Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On my journey home...

I see a lot of interesting things not to mention a lot of interesting things happen to me on my way to and from work everyday. For instance, as you may have read in last Friday's Fragments I have an unfortunate way of getting stuck behind cow trucks. I also have been flipped off, cussed, honked at and once I got the thumbs up (that was a good day). Considering I spend so much of my time on the road it's not surprising that I see a lot of different things, yesterday I saw something I had never seen before. I was driving yesterday evening probably around 75-80 mph and I was passed by a couple of motorcycles, no big deal right, well I noticed that the guy in front was slumped over. I originally thought well maybe his back hurts (lord knows mine would) but then I saw him nod off! Literally this guy nodded off on. the. interstate!! His right arm fell off his knee and he jerked awake! Then he nodded off again and his left arm fell off the handle bars and he jerked awake again! I immediately slowed down because I didn't want to be anywhere near this guy when he swerved off the road inevitably causing an accident. That got me thinking...how in the world do you fall asleep on a motorcylce going 80+ mph?! I mean, I can completely understand someone falling asleep in the car...you're sitting with your back supported at a comfortable recline, probably not too hot and not too cold, and your eyes slowly begin to shut. But when you're on a motorcycle isn't the wind always whipping in your face? Don't you have to maintain some kind of control to keep it in control? Aren't you constantly passing or being passed by a vehicle much larger and maybe louder than your own? How in the world can you fall asleep on a motorcycle?! Obviously it's possible. I felt certain that he would have pulled off at the nearest exit for some coffee or to walk around to wake up but he didn't. I could see him in the distant still plugging along probably continuing to nod off.
Now, I'm not the best driver but every time that I've been in a situation where I've nodded off or could barely keep my eyes open the first thing I've done is stopped for something to drink or to stretch my legs primarily because I really would hate to put someone else's life at risk because I was too lazy to wake myself up! Not this guy...I wonder how long he went before stopping? I swear some people have no consideration for their own safety much less the safety of someone else. I really need a job closer to home...this commute (or someone else commuting) might kill me...literally.

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