and a leg to have pictures and documents recovered from that computer (after we were robbed) and now it's all lost...again. Pictures, videos, instant messages Mr. Ski and I sent back and forth while he was in Iraq...all gone AGAIN. It makes me so sad. So now I get to pay someone else an arm and a leg to do another recovery mission. Once I semi-got over the laptop another harsh reality slapped me directly in the face. NO DVR means NO SYTYCD!!!! And to top it all Directv couldn't come until was Wednesday people! So I missed an entire week of SYTYCD as well as 16 and Pregnant, Real World, and other senseless reality series that I love watching.

***And now for something not related to the weather...well, not directly. We went to Florida for the Prege's wedding ceremony. It was a whirlwind weekend. We drove 11 hours there to stay for 2 days and drive another 11 hours home. The wedding was great, it was pretty and their vows were awesome (especially Mrs. Prege) and I didn't pass out during the ceremony. SUCCESS!!! We won't talk about the ridiculous heat and humidity that was experienced but I will say that feeling a sweat bead run from your neck all the way down to your butt crack (and further) is not pleasant AT ALL! I did get to see this sign while on our way and it reminded me of that blog about pointless quotation marks. I need to post this picture on there someday if I ever find it again. And no, you don't "need to say more" we now understand more clearly why you run a strip club.

***Gidget got fixed while we were in Florida. She had a rough week. It was her first time being boarded alone, she got all kinds of shots, had major surgery, had her nails trimmed and had to wear the dreaded cone. She had to wear it for a solid week solely because she was ferociously licking at her wound and it was not healing. It was pretty funny watching her roam around the house, running into door frames and walls, picking up rocks outside when she tried to sniff the ground to go potty, and it's even funnier now watching her make wide turns even though she hasn't had on the cone in weeks! So on that light, funny note I will end this post. I know I missed a lot that went on during those 35 days but I'm too tired to remember anything more than the stand out moments.