Friday, June 12, 2009

Fridaaaaaay Fragmentsssssss!

Friday Fragments?

Woot! Woot! It's time for Friday Fragments! The post that allows you to give those fragments of your week that aren't quite substantial enough for a full post! Head over to the originator of this Friday gem, Mrs. 4444's blog to see her Friday Fragments and other bloggers who have also posted their Friday Fragments!

**My nephew (E1) is six and he's adorable. He was staying with my parents for Rooster Ridge Camp a camp they do for their grandchildren and my mom was talking to my sister on the phone giving her updates on her three little ones (E1, E2, and E3). My mom said to my sister, E1 is doing good...he's had a bit of a cough but for the most part he's hoarse. They got off the phone shortly there after and E1 was standing in the kitchen looking puzzled. "Nana, why did you call me a horse?!" BAHAHAHAHAHA! "E1 I didn't call you a horse, I said your voice was hoarse." "But Nana, how can a voice be a horse?" This went back and forth for awhile...imagine trying to explain what hoarse means when it's not the animal to a six year old. The only advice I had for my mom was to show him the word in the dictionary! Totally cracks me up though!

***We have a lot of storms here in Middle Tennessee with the occasional tornado thrown in there. I will admit that I used to be scared of storms but in recent years I've developed a different attitude towards them. I refuse to hide during a tornado watch or warning. I mean, if I'm supposed to die in a tornado then it's not going to matter if I'm in a bath tub or basement or doorway. My boss on the other hand is the total opposite. Anytime there's a storm forecast he whips out his weather radio, turns on both tvs in his office, makes us shut down our computers, and ultimately makes us go down stairs to "wait" it out. Of course, usually I welcome the break but lately I've really had crap to do and that hour of storm watching really sets me back and having to leave later than usual all because of a stupid storm really ticks my lilly! Sheesh!

****Do your feet continue to grow? Since high school I have always worn a size 8.5 to 9 (one of my feet is slightly larger than the other because I sat on it while I was in the womb and therefore had to wear a corrective shoe until I could walk, if my sister blogged she would surely be laughing at me for this). I had to buy a size TEN sandal last week, I do not lie! At this rate I'll be borrowing shoes from Ronald McDonald in a couple years.

*****I know I've already blogged about it but I'm so pumped about So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD). I was a little sad to see Tony go home last night, granted he wasn't the BEST dancer ever but his personality was awesome. As for Paris, I thought she was good but Nigel was right they do have a lot of contemporary girls this season. I do think it's awesome that she overcame her injury from her car accident and made it that far in the competition. I can't imagine dancing when one of my legs is numb from the knee down. This season is going to be goooooood, there are so many talented dancers this year....SO EXCITED! WooHOO! I can't wait for next Wednesday!

*****I will leave you with this gem of a quote from Mitch Hedberg (my most favorite comedian)
"A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap."

Happy Friday!


  1. I have really been contemplating that death issue lately. TWO people yesterday said that the dates of your birth and death were "written in the Book of Life" before you were born. If that's the case, then what's the point in praying for anyone's survival from cancer, tragic accident, etc? However....if the tornado is going to kill you, wouldn't you rather die quick and painless, rather than long and drawn out suffering at the hands of a broken window shard through your eyeball? heehee

  2. True Mrs. 4444...True. Quick and painless would be my preferred way to die in any situation. And can I say that to die by a glass shard in the eye would be quite tragic and drawn out!

  3. LoL. Do you mean you will be borrowing shoes from your hubby?! Big feet! And also about explainging thing to little ones I def. feel you.. I mean how do you explain that its absolutely disgusting to pee your pants when your 3..even when they know not to!! GaH.. Back to you... HAPPY FRIEKING FRIDAY lol

  4. Hi there, here from the Fragment club (and thanks for stopping by my place first - by old school photobooks I meant even printing pics out in the first place! I'm not a scrapbooker, so photobooks would be better for me, if only I had more time... but enough about me!)
    My feet didn't continue to grow, but they did get flatter after I had my kids, so I went up about a half size. Lovely.
    And I'm a SYTYCD ADDICT too! I wasn't a huge fan of Tony, as you said, he wasn't the best dancer, a bit of a sloppy hip hopper, he was cute, but the quality this year is so high! I was also amazed that Paris overcame her injuries, but it is harder to stick out as a contemporary ...So now I will stalk you...
    happy weekend!