Thursday, June 11, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

Can I even tell you how glad I am that So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) is back on. I LOVE it!! Even when Mary does her ear piercing scream announcing that the couple who has just danced is on her hot tamale train. But after hearing her say last night that it was because of the Botox that her face didn't show much emotion, I truly believe her. How better to express yourself when you can't smile fully than to scream at the top of your lungs?!

I think that this season is going to be good. I don't have a favorite yet but I like a lot of them and I definitely don't dislike anyone...yet. I love seeing all the different styles the best especially hip hop and contemporary. But last night I loved the Cha was so much fun! I have a feeling though it was because they used "Poker Face" as the music and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song!! It's one of those songs that makes me want to dance. It may become my new "I'm not dancing until they play Poker Face" song.

When I was in college, I used to go to gay bars a lot with my favorite gay boys (FBC, CDK, and RM). I think gay bars/clubs great! I mean, the guys won't hit on you but they will tell you how GORGEOUS you are and how much they love your boobies and it's just such a relief to not have to worry about some dude slipping a sedative in your drink. This just wouldn't happen at a gay least not to me! Regardless, we would have a fantastic time and I only had one rule. I absolutely would not dance until they played Britney Spears' "Toxic!" If that doesn't age me, I'm not sure what will because they always played it and then FBC and I would go dance our little hearts out. FBC would always get so excited when it would come on because he knew that we would finally hit the dance floor. Ahh, I miss those days. Things were simpler. All I really worried about was what I was going to wear and whether or not I was going to try and make it to class the next day. My grades may have suffered but my self esteem always got a boost!

Bottom Line: I love SYTYCD and it makes me so happy because Mr. Ski loves it too and always sings the intro but with his own twist...So You Think You Can Prance! And that always makes me laugh. Leave it to SYTYCD to turn boring summer TV around! Oh and can I also say that I love how Cat Deeley and Nigel always add a "r" to the end of people's names...i.e. Jessicar. Totally cracks me up almost as much as when one of the reporters on NPR said "...the Chinese do do believe in trade..." BAHAHAHAHA!!!! You just said DO DO!!!


  1. OH MY GOD I AM SOOOOOOOO EXCITED TOO!!! I don't really have any favs or not-so favs yet but I agree that it looks like it's going to be a great season. I don't think they have had this many awesome performances on the first show ever. Let me tell you though when Ade threw Melissa up during their comtemporary piece last night I was like "SHUT UP" he is super man strong. He threw her up there like she was a feather. I really REALLY like this season so far and it's only been one real episode! ha! Also, I LOVE that once this season is over it will be BACK on in the fall! It's like all my wishes have been answered! HA!! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU BUNCHES MIMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hmm does this mean instead of renting movies and falling asleep we wil be watching SYTYCD!!! LoL.. As I was reading I cant wait til you dislike some of them. BC I Know you will have something to say!! haha!! love youa!

  3. I'm not great at hiding my dislike for someone or somethings! But I know that's why you love me!! We haven't watched a movie in FORever! I guess Matt and I finally learned that lesson: The Preges will fall asleep if we put in a dvd and the lights are out! haha!